Aashnaa Mehta

The falling of the raindrops on the window pane,
The feeling of success when you get wet in the rain,
The feeling of lying down on the bed with a book to read,
To take a day off to enjoy the rain, we all plead.

In summer, the exact opposite of this is what we like,
To just explore the whole day on our bike,
To go to the beach ,when the sun is shining bright,
To eat an ice cream during summer is a true delight.

In winter, the feeling of drinking sizzling hot soup,
Or sitting huddled around the fire in a group,
The feeling of the cool morning air when you go for a walk,
Or just lazing around with your friends having a nice talk.

Seasons come and seasons go,
Monsoon brings rain, winter brings snow,
In spring leaves grow, while in autumn they fall,
But summer and monsoon are the two seasons I like above all.

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