Aranya Pal
IV – B

Hello, I am Aranya pal. I am suffering from a very difficult time. Do you know what difficult time is it? I will tell you, LOCKDOWN! It is caused due to outbreak of Corona Virus. Lock down means be at home because something terrible had happened to the world. For example, it is just like a dangerous Criminal escaped from prison and started mass murder of people traveling all over the world and for safety peoples stay in their home, and this is Lockdown. But that is not the reason. It is due Corona Virus. Because of Corona many people have been affected by it so to prevent this disease we are quarantined. I was very happy before this lockdown because we were looking forward to go to Andaman and Nicobar Island. But before we finished packing our bag, lockdown began I couldn’t even play outdoor games with my friends in this lockdown period. But I was happy to stay at home. On 1st April our school started their online class. The lock down continues even today. We should work on this virus to discover the vaccines soon as possible…

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Prathamesh Kulkarni

The patrons of our school,
Taught us eternal values,
Values are important tools,
And virtues too.

They were the parents of our school,
Who nurtured it eminently.
They were karmyogis,
And apostles of human ingenuity.

They taught us-
To work as a part of team,
To work across cultures,
To live simply, to think highly.

They taught us-
To be courageous,
To be visionary,
To believe ourselves, to improve continually.

They taught us-
To worship our work,
To be hardworking,
To be a disciplinarian, to be a stickler to time.

They taught us-
To use failure as stepping stone to success,
To be modern without sacrificing traditional values,
To be kind, to be humble.

They taught us-
To lead compassionately,
To be confident,
To be resilient, to be optimistic.

They taught us-
To regard humanity as the supreme religion,
To focus on our goals,
To be responsible, to value all the VALUES.

They live in hearts of all of us,
Continue to inspire us,
We bow down and worship them,
We express our gratitude to them.

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Riddhi Joshi
7 E

Something which you hate
Though it decides your fate

Though it makes sure you go through pains
It always gives you guaranteed gains

The entire world is built on this
It is something which you cannot miss

It forces you to work day and night
But it takes you to great heights

To reach your goal it gives you wings
But you will get a few stings

At the end, I ask my readers, “What am I talking about?”
They answer, “Its hard work with no doubt.”

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Devansh Chaumal
9 A

This year I observed that many of my friends, many people older than me, and many more people whom I know; have excellent memory power. And there is nothing in this world that can make them forget the things which they have memorised once. At first, I was fascinated by their memory. But as the time passed, I got a new sense of vision. I observed that those people who had fantastic memory had almost no understanding. Whenever I asked them anything, like why is it so; either they behaved as if they were ignoring me or they acted as if my question made no sense and there was no reason to answer my question. Their such kind of behaviour clearly told me that they never understood what they memorised, which was really very sad and wrong too. For them understanding the concept, getting the meaning of what they are memorising was never important. At the end of the day such people will have only a few definitions which will hardly provide them any practical information or experience. Therefore, the most important thing is to understand concepts, formulas etc. But by saying this I don’t mean definitions are not important as they are the also means to convey our knowledge. Any way if you have an understanding of something you can form your own definitions and can easily convey your knowledge or information. So, to make people understand this system of understanding and memorising, there is a poem by me below.

When I ask why it is so,
People ask me to leave or to go,
I don’t know why people do so.
Is it because they don’t know?
Or, is it because they don’t want me to know?
They make faces like I am troubling them.

They all become normal; I leave when.
I want to make people understand,
Remembering is not everything,
Understanding is the real thing.

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As cliché as it sounds

Diya Kithani

How do we really live our life?
Do we go to a hill on a hike,
Or do we hit the empty roads on a bike?
Open the car windows and dance our fingers with the air,
Or do the wildest dare possible without having to care?
Eat a pint of ice cream without a worry of being fat?
Or Be the bigger person and text the people we miss, y’know?
Have a good chat.
Cut our hair short,
Play a new sport,
Speak up for what’s right,
Connect and vocalise!
Exploring new things,
And giving ourselves time,
Hmm, also realising not all poems have to rhyme!
You are awaiting unending experiences!
Take chances.
Perhaps living our lives to the fullest is living it however you want.
Be it knitting a sweater or be it going on an adventure,
You choose your pathway to happiness.
As long as you’re happy,
Does anything else really matter?
Doing experiments with things that are in your control.
Worrying less and being on a roll,
Ah, carefree life, what a gem!

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Covid – 19

Heet S. Karia

We the citizens of the whole world irrespective of continent, country, state, district, are sailing in the same boat and we are constantly trying to come out from a huge wave of coronavirus (covid – 19). But the harder we are trying to come out the denser we are going in. This is a very huge wave spreading every where like a fire. But this is a magical wave, the lesser we put efforts, the faster we come out from the wave. This is not sparing even the successful people, as we know that even the family of hero of multiple generations named Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was tested covid positive few days ago. It is suggested that we all should have at least two medical instruments at our home which are oximeter and thermometer. And keep checking your oxygen level and temperature every day to ensure that you are not infected by covid. Many people in these times consume a lot of medicine in order to keep them safe from coronavirus but some of them fail to be safe. But this fight is not a fight which can be fought by high tech weapon in medical field such as various medicines. This is to be fought with our inner strength i.e. by our immunity. Our immunity needs to be increased for this fight. This can be done when we start exercising on regular basis, consume nutritional diet instead of making junk food such as pizza and all the stuffs at home. The best and the cheapest method to stay safe is inhaling steam twice or thrice a day. This pandamic has started every thing online which was going to be developed in the 22nd century. Don’t think negative. Be positive. Stay home, stay safe.
Thank You.

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Divya Thakkar

We as human beings have been brought to sight that quarantine is a state or place of isolation in which people or animals that arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. But, is it as simple as it manifests? No, it isn’t. there are millions of things which come along the quarantine process which are not only succinct to self-emotive but also the ones whom you are isolating with.

Being quarantined at home with other family members can be a blessing or a curse. It is an opportunity for families to come together and strengthen their bonds. But being constantly together involuntarily can put considerable stress on relationships. Small children may be overjoyed at the opportunity to be with mom and dad almost all the time; adolescents, on the other hand, may be less enthusiastic, and tensions can arise. I precisely feel that this is the moment where vulnerability comes into the picture. If you are already exposed to mental vulnerability then with no second thought, it is quite obvious that with issues like anxiety, stress, frustration, helplessness and lack of control you could easily be hospitalized just as old but with different impairment and causes.

I would also put up a strong opinion that physical and mental affects are no less seen than the COVID global numbers. In order, to justify how crucial it is to handle yourself with care I came across one study that compared quarantined versus non-quarantined individuals during an equine influenza outbreak. Of 2,760 quarantined people, 34 percent, or 938 individuals, reported high levels of psychological distress, which can indicate mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, during the outbreak compared with 12 percent of non-quarantined individuals. This clearly states how quarantine gave a steep to
psychological conditions while on the better version of its side, it flattened the curve of COVID-19.

Personally, the step which should be taken is to handle yourself with utmost priority in terms of emotional and practical balance. Being, an individual you could spend your time on improving your passion and nurturing your ideas through various online courses, if you haven’t found out a hobby of yourself in these profound years of your life, then this is the opportunity to seize. Binge watch, reading books, dancing and many such activities could be taken on a limited higher level and out of which at least with one you would have considered to be as a cause of boredom and might stop doing that. This is totally acceptable and understandable too! But sometimes there is joy, in innovating things and learning various kinds of facts which you have been ignoring yet. This is the time when you could sustain your needs and terms of life on your activities and not on some official law and order terms. In this quarantine, your focus could me more advanced on various aspects which have been part of your regular routine life. No matter, if you had a 9-5 job, 365 days’ housewife work, annual school or hanging out with friends in your new college life, struggle with books and exams, you can always make a better version of yourself and analyze what describes you the best in your free time with nothing wasted.

We believe that, time at this moment is not scarce but that doesn’t mean we prolong our deeds just as to sip a more since we have plenty to waste.

Occasionally, we are not supposed to move out, yet we feel we are physically disabled in quarantine? Are we? No. who is stopping us to do household work? Who is stopping us to dance around with ourselves and kids at home? Is the terrace of our parliament locked which could prevent us from an evening walk? None. Somewhere at the bottom line we are gradually becoming habitual to make an excuse of this lockdown to avoid our activities. Which is totally wrong. For a man, you cannot decide what is good or bad but you could always diagnose what is right and what is wrong.

Of course, being a human being you cannot expect a lot of utilization in this period but also can’t expect the least of your daily efficiency. This is important because, once the lockdown exit plan is ready to be executed, we would be no longer in a state to accept that change. For a matter of fact, Newton’s first law of inertia is to be centralized in the scenario i.e. we as homo sapiens would not easily come out of the state of rest until and unless some external force is applied. Thus, it is important to wake up for ourselves because there are workers who have woke up not only for themselves but also for the country.

We are facing an epidemiological crisis of great magnitude with the coronavirus spreading throughout the world. Quarantine, while necessary from an epidemiological point of view, has its effects on the well-being of all involved. It is the responsibility of the community to help the vulnerable in our society get through this hard time. Taking agency is not just for the vulnerable. It applies to you and me as well. What do you think, are you physically trapped or mentally? Or both?

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Thoughts in the dark night

Diya Kithani
12 – A

Thoughts in the dark night

I’d rather drown myself in the silence of the night,
Than to lay awake in the sound of the light,
To rather live in an illusion,
Than in hindsight.

How I love the darkness of the night,
No one to blame
& none to pick up a flight.
Just calm, peace and quiet-
Beneath the stars that shine so bright.

Should I forever stay this way?
Is it injustice to feel all the peace in the world in secret?
Or should I share this source of solace-
With a human form of love, freedom and grace?

Ah, how I feel the silence,
And how like a child I write my thoughts in a poem without vigilance.

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It Was Always About Me….

Diya Kithani
12 – A

It Was Always About Me….

I Was Rising And Casting A Shadow Over Your Shine,
Shine-You Call It?
I Call It Your Pride…

It’s Evasive-This Jealousy-
Ruining Our Ecstacy-
It Hurt Me After I Flee-
Away From Your Monarchy

Only To See:
It Was For The Best Of Me
Only To Be:
A Better Version Of Me
Only To Realise-
It was Always About Me,
Never About You.
Only About Me-
And That Is The Moral Of The Story.

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Diya Kithani
12 – A


You Assume-
That I Am To Meet My Doom-
If I Donot Stay Within My Room,
But I Ought Not To Consume-
Your Assumptions Till My Tomb,
Even If It Means- To Survive A Typhoon,
For I Shall Bloom,
Not Follow Instincts Of Other People-Prune,
And Reach The Moon.

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