Soccer, Cobbling and Society

Trishit Banerjee

Soccer, Cobbling and Society: A Lesson in Vocation Ryuji Sueoka was not a name that I heard of until I picked up yesterday’s Times of India. On the last page he could be seen smiling for all the right reasons.Yet, I found something very interesting that led me to a day-long research on some of the lesser reported issues and policies in the dailies. Ryuji Sueoka went to a cobbling school after he returned to Japan. How often do we …(Read More)

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Finding your role model

Trishit Banerjee
May 18, 2017 Japan

It is important for each one of us to understand that not all heroes wear a cape. There is hardly any possibility of seeing your Prince Charming riding a white horse and jump out of a Disney Princess movie or meeting the perfect person in your lifetime. All of this are merely goals of human dream and ambition. It sounds too good to believe that any of the above would ever come true. And just like Ying and Yang, there is no absolute black or white. It took me 19 years to realise everything that I wrote until now. “Dr. Kiran Bedi should be someone who you should aspire to be. She broke down the walls of challenges in our society and etched her …(Read More)

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STD X (2007)

FEBRUARY and MARCH…. These two months will always remind you about the school memories. Isn’t it???? You will always get notifications on facebook about the memories of our school. Mischievous things you did in the school, apologized for the same, dramas, acting, singing, favourite among all PT periods and loads of studies and finally the farewell party…. When the time comes to say emotional good bye to our school and to the beloved school teachers. Literally emotional good bye.
So here is a small message to all my teachers……(Read More)

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