Heart’s Vision

Eshika Purohit

Sitting by the window and looking at the silver droplets fall,
The moist dew on the grass and the clouds in the grey sky above all.
Slowly, walk outside feeling the winds placing a small kiss on my cheek,
Blowing my hair here and there but meek.
The rain splashing everywhere, making me wet,
Everything in front of me, a vignette.
A small smile crossing my lips as I see the colorful chaos,
And I start running across the green grass and moss.
In the distance the rainbow sparkling,
Lighting up the sky and the leaves rustling.
Everything is beautiful and pretty around me,
While I hear others laughing in joy and glee.
A shiver runs down my spine and slowly creeps in,
As I realize the present pricking me like a pin.
Taking in the truth which can’t change,
I walk back inside controlling my rage.

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