Realities Of The World

Rashi Punjabi

Realities Of The World

Discrimination. This world itself can ruin a person’s  life.

Why are some people treated like kings and queens but others are expected to be their slaves ?

 We do live in a democracy but our minds are  still in monarchy .
Whether we agree or not we all help in this discrimination.

Who are these people to judge us by our race,colour,gender or caste. They expect us to tolerate everything but if we do react, we are sensitive?

Racism and discrimination can spoil lives without violence its like a slow poison it is so quite and subtle . Everyone including the government promotes Racism.
Why do all these government forms need to know the caste of people?
If a person goes to buy a house just because of race or caste they are not allowed?

Why is this happening? Aren’t we all equal don’t we deserve equal treatment?The bitter truth is its not our differences that divide us its our inability to reconginise , accept and celebrate those differences

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Tranquillity in the woven distress~ White

Harina Utwani
Grade X

Tranquillity in the woven distress~ White

For the land of Atlanta, covered with dusty warmth
Of the skies too white, spreading all across.
Terribly, as the light spreads, the colours would all fade.
Would it suffice the need for a dainty loss.

For the lilies nurturing right into my soul
While the oodles of daisies feel miles apart
From the part where I would find distress,
Wisteria’s fallen, at no time the misery would depart.

For the swans fluttering solely within.
Eskimo, I would ask to return the favour to obsess.
The Persian moustache, would uphold my imagination.

Left me to the tranquillity in the woven distress.

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The Extras Bringing Out the Extra: Remembering the Forgotten Background Artists

Ananya Kharade

The Extras Bringing Out the Extra: Remembering the Forgotten Background Artists

A film is recognised by its charismatic leads and its euphonious music… but never by its ‘extras’. No beating around the bush, we all turn the television off the moment the credits roll up because we are intrigued by each second of a film… until the story ends— happily ever after, for the characters, at least. The viewers, on the other hand, have to deal with the teensy, trifling names of the credited people and we all think, ‘Who even puts up with these credits? I mean, I’m out.’ The point is, let’s call a spade a spade. ‘Extras’ don’t get credited enough. The name itself is so incredulously demeaning! And by the way, if you think that playing a background role is a fantastic chance to talk to the literal actors, I am so sorry to break it for you but background artists are strictly prohibited from talking to the actors. So… no encaptivating autographs? Sadly, yes. The disparaging treatment is not only given on-set but we, as viewers, do contribute to it as well. Oh, before you exclaim modestly (or rather, mendaciously) that you never shamed an extra, recall all the times you found such jobs menial, whether you voiced it out or not. These so-called “inglorious” errands are actually adding all the cinnamon and pepper to the mix and you’ll never even know! Imagine what a laughing stock the actor would look like dancing with no supporting artists! Well, you get the picture. So, what do you do? Uh, no, you don’t really have to rally about it on the streets (let’s hope I didn’t just give maniacs another crazy idea!) but let us all start to change out standpoint! Let us all notice the next time we watch a film and think, ‘Hmm, that artist there has honestly done an incredible job.’ And also, let’s suffer the menace of the credits from this point on because it feels seriously terrible when no one’s interested in knowing that the amazing work you did was done by you (saying from many experiences). You might think that in a world where climate change and global hunger are problems awaiting to be tackled, such problems are a waste of time discussing upon. But I bet, you never felt what’s called as ‘sonder’. A feeling of eccentricity on the realisation that everyone is the lead of their own life, the centre of their own story. And the ‘extras’ are not the ‘extras’ of their story. They too want to be applauded and recognised but we instead choose to devalue their work. The bottom line is, let us make up for all the times we condemned the work by ‘Remembering the Forgotten’.

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Aarchi Chetwani

COLOURS Like every day and every person, all colors represent a different emotion. Though every color represents different emotions these emotions might be different for each person, for instance, consider the color Orange for one person it might represent power, motivation, and enthusiasm but on the other hand, it also might represent calmness of sunset with the birds chirping in the sky. Colors are divided into two categories warm colors and cool colors. Colors like Yellow, Red, and Orange are used in fire and go under the warm color category and colors like Green, Blue, and Violet go under the cool color category. The earthy green color represents balance, harmony, love, support for one another, and communication with each other. The bright sunny Yellow represents humor, fun, lightness, intellect, personal power, and logic. The lovely red represents vitality, an increase in physical energy, stamina, stability, and passion. The deep blue indigo represents calmness, love, kindness, honesty, love, truth, inner peace, emotional peace, and depth. The Violet represents meditation, universal art, imagination, and intuition. Now that we know what each color represents we must bring all these colors into our life so that it results in a perfect, spot-on painting.

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Ignite – By Rashmi Malji

Ignite is one such inspirational, thought provoking and enriching event for the facilitators of the Birla School.

Attributes add values not only to the life of the teachers they in turn transfer the same values to the curious learners. This doesn’t stop here; our facilitators also apply these learnings in their personal life.
Such enlightening event was the brainchild of our visionary educationist Chitlange Sir . Values like *Passion, Commitment, Speed, Sustainability, Seamlessness, Integrity and Innovation were equally divided among the entire staff including the administration staff. After numerous brainstorming physical and online sessions, where each staff provided their inputs gave suggestions, which finally helped in the final output for the final day of the show.
Each group was given 9 minutes for presentation.
It was a pleasure to hear and watch the eminent judges speak.
 *Dr.Uma Maheshwari* principal of SIES College.
 *Dr.Minu Madlani* principal of K P B Hinduja College.
 *Dr. Naresh Chandra*  Director education of B K Birla College.*
The distinguished judges were par excellent in their respective fields. It was quite enlightening and intensifying to listen to each one of them.
It was one of the memorable days in my life after such a compelling and alluring event. Finally I would like to end by saying that

*”He who walks with the wise grows wise”*

Rashmi Malji

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By – Lalit Bhatia
Parent of Bhuvi Bhatia (VII – F)


Hunger is spreading all over the world. We need to find a solution for hunger. We can decrease hunger by giving food to the poor and the people who cannot afford it. Most of the food ordered by people in restaurants is wasted as people don’t eat the amount of food ordered by them. Instead of throwing the food we should pack it and give it to the people who need it. We should not waste food and order how much we can eat as the process of making food is long, as it is first grown in the farms and after harvesting it is sent to stores and is cooked. Government should arrange food for the people who cannot afford it. These are the problems causing hunger all over.

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What are we, where do we belong?

Harina Utwani
What are we, where do we belong?
Shedding our blood for a phase so long.
Blooming out of the dirt, from where we are sure to leave;
Then why do we now thrive on the lands that cleave?
Growing up they taught; siblings are the people of our domain,
Others’ land of glee are we then meant to drain?
We praise the men locking horns for the realm they secure;
What extent of anguish do you think the mortals would endure?

What are we, where do we belong?
Started with a living, travelling right to wrong.
Growing in an empire, ending up making clans,
Waging wars for power, so brutal were our plans!
Needs made us beg for peace, officially we were sundered with hate;
Are we unknown of our departure which brings us to a parallel fate?
Are we still alive or just running away from humanity so illusory?
We hang our hats and devour our dine under a barbaric advisory.

What are we, where do we belong?
Searching for the lost answers with an urge so strong.

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Space (day 2)- “DEEP SPACE”

Harina Utwani

Space (day 2)- “DEEP SPACE”

“How would you describe a word like space?” asked the slender woman standing on the wooden stage covered with red velvet curtains and decorations, as she saw the lights brimming over all the young people sitting on the seats that seem to have no end after they began from the first row. There was silence for a few minutes before the lady spoke again. “I am waiting! I will ask some students randomly so you all better be ready with your creative answers.”

The lady waited for a few seconds and pointed towards a short, plump girl with dusty brown pigtails, and continued, “The one with cute ponytails. Yes you.” The girl fumbled for a couple of fractions, blushed and stood up, taking the mic that was passed to her by the helpers standing on every second block.

“Good evening, Ms. Wales. I am Eve from grade nine. Umm, I would define the word space as something I can occupy. Uh like say the stage you are standing on. There is a lot of SPACE up there for me.” Eve explained as she smiled up at the judge like she had won something great.

The judge gave her a little smile and continued with her session, “Okay…. so something that you can occupy. Fine….. Next is you- the guy with black, dazzling spectacles.” she pointed towards a thin, handsome boy who wore gigantic, black spectacles.

“I am Jonah. I would describe space as something that no one has occupied and neither is supposed to be occupied. An area much needed for survival. Like there is space between the seats. If I remove the spaces, the seats would feel suffocating.” He said and the chain continued.

“I am Aron. As a developing scientist, I would like to describe space as something that starts where the orbit of the Earth ends.  somethings that is made up of galaxies and planets, something that has no ends for researching.”

“I am Nina, I would describe space as something I have always wanted mentally. Like, don’t disturb me cause I really need some space to breathe.”

“I am Jessica. I would describe space as privacy, like yes, please give me some space to live my own life and don’t ever dare to come into my space where I would be totally uncomfortable.”

After so many answers, Ms. Wales finally showed up a hand indicating everyone to stop as she exclaimed, “Look at everyone of you! So many answers I would be opening a questionnaire on Instagram and close the session right away.” everyone started laughing.

As there was enough silence for the mindfulness of a human mind, Ms. Wales continued, “Perspective.” She asserted. There was so much silence, it felt as though everyone had actually travelled into the orbit of space.
“It’s all a matter of perspective. Some described space as something you occupy or don’t want to fill in. The other students said it would be the space that physics describes and some described space as something needed mentally for survival. It’s the same with problems, obstacles, difficult situations and life. It all depends on the way we look towards certain things and you can never blame someone for not understanding your words, situation or mindset. Everyone has a different mindset and approach towards different things.”

There was a sense of shock, surprise and realization on everyone’s face. And suddenly everyone started clapping. Ms. Wales chuckled and came closer to her mic. “It only got us thinking into one place.” she stated with sarcasm.

“Deep space.”


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Tejas Srivastava

Every student in this world should have atleast one phase of Realisation
because it is the turning point of a student or any person. Many student
follow the same routine, but they have no idea that Why are they are doing
this? What’s the point in living with no goal? When a student realises he
understands that the time devoted in past on studies or any other work
was not having a clear goal or a fire for working on it which is most
important. When a student realises, he gets a fire motivation to accomplish
any impossible task to possible. This realisation phase happens when you try understanding your life goals, purpose of life, how you can create an impact in the society? What value addition you can do? At that stage you will start growing and then there is no way looking back to your past. Just focusing on future for this nation.

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Is Humanity even alive?

Aarchi Chetwani

Is Humanity even alive?! I always adore animals more than humans because no matter what happens even if you are on your death- bed they will always stay with you, no matter how poor are you or no matter how crazy you are they will neglect the negative qualities of your and cherish the positive one. Even in your worse time when no one is there with you they will be the once to wipe your tears. Yesterday, I was scrolling my social media which was full of tiny little cute puppies and kittens but I after the most heart- warming video of a cat, I got a post of a dog being beaten by a drunk man, the dog appeared black and white but the white marks on its body had turned red. The dog was counting its last breaths and screaming for help , in the video the there was a woman seeing the man beating the dog terribly but she didn’t stop him instead she was just standing there and enjoying it as if some movie was played. Despite making numerous laws in order to prevent cruelty towards animals, they aren’t being enforced properly. People still continue to target powerless, speechless animal. There must some call of action or else people like them are a threat not only to animals but to us also. That is why I request each one of you to spread awareness in your neighborhood and if you notice anyone in your surrounding practicing such terrible activity please inform your parents and ask them if they can speak to that person.

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