Aashnaa Mehta

The falling of the raindrops on the window pane,
The feeling of success when you get wet in the rain,
The feeling of lying down on the bed with a book to read,
To take a day off to enjoy the rain, we all plead.

In summer, the exact opposite of this is what we like,
To just explore the whole day on our bike,
To go to the beach ,when the sun is shining bright,
To eat an ice cream during summer is a true delight.

In winter, the feeling of drinking sizzling hot soup,
Or sitting huddled around the fire in a group,
The feeling of the cool morning air when you go for a walk,
Or just lazing around with your friends having a nice talk.

Seasons come and seasons go,
Monsoon brings rain, winter brings snow,
In spring leaves grow, while in autumn they fall,
But summer and monsoon are the two seasons I like above all.

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The Sad Truth


The Sad Truth

Struggle, Jockey, Pain,
Are words disguised
Nothing is vain
Everything is criticized

Let the mind suffer
Let not the body be a part
The journey will be unusually tougher,
Don’t worry, though, It will just be the start

Life isn’t a cake walk
The ups and downs are steep
The sad truth of the talk-
The ocean of problems is very deep

So let yourselves surrender
To courage and this rhyme
‘Cause one isn’t an offender,
In this struggle, and happiness isn’t a crime

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Zoya Mohammed Ismail Mukri
8 – D

Friendship would be the best ship to ever sail,
all the best friends will stay together even though some of them might bail,
All the good moments we spend together should cherish,
and all the bad memories from our lives should perish.
All my friends will stand beside me whenever I cry,
but whenever i fail, you are the one who tells me to try.
The way we talk , the things you say,
the way you make it all okay.
If I could wish for one thing,
I will take the smile that you bring.
Catching each others hands we talk all day,
you are always the first person to wish me my birthday.
I have many things left to say to you,
and one of them is ” I love you.”

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Zoya Mohammed Ismail Mukri
8 D

“you have always fulfilled everything that I have ever dreamed,
and every time I was very grateful although it never seemed.
you were always right on your side,
and stood by me whenever I cried.
you have taken me to many places in this world ,
but you always made me realise that I am your world.
you have always always been a great teacher ,
whether it was for studies or matters of life,
and always told me to be careful while using a knife.
you have always given us surprises,
and you were even happier than me whenever I got prizes.
you have always encouraged me to face my fear,
and you are the reason today I am here.
I want to say this to you out loud,
that I have always wanted to make you proud.
I guess this is the only thing left to say
“happy father’s day ” dear papa have a good day”

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Heart’s Vision

Eshika Purohit

Sitting by the window and looking at the silver droplets fall,
The moist dew on the grass and the clouds in the grey sky above all.
Slowly, walk outside feeling the winds placing a small kiss on my cheek,
Blowing my hair here and there but meek.
The rain splashing everywhere, making me wet,
Everything in front of me, a vignette.
A small smile crossing my lips as I see the colorful chaos,
And I start running across the green grass and moss.
In the distance the rainbow sparkling,
Lighting up the sky and the leaves rustling.
Everything is beautiful and pretty around me,
While I hear others laughing in joy and glee.
A shiver runs down my spine and slowly creeps in,
As I realize the present pricking me like a pin.
Taking in the truth which can’t change,
I walk back inside controlling my rage.

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Tejashree Sonawane
X – B

Pulverised Goddess In a country where people hesitate to say the ‘r’ word, such hesitation is not replicated when it comes to following one’s thoughts into actions. The act of rape has been practiced in our country since time immemorial. For decades, women were unaware of the difference between ‘good’ touch and ‘bad’ touch. Thousands of women have been raped, completely oblivious of what was happening to them. Thousands of FIRs have not been filed. Women have had their mouths shut to live with the eternal shame. Even the children have not been spared from this treacherous act. I do not remember being cautioned against men with salivating mouths and starving eyes while I was still 8 years old. Shivers run down my spine as I read- ‘8 year old abducted, raped and murdered- J&K.’ This incident ignited the spark in the minds of people which resulted in a blazing fire of anger nationwide. To add insult to the injury, instead of heading straight towards the trial, people turned against themselves. Some said that the case triggered the religious differences between the Hindus and the Muslims. Defence of the accused by two BJP Ministers insinuated the differences between people supporting BJP and Congress. But here’s what I stand for. I do not stand for Hindus or the Muslims. Nor do I stand for BJP or Congress. I stand for team humanity. There is nothing more disheartening than the news of the protectors of innocence perpetuating violence against children. A girl completely incognizant of rape and politics was dragged into the agonizing struggle. The temple is the most sacred place of worship. Ironically, a goddess was violated within the walls of the holy temple. Women of all ages have become the victims of this horrifying crime, as though we exist for satisfying the hunger of the enraged patriarchy. Is this what we want to be known for? Is this the mark that we want to leave behind, of raping our mothers, daughters and sisters? For years, the only way we have reacted is silence to this heinous violence. It is time to realise that now ,we won’t remain silent. We can and we will try to strip off the land of social evils and plant the seeds of humanity and civilization. It is time we all fulfill our duties not as Indian citizens but as humans to maintain the dignity of our mother country. Let us all light the torch of justice and kindness to drive away the darkness of ignorance and evil.

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Good books

Sumith Gaikwad
VI – D

It is not important that a library must have a magnificent furniture;it is important that a Book shelf must have Good books.Good books are like Good friends.Books are not only one’s best friend but also contribute wisdom.Books are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors. A man will never be alone if, he has a great addition of books. Books enlighten us deep within. Books never complain nor demand anything ; they accept you for who you are. Books have always benefited a human being.So, start reading a BOOK and make them your BEST FRIENDS!!!!!

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My Hero dedicated to world’s best DADS….

Arpita Sunil Ahuja
7 – C

A man of integrity, courage and love
the life of an Indian hero now resides up above.
He lived to protect and served with compassion
years of fighting to his death, was his passion.
One day we will see him again
unknowing of that day only God knows when.

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Spirit of Friendship

Arpita Sunil Ahuja
7 – C

Roses are red, Violets are blue
Monkey like you Belong to the zoo.
So don’t be afraid I’ll be there too
Not in the zoo But laughing at you
So enjoy this poem That I made up for you
Hope it will make you smile
And helps you to enjoy your day too!

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Love Lives On

Arpita Sunil Ahuja
7 – C

Those we love
remain with us,
for love itself lives one,
And cherished never fade, because a lived one’s gone, those we love can never be, more than a thought apart, fair as long as there is a memory,
they’ll live on in the heart.

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