Tanvi Thakkar


Have you ever experienced hunger? A hunger of 2 hours can drive you mad and burst out of anger . But there are more than 19 crore people starving and sleeping hungry every night in India. “Children are born,their hearts are torn, When there’s no food to eat, no shelter nor heat.” We have usually seen people giving poor people some money and then expecting them to buy some food and fill their tummies but have you ever checked where does this money go? There are certain people who force children to beg and then this money is used in buying cigarettes and alcohol by elders! “Starving and homeless,in need of food and clean water -know that you are not forgotten” We have everything given in our hands that’s why we do not understand the hunger to achieve something.Giving children some time of joy and filling their empty stomach can give you a lot of self satisfaction and put a smile on your face. Let all the students use our brains and valuable time to make their life filled with happiness. WE ARE THE CHANGE WHO WILL BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE IN THE SOCIETY AND MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE OF LIVING , FREE FROM HUNGER, POVERTY AND TEARS!

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