A small thread

Ms. Purva Mestry
French Teacher

I shop for a rakhi again.
I will be posting it to you again.

I hope it reaches you.
I hope, it protects you,
The way you did for me.

You were the mischief in my life.
The reason my dolls were broken,
My toys remained strewn
And my pigtails stayed pulled.

But outside our four walls.
You were my armour; my soldier.

You have always protected me
From every enemy existent.
And today too, you protect me
From all the evils this world offers.

I can’t contact you,
Like we contact others.
As you are being a brother,
To every sister born in this nation.

So today, on their behalf,
I send you a small thread.
Anticipating it to protect you
From all the enemies of this world.

I will await for you
Await for you to return home.
For there needs to be someone,
To pull my pony’s now.

9 thoughts on “A small thread”

  1. This is a beautiful composition mam! I really love how you chose not to introduce your ‘brother’ but left it to the reader’s imagination so that they can relate it to theirs. I felt at one point that you wrote this keeping a ‘soldier’ in your mind but the ‘brother’ here also transcends that and seeps into the philosophical arena. This brother could be an inanimate object or something as literal as a tree too and I think that enhances the meaning of ‘rakhi’ by many folds.

    I would surely love to know what image did you paint while writing this! After all, the reader’s perspective on several ocassions is absolutely different from the writer’s. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mr. Banerjee for your kind words. When I write the poem, I focused on a soldier guarding our borders. However, it is nice to see multiple interpretations of the same context.

  2. Madame,


    I and my son Devmani (student of Class III-E) read your composition. We liked your poetic expression, especially since you wrote it from a sister’s point of view. I appreciate how well you conveyed what the ‘small thread’ signifies. The writing is both traditional and contemporary at once.

    May I request you to consider writing blogs in simple French as well. I hope that such blogs would encourage your students to respond in French, further strengthening their grip on the foreign language.


      1. Merci for sharing the link of your personal blog.
        It is a very good collection of creative and expressive writing.

  3. A great , unequivocally beautiful composition ma’am. Though the theme turns melancholic towards the ending, the beginning was magnificent and optimistic! Loved this composition! Simply incredible!

  4. Mam
    We liked Your Poem,Your Poetic Expression..
    We Just Loved this Composition..
    This Poem is a Collection Of Emotions,Bonding between Brother&Sisters Relation..
    A Small Thread ie Rakhi..Title itself Enhances the Meaning Of Rakhi..
    Mam The Way you have expressed your feelings is Just Amazing…….
    Simply Incredible Magnificent Poem…….

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