Roshni Jha
10 C


The nature was so beautiful,
Before humans tried to rule.

Called themselves brave,
Treated others like slave.

A puny creature,
Tried to destroy this nature!

Seeking food,
Cutting the same wood.

Trying to reach high,
We destroyed the blue sky.

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9 B


What is Technology? If you check it on google, it says that technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. If you ask me, then try to visualize that the whole universe is in your hands in terms of virtual knowledge and in a more advanced and adaptive way. Technology doesn’t mean just attending online classes on your device or doing some useless stuff. It’s about switching on your device and exploring because exploration is the best way of learning. Exploration takes time, but it is worth the time invested as you learn many things. In my case, whenever I am exploring I understand new fundamentals, new terms, and obviously new skills. Technology is a vast thing and for understanding one step of it we have to start. Just remember when one stone breaks, you start and when the next stone breaks you understand and like this, you can break a mountain.

Keep on exploring Technology.

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Sarthak Chitnis
9 – C


Melodious and pleasant sounds are called music. Music is a thing that is one of the best friends of human brain. It relaxes us and pulls us out of any stress, anxiety or depression. It’s a thing that is heard by all humans, even if they can’t create it. It sometimes doesn’t need words too. Only the sounds of instruments are enough to connect with brain and heart. Practicing music, for example playing musical instruments or singing, increases concentration. In some cases, it even helps to cure diseases. It is everywhere, in every heart. What I think is that music is a great boon of God.

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Is an apple really an apple?

Ved Joshi

Is an apple really an apple?

Humans have hitherto questioned their existence in the most fascinating ways one can ever imagine. The ability that human bear to ask these questions is because of intelligence. We have been the result of a painful 4.5 billion years of evolution and it seems quite usual to question. The questions like, “Why the universe chose us to be the one?” or “Why is God planning out this convoluted path of life which has pain and suffering and happiness, at times?” We perhaps would not find the true nature of the reality.

The world has seen many great thinkers like Plato, Socrates, Ptolemy, Da Vinci, etc. It is highly unlikely that those great thinkers faced many internal struggles while questioning nature. Some turned to become agnostics: who believe that human intellect cannot understand the true nature of God. We are entities floating in the sea of unanswered questions. We would never get to know everything beyond the horizon. It is statistically unlikely for us to know everything which struts far out in the cosmos. We do not know if our brains would ever understand itself! Another interesting thing to note is that, the world we perceive is filtered through our senses. Therefore, we would never know if an apple is really an apple! The extreme form of this philosophical musing is called solipsism, which is a premise that the knowledge of anything outside one’s mind is unsure.

The extreme worldview of solipsism can also result in a rather fanatic belief called Nihilism. A nihilist is a person who believes that life has no inherent purpose and, in the end, everything is going to end. Nihilists believe the entire human species is insignificant and everyone is barred from knowing their own existence. Why wouldn’t anyone think so? We are stranded on this rocky planet fighting with beings of our own race.

One thing they miss out is that they do not realize that the universe is allowing them to exist. We have the mathematics and physics that can explain nature quite efficiently. The most fascinating thing is that everything, every equation, theory has come from our heads! No one shall argue that the genius of all the mathematics was pre-existent. The universe has selected us to observe itself! We should inculcate what is called as ‘Optimistic Nihilism,’ a belief driven by the need to make our lives worth from the time we have. Optimistically, we do find a purpose. The purpose of appreciating the universe. The whole blog discusses about pessimistic view of existence. These questions won’t even matter to us as we have our own goals. But it feels good to walk in those unanswered questions.

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Life of A Football Fan

Utkarsh Karmungikar

Look, I am going to be honest here, I’d go mad if Football were to be cancelled from this world and I was about to when lockdown was declared. When the football world came to a standstill, I was livid. But thankfully the games were back just in time to save me from sheer insanity.
I’ve been a football fan for a better part of four years now. It was ironic how before those four years when I lived in the UAE, a country whose fanatics are majorly loyal to the football side, I was cricket-crazy and after coming back to my land, a country where cricket is religion, I am on the football side through and through. I am a damsel, one not in ‘distress’, but in ‘disorder’.
I still remember how after eight months of staying indoors, trapped, unable to put my feet through a football and occasionally breaking stuff trying to do so indoors, a football on the concrete of my society finally graced my feet. I know this all seems exaggerated. But what I felt then was overwhelming too. To be able to put my feet through a football with purpose was like releasing some of the stress-hormones brewed during lockdown, not that I had that much of them.
But that’s what playing football is anyways – a stress relief, a pleasure of sorts. Football is one of the ways I choose to express myself. I’ve learnt a lot about passion, about discipline, about motivation from football. At the very pinnacle of my passion for football, remains Manchester United – a club I love, a club I choose to associate with.
I can summarize my love for United through one instance. A few weeks ago we (when I say we, I mean Man United) were losing, and one of our players played a bad pass. I got angry and absolutely thumped the sofa I was sitting on with my hands, so much so that it rattled off the ground and rested again. My sister was on that sofa (who surprisingly didn’t feel much of it). My dad was having none of it. He came and slapped the T.V. shut, and honestly who could blame him? We lost that game. But at the end of the day someone has to lose.
These instances however are something fans forget about in a day, perhaps even have a laugh about in hindsight, and get back to backing their team. And that’s called passion, that’s football. The same sort of roar will come from me when United score against Liverpool, except this time it will be of happiness, of adrenaline. Football is nothing without the fans, and the banter. And until fans are not back in the stadia, football will never remain the same. But still, it will always be something that will never fail to make my day.

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Truth (Couplets)

Dishita Majumdar
8 F

Truth (Couplets)
There is one quality we all should cherish
Which on attainment shall make us beautifully flourish
Truth is that quality
Which brings out one’s incredibility
One is lucky to have it
Since it does require a lot of wit
Getting it is a big goal achieved
Coz after that you will always be believed

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Riddhi Joshi
7 E

If you tell lies, the truth you cover,
But the truth seemed to be stubborn and braver!

And then remember, the bitter scolding,
Either from your parents or your own sibling.

Do you really think lies are so sweet?
Or are they dangerous when you look beneath?

When you tell a lie, you place a boulder,
Not on the others, but on your own shoulders.

For a lie stops a happiness flow,
The same way in which boulders stop the river flow.

With you, truth can play hide and seek!
But never it has happened that truth you cannot seek.

When finding the truth, problems, you may face,
But never give up and never end the chase.

The truth is a wonderful and a beautiful thing,
Tell a lie and you will be stinged.

Tell the truth and on his arms, you swing.
Ah, truth is a wonderful and a beautiful thing!

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Tanuj Sawant
6 E


Though truth is bitter
But it’s for better

Speaking truth gives you confidence
Hiding it create a nuisance

Talking truth is our culture
Make it habit in your nature

Follow its path, you will never get disappointed
Keep your soul happy, deleting lies unwanted

Though one wishes, you cannot hide
It comes out with full swing, like high tide

No one dares to challenge the truth
But when I see those I feel ruth

The truth though bitter or better
It always wins whatever the matter……….

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Aranya Pal
IV – B

Hello, I am Aranya pal. I am suffering from a very difficult time. Do you know what difficult time is it? I will tell you, LOCKDOWN! It is caused due to outbreak of Corona Virus. Lock down means be at home because something terrible had happened to the world. For example, it is just like a dangerous Criminal escaped from prison and started mass murder of people traveling all over the world and for safety peoples stay in their home, and this is Lockdown. But that is not the reason. It is due Corona Virus. Because of Corona many people have been affected by it so to prevent this disease we are quarantined. I was very happy before this lockdown because we were looking forward to go to Andaman and Nicobar Island. But before we finished packing our bag, lockdown began I couldn’t even play outdoor games with my friends in this lockdown period. But I was happy to stay at home. On 1st April our school started their online class. The lock down continues even today. We should work on this virus to discover the vaccines soon as possible…

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Prathamesh Kulkarni

The patrons of our school,
Taught us eternal values,
Values are important tools,
And virtues too.

They were the parents of our school,
Who nurtured it eminently.
They were karmyogis,
And apostles of human ingenuity.

They taught us-
To work as a part of team,
To work across cultures,
To live simply, to think highly.

They taught us-
To be courageous,
To be visionary,
To believe ourselves, to improve continually.

They taught us-
To worship our work,
To be hardworking,
To be a disciplinarian, to be a stickler to time.

They taught us-
To use failure as stepping stone to success,
To be modern without sacrificing traditional values,
To be kind, to be humble.

They taught us-
To lead compassionately,
To be confident,
To be resilient, to be optimistic.

They taught us-
To regard humanity as the supreme religion,
To focus on our goals,
To be responsible, to value all the VALUES.

They live in hearts of all of us,
Continue to inspire us,
We bow down and worship them,
We express our gratitude to them.

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