Zoya Mohammed Ismail Mukri
8 D

“you have always fulfilled everything that I have ever dreamed,
and every time I was very grateful although it never seemed.
you were always right on your side,
and stood by me whenever I cried.
you have taken me to many places in this world ,
but you always made me realise that I am your world.
you have always always been a great teacher ,
whether it was for studies or matters of life,
and always told me to be careful while using a knife.
you have always given us surprises,
and you were even happier than me whenever I got prizes.
you have always encouraged me to face my fear,
and you are the reason today I am here.
I want to say this to you out loud,
that I have always wanted to make you proud.
I guess this is the only thing left to say
“happy father’s day ” dear papa have a good day”

4 thoughts on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”

  1. Beautiful words by a loving daughter to a well deserved parent. May Zoya be the reason for pride and smile to the loving parents. Wish you all the best in future Zoya.

  2. Dear Zoya
    Really inspiring and so full of emotion. Waiting for you to show me your next creation. I hope you be confident in reciting it too
    Keep expressing…..

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