Divya Thakkar

We as human beings have been brought to sight that quarantine is a state or place of isolation in which people or animals that arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed. But, is it as simple as it manifests? No, it isn’t. there are millions of things which come along the quarantine process which are not only succinct to self-emotive but also the ones whom you are isolating with.

Being quarantined at home with other family members can be a blessing or a curse. It is an opportunity for families to come together and strengthen their bonds. But being constantly together involuntarily can put considerable stress on relationships. Small children may be overjoyed at the opportunity to be with mom and dad almost all the time; adolescents, on the other hand, may be less enthusiastic, and tensions can arise. I precisely feel that this is the moment where vulnerability comes into the picture. If you are already exposed to mental vulnerability then with no second thought, it is quite obvious that with issues like anxiety, stress, frustration, helplessness and lack of control you could easily be hospitalized just as old but with different impairment and causes.

I would also put up a strong opinion that physical and mental affects are no less seen than the COVID global numbers. In order, to justify how crucial it is to handle yourself with care I came across one study that compared quarantined versus non-quarantined individuals during an equine influenza outbreak. Of 2,760 quarantined people, 34 percent, or 938 individuals, reported high levels of psychological distress, which can indicate mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, during the outbreak compared with 12 percent of non-quarantined individuals. This clearly states how quarantine gave a steep to
psychological conditions while on the better version of its side, it flattened the curve of COVID-19.

Personally, the step which should be taken is to handle yourself with utmost priority in terms of emotional and practical balance. Being, an individual you could spend your time on improving your passion and nurturing your ideas through various online courses, if you haven’t found out a hobby of yourself in these profound years of your life, then this is the opportunity to seize. Binge watch, reading books, dancing and many such activities could be taken on a limited higher level and out of which at least with one you would have considered to be as a cause of boredom and might stop doing that. This is totally acceptable and understandable too! But sometimes there is joy, in innovating things and learning various kinds of facts which you have been ignoring yet. This is the time when you could sustain your needs and terms of life on your activities and not on some official law and order terms. In this quarantine, your focus could me more advanced on various aspects which have been part of your regular routine life. No matter, if you had a 9-5 job, 365 days’ housewife work, annual school or hanging out with friends in your new college life, struggle with books and exams, you can always make a better version of yourself and analyze what describes you the best in your free time with nothing wasted.

We believe that, time at this moment is not scarce but that doesn’t mean we prolong our deeds just as to sip a more since we have plenty to waste.

Occasionally, we are not supposed to move out, yet we feel we are physically disabled in quarantine? Are we? No. who is stopping us to do household work? Who is stopping us to dance around with ourselves and kids at home? Is the terrace of our parliament locked which could prevent us from an evening walk? None. Somewhere at the bottom line we are gradually becoming habitual to make an excuse of this lockdown to avoid our activities. Which is totally wrong. For a man, you cannot decide what is good or bad but you could always diagnose what is right and what is wrong.

Of course, being a human being you cannot expect a lot of utilization in this period but also can’t expect the least of your daily efficiency. This is important because, once the lockdown exit plan is ready to be executed, we would be no longer in a state to accept that change. For a matter of fact, Newton’s first law of inertia is to be centralized in the scenario i.e. we as homo sapiens would not easily come out of the state of rest until and unless some external force is applied. Thus, it is important to wake up for ourselves because there are workers who have woke up not only for themselves but also for the country.

We are facing an epidemiological crisis of great magnitude with the coronavirus spreading throughout the world. Quarantine, while necessary from an epidemiological point of view, has its effects on the well-being of all involved. It is the responsibility of the community to help the vulnerable in our society get through this hard time. Taking agency is not just for the vulnerable. It applies to you and me as well. What do you think, are you physically trapped or mentally? Or both?

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Thoughts in the dark night

Diya Kithani
12 – A

Thoughts in the dark night

I’d rather drown myself in the silence of the night,
Than to lay awake in the sound of the light,
To rather live in an illusion,
Than in hindsight.

How I love the darkness of the night,
No one to blame
& none to pick up a flight.
Just calm, peace and quiet-
Beneath the stars that shine so bright.

Should I forever stay this way?
Is it injustice to feel all the peace in the world in secret?
Or should I share this source of solace-
With a human form of love, freedom and grace?

Ah, how I feel the silence,
And how like a child I write my thoughts in a poem without vigilance.

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It Was Always About Me….

Diya Kithani
12 – A

It Was Always About Me….

I Was Rising And Casting A Shadow Over Your Shine,
Shine-You Call It?
I Call It Your Pride…

It’s Evasive-This Jealousy-
Ruining Our Ecstacy-
It Hurt Me After I Flee-
Away From Your Monarchy

Only To See:
It Was For The Best Of Me
Only To Be:
A Better Version Of Me
Only To Realise-
It was Always About Me,
Never About You.
Only About Me-
And That Is The Moral Of The Story.

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Diya Kithani
12 – A


You Assume-
That I Am To Meet My Doom-
If I Donot Stay Within My Room,
But I Ought Not To Consume-
Your Assumptions Till My Tomb,
Even If It Means- To Survive A Typhoon,
For I Shall Bloom,
Not Follow Instincts Of Other People-Prune,
And Reach The Moon.

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The School Reopens- Renovated and Reconstructed

13th April, 2020

Today we are starting the Online School- the technology driven venture which we would have initiated after few years. But because of the pandemic, we have taken a leap of good number of years for using technology in the teaching-learning process. A lockdown of 21 days has taken us years ahead. I feel we are on the cusp of a new world, a new era- at a turning point in the world history. The schools which had a backup plan are able to seamlessly shift to online learning. The crisis has taught us that there is a need to think of new solutions which can meet the needs of the future. It took a little time in the beginning but today teachers are all set to enter into a new world of virtual school – the school renovated and reconstructed. It will start with the prayer, teachers will take attendance and begin the online school. The time- table is set with academics as well as activity periods in the day’s routine.

Some parents and even teachers are not yet ready to adapt to the new way of teaching. Parents are working from home, there are no helpers for household chores, some parents being in the medical field are busy fighting against the virus, poor internet connectivity, logistic issues and comfort level of children, there are umpteen concerns. But remember, teachers are also facing the similar issues sitting at home, they too have young children, they also might be facing poor internet connectivity or logistic issues of having one laptop for 2/3 people at home. But they are trying their best to make the lessons interesting and interactive for students. It’s a new journey for teachers as well. Mock sessions, demo lessons, online training, mentoring each other, making presentations and assignments, exploring various methods, trials, strengthening internet connectivity and improvising the capacity of the devises are some of the preparations done by the teachers before entering into the reconstructed online school. The entire education system has been transformed.

Teething problems are always faced in the beginning of any new endeavour which can be resolved in the due course of time. This is how learning happens and innovations occur in this world. I am sure that children are going to love the new way of learning. Let’s embrace the changes happily because it will be difficult for the world to go back to the same routines after experiencing the huge transformations.

Ranjna Jangra

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Let’s learn at home……

Today, we are in the midst of an adverse situation which can be controlled positively only by social distancing, awareness, self control, following precautions to stop COVID-19 spread and being responsible to ourselves, our families, the society and the world at large.
Parents must be finding it difficult to engage children in some productive, creative and safe activities at home when schools, malls, parks and various other public places are shut. So, here are a few engaging and creative ideas to utilise the time productively rather than indulging in social media excessively.

1. Children can help in small household chores like cleaning their rooms, baking muffins, organising their books and study table, assisting you while serving food and/or refilling water bottles.

2. As digital natives, they enjoy more playing games on mobile, spending time on social media and surfing various websites. Make use of their digital comfort and encourage them to learn through the same media. Here are some suggestions for learning at home in the supervision of parents.

2.1 NCERT has several learning portals which can be utilised by the students and parents for learning from home.
– SWAYAM portal is an excellent platform for higher-class students to learn. There are several free online courses which can be done from home.
– E- Patshala is a portal which has all the NCERT text books for classes I to X available online. There are various other learning materials available which can be availed for learning concepts from home.
– NROER Portal is a learning platform for the students of classes I to XII. Parents can help children to make use of this platform for learning various concepts through videos and lectures.

2.2 Other Online Resources
• Udemy
• Khan Academy
• Tinker Lab by Rachelle
• Beast Academy(for Math)
• Discovery Education
• BBC Learning
• Outschool
Scratch (

2.3 Some Youtube Channels:
• National Geographic Kids
• Freeschool
• The Brain Scoop
• Kids Learning Tube
• Science Maze
• Crash Course Kids

2.4 Here are some websites as potential productive and learning engagements:

• (Scholastic has created a website to learn from home with 20+ days of content)

(A mobile app and website for learning languages)

(Creative art and craft ideas for little ones)


• BBC Education


• Oxford Owl

3. Board games are another fun alternative. Ludo, Catan and Monopoly can teach critical thinking and strategic thinking to children. Playing board games together with family members will also strengthen the bonding among them.

4. Reading books (online or using hard copies) is also advised and has been proven to enhance language skills, vocabulary, knowledge and world awareness.

5. Provide them with basic mechanical tools to tinker with household discarded materials/machines and old toys. Let them explore!

6. A corner on the wall can be painted black at the suitable height for young ones to scribble, draw and write.

7. Read the younger ones a story everyday.

8. Encourage children to collect information about the possible career trajectories they’d like to be part of.

Parents are requested to engage children in learning through various available resources. Children must be encouraged to go beyond textbooks and concentrate on learning fundamentals and concepts.
Use this opportunity to teach children how to remain happy, content and engaged positively in any adverse situation. Visiting malls, spending money on buying unnecessary items and eating out may not be the ways to enjoy life. There are many more effective ways to feel happy and engaged.

Mrs. Ranjna Jangra

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Ananya Raghu
8 – A

It could be anything you admire in,
It could be anything you believe in,
You say you love it as much as you can,
But it’s gone, long before you realized,
The world is behind the bars,
Sticks and stones can’t break these bars,
But one can never regret that,
The future is in the hands of the present;
Don’t let the future marvel at the glimpse of nature,
Instead, let nature live long.

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Why do we need an education?

Shruti P.

Why do we need an education?

Why do we need an education? This is one question that has been asked to me by many students. In return I ask them why they are in school? The usual answer is to study, to learn, to meet friends, to play games, but very reluctantly almost all of them agree that they are in school because they don’t know what else to do, they have no other choice. When people would ask them what they were doing, they wouldn’t know what to say. So, it is a given that the way we eat, drink and sleep, likewise we go to school period. Now, that one is in a school, better get an education. But what is education? To quote from Wikipedia, “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.” When this acquisition happens in school, it is called getting a formal education. Very often we put education and marks in the same bracket. To us getting good grades is synonymous to getting a great education. The fact is both are two different things. Anyone can get good marks if one has the ability to retain what one has learnt and can reproduce it as it is on a paper during examination. People say that life would be great if you score big and get a great education. The truth is none of them can guarantee a good life. Honestly speaking, parents want their wards to score big so that they can brag about their achievement and claim to be good parents. Teachers want their students to score big so that they can market themselves to be a great school. What do marks get you? Good marks get you a good impression. When you go out for an interview, your marks tell the interviewers that you are sincere, hardworking and persistent even before you have met them. Because only intelligence doesn’t get you marks, perseverance does, even if one is a little low on intelligence. The marks you score help you get this impression and first impression must be good! Add to it the confidence, adulation and the sense of worth that you get. Marks give you a high. And then these marks help open the doors to better education for you. They take you to places where you meet like-minded people, share ideas, get to understand yourself better, try to experiment with what you think is right, realize the flaws in your thought, personality and action and most of all prepare yourself for life. Books are the best teachers, so is life but nothing beats a good education. Whether one learns music from the best teacher, the best school or on one’s own it is the number of hours one puts in that make all the difference. Learning from a teacher or in a school will help one identify one’s mistake and work on it and will make the path a bit easy. Learning on one’s own, there’s no one to correct so one makes mistakes after mistakes and then learns but much crucial time is lost in the process. Education makes learning easy. Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel’s company, the Statue of Liberty by Bartholdi and Eiffel, Burj Khalifa by Adrian Smith, and Shah Jahan got the Taj Mahal constructed. All well-known buildings bear the name of the one who either commissioned it or is its architect, while the truth is that it was built by the masons and labourers. Education helps you get the name because it gives you the vision to do great things and not follow orders. It is not important who you learn from, but it is important that you learn. Education teaches you to learn. As Shakuntala Devi put it, “Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It is about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.” If one were a seed, education is the soil, water and sunlight that nourishes it, nurtures it and empowers it to not only to grow for itself but also for those around it. I feel one needs an education to change one’s own self into a better person and to change the world around into a better place for everyone. So, go change the world, make a difference and education will help you do it.

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Lost Angel

Angel Keswani
9 – E

Lost Angel

A cute stupid girl, Roaming around the world!
With her crazy friends, with new and latest trends!
Lost in her own thoughts,
Never cares when her life droughts!
That stupid little girl! Going along the life curves,
and does what the heart serves!

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Vinayaka Lalchandani
10 – B

Waking up early, leaving for school,
Made myself a hairstyle to look a bit cool,
Go there and study the whole time,
But not in break and that’s just fine!
Writing tests, submitting notes,
Standing for captaincy and it’s coats,
Today a competition, tomorrow a test,
Then a match, and no time to rest!
Completing homework, forgot a bit,
Finding an excuse for not submitting it,
Teacher is absent, substitution announced,
PT lecture requested, then the football bounced!
Living these memories like they’d last,
But school years go by so fast,
That we never realise that it’s almost farewell,
And now board exams as well!
Though no one wishes to leave,
But our teachers do believe,
That we will move on and grow,
And become successful in every way we know!

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