Curious Kids!

Rajkumar Kanojiya
Teacher – Maths

As soon as I entered class II for my substitution period, some students approached me to ask my name, subject and classes I teach. They were very happy to know that I teach Maths. I decided to initiate a discussion on the topic “Maths”.
“What is Maths?” was my first question to them. More than 95% students raised their hands to answer this question. Some of their answers- It is calculation, it is addition, subtraction, it is decimal, fraction, Points and line segments, Data handling, Money and so many answers.
As they were class II students, my next question was, “What is calculation?” After some moments, few of them said that calculation is counting, to count number of objects, addition and subtraction, time calculation (in terms of days, months, years) and so many answers.
Next question to them was “Where do we use calculation in our day to day life?”- Students nicely expressed that weighing (in kg and mg) of fruits, vegetables, pumpkin and our own weight. Measuring of length (in Km, m and mm) of roads, bridges, running distance. Measuring of capacity (Volumes in l and ml). Money calculation while shopping. Fraction calculation- I asked how? Student gave example of “half chapatti” .
One of the students asked me “Why it is important to learn Maths?” I thought, let students only answer this beautiful question. One of the students said that to run shops, offices, person has to be expert in calculation to count money and to manage time. Another student said that to understand solid shapes around us. Another student said that without knowing maths you cannot start a profession or job.
Agenda behind this discussion was to make them think about the importance of mathematics and application of this subject in our day to day life. Knowing application helps to understand the subject better to understand and its correlation with surroundings makes it easy.

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Exams have always been a great task in our country,specially Boards.

Julie Ghosh

Exams have always been a great task in our country,specially Boards. I remember mine. Where grandma would pray all day that’s her way of helping. Mom would prepare all that you love to eat just to boost your mood. Even the television serial would be like Buniyad would be comprised for me not to be distracted. Dad would reduce the volume of the telephone ringing and make sure the vehicle is serviced all stationary is in abundance.My siblings were given warnings not to disturb me and even curtail their excitement at times. My teachers were constantly giving last minute guidance at the center. All the students of other classes were asked to pray with special intentions by the principal. Neighbours n relatives show up or call up to convey their wishes. Considering all this the exams are surely eventful actually. So many people involved. All this was not give any importance by me back then but today I recollect it and fell I was loved by all of them and surely they deserved to be made proud of me so I gave my best and stood third in the college. But if I realised all this back then I would definitely come first. Lesson:don’t wait to make them proud just do it to feel empowered by their love.

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Let’s raise healthy kids, happy kids

Amarpreet Rawat

In an era of uncertainties and opportunities, challenges and [at times] oddities, let’s raise kids who can face all of these, who can face success and failure, both.

Let’s not raise kids who can celebrate success, but can’t handle failure. Let’s raise kids who take adversities in their stride and strive to turn obstacles into stepping stones. For that, we need to condition them in a manner that we are currently not accepting ourselves.

How do we accept failure as adults?  I am asking you this question as kids look up to us for inspiration. So let us take success and failure in the same stride. Let us be role models and inspire them to accept the adversities of life too. We, as parents, teach our kids to succeed. Let us teach them to fail in a dignified manner and not panic in such times. Let us teach them to handle their emotions constructively.

We need to instill a faith in them that we are there for them –in their successes and definitely in their failures. Only then will we see them achieve success in a manner we have never dreamt of. Only then will they get wings to fly, as they would have an assurance that if they stumble, we are their guardians, we are there to give them a compassionate ear, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry.

So let’s raise healthy kids, happy kids friends.

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Few months ago in a discussion with students few points came up which they want their parents to start with and few to stop.

Neha Tiwari

Age group of students: 9 to 13 years.

Things I want my parents to stop doing:

—Stop comparing my life with your childhood. Things were really different back then, so stop comparing.

—Stop using these words and phrases: use your brain, are you deaf? Can’t you see? Useless, careless, good for nothing….etc….

–stop showing off my skills. I don’t want to dance in front of your friends. I don’t like to do that. Why do you force me to sing/ dance or show my art work to our relatives or friends?

—Can you speak softly? I’m tired to hear you shout, every day, every single moment.

Things I want my parents to start doing:

—Smile, please… I don’t remember when was the last time my mom smiled. She usually carries a frown on her face. That look irritates me.

—Appreciate. I know I’m not good at all things, but many things only I can do, no one else can. So a little bit appreciation is good na….

—Hug me, I see how my mom hugs my 5 year old sister, but when I run to hug her…she immediately says, “Later, first do you work” huh!

—Play with me. I love to play with my friends, but playing with mom dad is fun! If only they had time to play….

—Tell me a story. I’d love to listen to their childhood tales, especially about their mistakes, failures and mischief. But my parents always keep telling about all their achievements. It makes me scared. What if I can’t achieve success the way they achieved….?

—Keep that Social Media aside. Talk to me mom & dad.

—Can I sleep in your bedroom at least once a month? I love cuddling you guys. So parents, wondering what to gift your child this holiday season, here’s your list. Be present for your children and make parenting engaging and fulfilling.

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Parents ,Teachers and all Grown ups are….strict -rigid?

Mrs Swetha Pai- Counselor

Parents ,Teachers and all Grown ups are….strict -rigid? Someday my 21st century children -students you will understand the logic behind US being the way we are because we care enough where you go,with whom and be silent when it was needed. I say this because I am this way. I do give my kids the silent treatment and I am strict not with my method of conveying my teachings but principles…. My kids here could vouch for it. I have done it and it has worked wonders. All I want to say is parents aren’t perfect, but they face difficult battles when it comes to saying NO to you, they too feel sad when you don’t attain your dreams. They too want you to prove them wrong. Take note this logic you will understand when you sit down and empathize and see through their eyes…

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My dear children

Mrs Swetha Pai

My dear children you are so caught up in life and forget to enjoy the small things in life.Take stress for the wrong reasons and take dramatic steps to solve it. My suggestion is all other factors in life will work out if your mental health is in check. I’m going to give you basic indicators to watch out for if your mental health is not balanced. Then you should seek help.
1.) Your concentration is not proper in class or during normal daily routines. 2.) Irritability and mood swings and out bursts with close ones and authorities.
3.) Feelings of sadness and hopelessness and worthless
4.) Social withdrawal-keeping away from friends,family and relatives.
5.)Change in sleep cycle and eating habits.
6.) Thoughts that there is no solution and want to take major steps. Please remember these are some of the basic indicators but always be free to talk about your emotions. Keep the channel of communication open. There is a need to acknowledge emotional well being is crucial for development and survival.

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How to deal or control youself when in a bad mood?

Neha Tiwari

1) Don’t fight it. Fighting a bad mood is like flailing in water when drowning or panicking in quicksand-it makes things worse. Simply be mindful of your mood-state and accept that, “it is as it is.” (It’s important to note that I am referring to a “bad mood” and not depression, which requires treatment by a qualified mental health professional.)
2) Look for the lesson. Was there a trigger for the bad mood? Sometimes negative consequences are opportunities for learning and growth.
3) Embrace it. Anger can be mobilizing, energizing and empowering. I secretly sometimes love my dragon energy. Ask yourself, how can your negative mood state work to your advantage?
4) Understand that your feelings are always normal. Our feelings may be irrational, but they are always normal responses to our nature and our nurture. Sometimes a current event taps into a well of old feelings from the past, so our emotional response appears disproportionate to the event, but is actually understandable when you consider the full picture.
5) Cut yourself some slack. Nobody is perfect and we are all works in progress. Practice a mantra such as, “I am only human and I am doing the best that I can.” Accept and forgive yourself as you would your best friend or somebody you love very much.
6) Bring your attention to the present. Don’t exacerbate your bad mood by ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Practice mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or meditation to reboot your mind, body and spirit.
7) Pay attention to your thinking. You can observe your negative thoughts and choose not to listen to them.
8) Take pause. Give yourself a mental time out. A bad mood is a good time to take a walk around the block or shut your office door to have a few quiet moments. It’s not a good time to initiate important conversations about work or relationships! Let loved ones know that your not at your best and hold your tongue so you don’t say things you will regret later.
9) Infuse yourself with self-care. Think of it like an epi-pen shot of self-love. Give yourself what you need, even if it is as simple as a good cup of coffee, a yummy meal, a bubble bath or an early night to bed. Keep the self-care healthy, as drinking and shopping and other compulsive behaviors can masquerade as self-care but may be more harmful in the end. Think of it as being your own good parent and take loving care of yourself.
10) Tell people what you need. Don’t expect others to be mind-readers or you might end up in an unwanted conflict. Use assertive communication to ask for support or space, depending on your needs.
11) Know that you are not your anger. You might feel like you are the dragon, but you are not. You the unique spirit of light and love that your anger is temporarily eclipsing.
12) Understand, this too, shall pass. Like the waves of the tide, your moods ebb and flow. You can trust in the ways of the universe-your low mood will lift in time.

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A small thread

Ms. Purva Mestry
French Teacher

I shop for a rakhi again.
I will be posting it to you again.

I hope it reaches you.
I hope, it protects you,
The way you did for me….(Read More)

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Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 B

Today, I think of days when I was a small child thinking about my plausible future which to me, now, seems to be a ludicrous idea of doing something in childhood. Today, I think of days which I had squandered in thinking about the future. Anyways, in both the cases I owe to miss something very important, the prominence of which could be understood only when you yourself be in that place. When I was small I was told by every Tom, Dick, and Harry that I bore similitude to a rabbit and the consequences arose such that I was christened by an appellation, ‘SASA’, (a Marathi word for rabbit). Today, I don’t take after one. Today, I am not the same which I was earlier, for I have changed in a lot many aspects as one could ever think of. I had never imagined how time has conceded in the last fifteen years. …(Read More)

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The teacher

Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 B

The realism she aligns with aspirations,

Imposing the passionate need of perspirations,

Making me endless such is her pleasure,

Bestowing the illumination of acuity as treasure,…(Read More)

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