A small thread

Ms. Purva Mestry
French Teacher

I shop for a rakhi again.
I will be posting it to you again.

I hope it reaches you.
I hope, it protects you,
The way you did for me….(Read More)

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Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 B

Today, I think of days when I was a small child thinking about my plausible future which to me, now, seems to be a ludicrous idea of doing something in childhood. Today, I think of days which I had squandered in thinking about the future. Anyways, in both the cases I owe to miss something very important, the prominence of which could be understood only when you yourself be in that place. When I was small I was told by every Tom, Dick, and Harry that I bore similitude to a rabbit and the consequences arose such that I was christened by an appellation, ‘SASA’, (a Marathi word for rabbit). Today, I don’t take after one. Today, I am not the same which I was earlier, for I have changed in a lot many aspects as one could ever think of. I had never imagined how time has conceded in the last fifteen years. …(Read More)

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The teacher

Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 B

The realism she aligns with aspirations,

Imposing the passionate need of perspirations,

Making me endless such is her pleasure,

Bestowing the illumination of acuity as treasure,…(Read More)

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Gandhari-The Birding Paradise of Kalyan

Ashish Khadakban
Science teacher

What are your plans for mornings on holidays????  Sleeping till 9am, reading newspaper…….  I have some better plans for you which will take you little a bit more closer towards nature.  Most of Kalyan’s residents would be aware of a place called “GANDHARI RIVER”. Gandhari is the area located ahead of Agarwal College. Ahead of Gandhari bridge there is a forest area which is a dwelling place to most of the birds and reptiles. Yes you read correctly….. Birds and Reptiles!!!!!! Now can you make a list of how many different species of birds and reptiles you see commonly in your day to day life??? 6…8…10…. Or max to max 15!!!! 
You will be amazed to know that more than 70-80 species of birds and 15-20 species of reptiles (which includes snakes, lizard and scorpions) dwell in Gandhari area. (Read More)

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Geographic information system (GIS)

Anil Patil

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map. This enables people to more easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships. …(Read More)

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How to prepare for Maths Exam?


The biggest concern of parents and students is that how to prepare for Maths Exam? Whether you have studied throughout the year or not but these few days before the exams are very crucial. With proper and thorough planning one can crack Maths exam.
What to do:-(Read More)

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Time to say Good-Bye…….

Julie Ghosh

It’s that time of the year when students are wrapping-up the last minute of textbook information and teachers are wrapping-up all their memories associated with the Batch. Difficult as it may seem for both, but remember all the values and lifeskills you have been nurtured with to make you sail smooth on the journey of life.

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Every flower was once a bud

Amarpreet Rawat

Every teacher was once a student and every student is a learner. We all evolve as mature, complex humans by learning,unlearning and re learning in our life. We all make mistakes.So it’s ok. Chillax.
Forget the mistakes of the past and strive towards a new beginning. It’s new year. Go ahead and make a new year resolution. And yes, dont wait for the next year to make another resolution.
Make someone smile every day, touch a heart by your gesture, help the elderly and whatever you do, do your job well. By the end of the day, if you feel that you have tried your level best, it is a day well spent….(Read More)

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Selwyn Francis

You can’t change the number of hours in a day, but you can fill them more efficiently, with less stress and mental effort. You’ve likely heard this before, and perhaps your past efforts at time management have been, well, a waste of time. But most people’s attempts to increase productivity get derailed by two virtues of modern living: technology and options. Today’s onslaught of tech — smartphones, iPads, search engines, social media — is fragmenting our attention spans, gumming our mental gears with useless facts, and turning us into surface-level thinkers. At the same time, all the communication choices we have today — email, IM (Instant messaging), Skype or Gmail chat — are thwarting …(Read More)

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Butterflies welcome kids with all their colours


Butterflies, flutteryflies, one of the most common attractions for kids. We cannot describe the happiness on the children’s face when they see the natural beauty fluttering around them. Hence to expose the natural beauty to the students, we arranged a field trip for the students of standard three and four to the Rotary Butterfly Garden at Dombivli and Ovalekarwadi Butterfly Garden at Thane. School teachers showed their enthusiasm and joined the students in this trip of nature, ready to trail the path of these jewelled creatures….(Read More)

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