Srishti Sharma
9 – C


I bleed, I bleed, I bleed
from the heavenly clouds which cannot be seen
I cried on that day not screaming aloud
never shared my pain seeing the crowd

I asked the winds and dust on the road
what will happen, if this was known ?
The winds pushed me apart the dust told me,
the universe was not my part
even though i was the universe

Scared I went into the clouds
they opened the door but flushed me out
The pain punched me into my soul
the cramps held me at joint of my bones

Came the sun and sang the sane
told it was not just a pain
Being a lass I was fertile
I was ethical to bleed with pride
The sun said , five months everyday
trapped in a sphere
I’ll bleed for the man’s sake
in the form of the rain

They painted me silver white
falling from the heaven
I met the ground who saves the world
from flooded pounds
Went the cycle on and off
until the day the sun was gone

Called as a taboo and filth by the man
he prohibited me from the God of his land
I was a poison , wicked and more
only he was the one shining on his own
The land absorbed me throughout the time
not yelling like the others ,
he embellished my fragrance
for the trees and shrubs

But the man was insane and thought
that girls weren’t the part of the human race
I’m telling this tale to all the one’s covered
under the haze of the myths that you create
my sisters are a grace leading your pace
they give you all the pleasure taking all the pain

Still you throw my sisters out
the garbage of your house
they sit under the dilemma
tossing life and death around
I see this everyday you leaving them distressed
as if bleeding without brutality
was a crime they never met

The earth and a girl are not two different commas
both belonging to the world of bleeding trauma
Girls bleed every month to run the human race
it’s time we accept them as normal as a praise

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Atharva Naik
XI – A

What’s the greatest lesson a women should learn? that since the day one. she’s already had everything she needs within herself. it’s the world that convinced her she did not. Women have suffered a long history of antagonism and, to be realistic, the history hasn’t ended till date. In the common notions women are allegorised as perfect wives, loving mothers, lovable daughters etc., but this conception restricts them to the domestic sphere; be dependent on men; get tormented by the patriarchy society. BUT NOT ANYMORE!! Women are eventually making their way out of the quagmire of the stereotypes, discriminations and social stigmas. They are scaling the unprecedented peaks of success. Women are exhibiting their prowess in all the domains known to mankind. They are becoming CEOs, engineers, doctors, scientists, authors, artists etc. They are not only competing with men but are also showcasing their eminence. But unfortunately, not every woman is privileged to be so. We live in 21st century (2018 to be precise). We reckon ourselves to live in a modern era and so should be the women of today- Modern Women. Modern Women is not a class of women that is desired but it’s a movement that believes and aims to bring all the women (ALL THE WOMEN!!) out of the misery. To be a modern woman means to be independent of subservience to patriarchy society; it means to have an identity; it means to be able to take your life decisions; and most importantly it means not to regret to be a woman. A modern woman mends her life by herself, distinguishes herself or at least aims to distinguish herself from other. To boil thing down, it means to be an epitome of defiance of suppression. Though these women are not a rare sight in our metropolitans but still this phenomenon is not universal. There are still orthodox communities throughout the world where women are still stuck in the swamp of atrocity. The movement of modern women is inevitable, but the question is when will the unfortunates savvy it. Thus, it is the necessity to promulgate the idea, the movement to the masses to bring out a revolution that would change the lives of all the women and the world for good.

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Asmi Momin
8 – A

When I take a chance to close my eyes,
I see the past glance full of joyful cries.
Tiny toddlers jumping around with no worries,
Growing up suddenly with the flow of scenes.
When I open up my eyes, To my surprise, I realise,
With the blink of my eyes,the scene’s changed
And we’re adolescents, sometimes happy, sometimes outraged.
And here we have the exam time!
With a weird, unknown tension in our mind.
Although we do our best preparations,
We tend to forget some or the other explanation.
And just before the exam week, is a time of havoc
With few mugging up answers and putting them a lock.
And teachers taking resolutions to complete the corrections
Also some students becoming the reason for their agitation.
But the true test is not of few days or few weeks,
We’re on a weighing balance of vigilance and trendy deeds.
We ought to be sensible enough to balance them correctly,
To excel in the exams of school and life simultaneously….

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Aahil Mohammed Ashraf
4 – D

Exam are round the corner because of that I am having fever. I prefer the usual fever I get because it can be healed by medicines but this exam fever has no medicine. The only medicine is end of the exam. I wish the exam could be taken orally without any writing. Then I would be having no exam fever. Due to exams these weekend outings are also cancelled . My mother is shopping for summer holidays now only so that she can teach me during April. It might be same in all houses. Every child is worried and suffering from exam fever now. My fever will be high on SST exam. My fever will be low on maths exam. My favorite cartoon channels are also asking for pin witch my mother says will automatically open on the last day of my exams. Exam fever is fast spreading. I wish it heals soon.

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The nature

Prasiddhi Borgaonkar
5 – F

Unlimited sounds,
The greatest joy of life a nature,
The feeling of the noise chirp chirp chirp
Were the joy is vice versa,
Creatures jumping, howling, climbing all,
The song of birds in blue, how the picture you made god?

The king of the jungle roars high,
This is the nature man
How homeless they can be,
We are souls and the animals are heart
To live life full of joy,
Think man! A part of ape!


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Zoya Mukri

My experience in this school is amazing . I studied in another school till 6th standard. To change my syllabus I had to change my school. Here the first day of my school, I was very nervous, I was worried about my studies,making new friends and many thoughts were arising in my mind. It was the same for some days. Then after a week or so,I felt better. I thought that CBSE school subject teachers may be very strict.But I was wrong! My subject teachers are very free to speak,They are very kind and have an excellent nature and are down to earth. They not only teach us our chapters or whatever is in the portion , But they also tell us about their personal experiences which is related to some chapter or the memories of their childhood, which relaxes our mind and makes the period more interesting. They encourage every child and do bring out the best in them. Not only the subject teachers but also our other teachers like dance, singing,yoga, art and craft , martial arts and p.e are also perfect and cheer us. And speaking of friends, they are also very nice to me . Whenever I need some help they are ready , Nobody will ever refuse. I never feel alone and lonely in this school. There is a kind of healthy relationship between all of us. We are always like a big family

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Learning to Fly

Aashnaa Mehta
8 – C

The time when you are insecure and full of doubt,
When, at times, you just want to shout,
When new ideas and thoughts begin to sprout, Isn’t that what adolescence is all about?
The time when you feel you have grown wings,
The time when you have continuous mood swings; There are instances when you just want to be left alone,
About acne and becoming fat, you moan.
Where has time gone, when you were a kid?
When from slides you used to slid,
Childhood was when you enjoyed making a mess; And not caring about your hair or the way you dress.
Adolescence is the time when we become mature, But now, regarding ourselves, we are so unsure; Let us enjoy, as this time won’t come again,
But we have to make sure our hormones don’t control our brain.

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Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 – B

17 years of my existence on Earth and I still wonder what tangible had I done more than a realization that I become less in all aspects, each time I learn something new and I could phrase in no way how ecstatic I feel more than feeling little about it for I easily surmise how much is there to learn and assimilate in ourselves more than conceiving what we don’t know. There are always some things which come straight from the heart more than they being manipulated, for every surviving person is a human and does has a heart. At some points in our lives, we fail but after that, we tend to effectuate that things are like ‘Mausam ke Badal’ (mind my bad English, I had no other words to say) and they do influence our lives in ways such that it becomes a trap for us and until we discern we are into it, we are actually ravaged by it. What I intuitively want to say is- WE NEED SELF CONTROL ON OURSELVES. We need to surmise the fact that our emotions shouldn’t master our actions and consequently, our actions shouldn’t be commanding us. Things we like are an inducement to us and we should not be led by it for prehistoric humans had had withstood earlier without worldly lures and lusts and we can’t simply because we are already gone with the flow. Some things are not taught- they are instead acquired with age and failures. Textbooks do teach us many things but then there are things which impediments over things which are not settled teach us and I cannot equitably estimate the amount. Once when I was cycling, I had a disastrous fall, flat on my face and my control over my handlebars was succumbed and the portion of my cycle above the head tube disintegrated, undividedly. It was a scattered into parts and the reader cannot profoundly estimate my pain, seeing it in that contingency. When I took it for repair, the ‘bhaijaan’ said that the ball bearings inside the adjusting barrel had dwindled-off and that had caused the disintegration. Believe me, I felt inadequate in myself because we (at that time, ‘I’ ) reason of people as mediocre to us, presuming that literacy is the principal determinant of assessing one’s measure of propensity and understanding more than their effectiveness in administering their profession. People have their own reasons behind things which happen in their lives and people like bhaijaan, who seem to have literally no knowledge of how stuffs work, but nevertheless, is the ablest at what he does, and we students who essentially know nothing, gloat of skills, which they actually own none. Everyone is his level best at things which he does by heart and more productive at those which he does without installing in any efforts for inventions result, unexpectedly (do mind out why had I said inventions and not discoveries). Of things concerning brother, yes, he has BOTHERED me a LOT, but accept me, he’s so immeasurable at heart (more than how much I had scolded him), for each time he grounded in trouble, no matter how big or small, he used to come to me-first- weeping and smashed in grief and tears (earlier, not now) remembering well that the world may conspire against him, but, his sister will always endure by his side and I know well that I need to be my best at holding and impersonating my role as a sister more than attempting to burn him in the flames of my anger, simply, by scolding him. Sometimes, we need to be more of a human than being overly judgemental in what we do, primarily in things which affect others. Sometimes, rules should be kept aside, otherwise, Antonio’s flesh had to be sacrificed. (Ref: The pound of flesh which I demand of him Is deerely bought, ’tis mine, and I will haue it.) WE NEED MORE PORTIAS THAN SHYLOCKS ! Now, For me, satisfaction is when I see faces of small children, lighted with pleasure, overflowing the brim of all confinements and anxieties. The most beautiful creations are they and I have got a reason to pleasure myself – be there baits to deceive me or my own solicitudes imprisoning me, it doesn’t sway me, even to the least, for, I have already CONQUERED them long back. So , ALWAYS be – ‘STRONG’ ! PADMAJA. V CHAVAN

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Asmi Momin
8 – A

In this modernised and competitive era, we are compelled to lead a stressful and busy life. Yet in this situation everyone wants to be socially recognised. Thus it is quite essential for a person to remain physically as well as mentally fit to maintain a social balance in their stressful schedule. It’s very important for a person, especially children to be fit and smart in order to succeed. It’s required for their development. Being healthy will give them a disease free and longer life and smartness can help to tackle with various problems hindering their way. So friends, Be healthy be smart, Come on get up! U can still start Be it exercise or healthy eating, All will help you in better leading

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Ketan Kumar
IX – A

Today we all in this materialistic world which is full of competitions, greed, envy and other such like emotions break the bonds of humanity between humans itself. Hence, today the world is talking about values of compassion and humanity. Today even though we humans have turned to be the greatest power in this world but still somewhere we do lack moral values and ethics in us. Present time people are in a race – ‘Race Of Life’. Every person is trying to be the best of him/her which is a good thing but most often they end up comparing themselves to others which generate bitter and poisonous feeling for their competitors. Even after all these things we humans strive for a very common feeling which is uncommon to find and that is love, happiness and acceptance but in present time we most often come across – false love and happiness. In today’s time using branded things and living a lavish life is considered as the definition of happiness. Let me tell an interesting fact through our own experiences- well you must have noticed that when you strive for a thing and work hard for it and then finally achieve it you feel immense pleasure but how many of you are satisfied with that achievement? Can you promise that after achieving your desire you won’t seek happiness and pleasure in any other thing? Well, most often the answer is no, as one would then aim for a greater achievement which is a good habit to extend your goals. But my question is, then where does the real happiness lie? If achieving goals is happiness then even the world’s richest man would still have some more desires. These all kind of happiness is ‘materialistic happiness’ and it has no end and would never feel you satisfied. Let’s understand through an example- Two people just returned from a marathon one ran 3km and the second one ran 6km and both of them were given the same amount of water to drink. Now who would be happier after drinking water, you would say the one who ran 6km which is correct. Now let’s assume the glass of water to be the material and the distance they ran to be their efforts and hard work, this shows that though the material was same the amount of happiness depends on the efforts that you put to achieve it. Then after achieving it, you would strive for something else. Thus we can say true happiness is something from which we would never get bored and would never strive for anything else. Such happiness can only be achieved through self-realization because the person who has attained actualization and is self-satisfied will never strive for anything else and would not run after bubble reputation. Hence achieving such eternal happiness is truly ‘Divine Happiness’. Thus remember- ‘Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world and yourself’.

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