Tejashree Sonawane
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Pulverised Goddess In a country where people hesitate to say the ‘r’ word, such hesitation is not replicated when it comes to following one’s thoughts into actions. The act of rape has been practiced in our country since time immemorial. For decades, women were unaware of the difference between ‘good’ touch and ‘bad’ touch. Thousands of women have been raped, completely oblivious of what was happening to them. Thousands of FIRs have not been filed. Women have had their mouths shut to live with the eternal shame. Even the children have not been spared from this treacherous act. I do not remember being cautioned against men with salivating mouths and starving eyes while I was still 8 years old. Shivers run down my spine as I read- ‘8 year old abducted, raped and murdered- J&K.’ This incident ignited the spark in the minds of people which resulted in a blazing fire of anger nationwide. To add insult to the injury, instead of heading straight towards the trial, people turned against themselves. Some said that the case triggered the religious differences between the Hindus and the Muslims. Defence of the accused by two BJP Ministers insinuated the differences between people supporting BJP and Congress. But here’s what I stand for. I do not stand for Hindus or the Muslims. Nor do I stand for BJP or Congress. I stand for team humanity. There is nothing more disheartening than the news of the protectors of innocence perpetuating violence against children. A girl completely incognizant of rape and politics was dragged into the agonizing struggle. The temple is the most sacred place of worship. Ironically, a goddess was violated within the walls of the holy temple. Women of all ages have become the victims of this horrifying crime, as though we exist for satisfying the hunger of the enraged patriarchy. Is this what we want to be known for? Is this the mark that we want to leave behind, of raping our mothers, daughters and sisters? For years, the only way we have reacted is silence to this heinous violence. It is time to realise that now ,we won’t remain silent. We can and we will try to strip off the land of social evils and plant the seeds of humanity and civilization. It is time we all fulfill our duties not as Indian citizens but as humans to maintain the dignity of our mother country. Let us all light the torch of justice and kindness to drive away the darkness of ignorance and evil.

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  1. Very well written, Tejashree. The title very aptly describes the article.I loved the fact that instead of the ‘I am Hindustan, I am Ashamed’ outlook of some individuals, you have written this article without any communal ideology and presented the facts as they should be presented. If all the families understand the basic idea of teaching their sons to be RESPONSIBLE and not to tell their daughters to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT ,our society will become a better place to live in.

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