Shashank Shenoy

The greatest teacher in your life is the “LIFE” itself .When you take birth you are actually admitting yourself in the school of life and the care you are taken off at that time is same as your parents queue up for those admission forms with a delight for a better future .Just as you have a mother teacher in your “KGs” you have your parents ,looking for you ,till you stand on your legs….. People generally spoon feed their children with supports to walk but those children who self dependently want to walk they take their first move but rather fall …they stand up again now their legs have turned more stronger …see life taught you a lesson ….Fail but never fall ….have you ever wondered that failure could be First Attempt In Learning …..you make mistake but make a point that you don’t repeat .The curriculum of the LIFE school is very simple ,you are the only student with no books nor your favourite “PT” periods but just an empty container your “Brain”,there is just one who runs the whole school that is the ” Life”. You do have your periodic test but without any notice nor a timetable …. How come if life tests you with a notice ,then why would there be any fall ,all would pass right? The syllabus is very simple just you and yourself and self -introspection ,you just have 4 sections in the paper 1)Observation:To observe whats happening with you . 2)Identification: Why is happening to you and only you .Its as simple as finding sources of error in practicals. 3)Experiments:On the basis of your observed and identified knowledge you need now to experiment by using various ways ,risks are there but do take them and try hard. You might have problems but learn to adjust your apparatus 4)Conclusion: These are most vital of all because these are the results of your efforts ,you might get an entirely different conclusion than what your aim was ,as its your EXPERIMENT . Once you are done then formulate your own laws just like “My anger will be inversely proportional to greed to be happy” the more you want to be happy the less you will be angry.!

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