Curious Kids!

Rajkumar Kanojiya
Teacher – Maths

As soon as I entered class II for my substitution period, some students approached me to ask my name, subject and classes I teach. They were very happy to know that I teach Maths. I decided to initiate a discussion on the topic “Maths”.
“What is Maths?” was my first question to them. More than 95% students raised their hands to answer this question. Some of their answers- It is calculation, it is addition, subtraction, it is decimal, fraction, Points and line segments, Data handling, Money and so many answers.
As they were class II students, my next question was, “What is calculation?” After some moments, few of them said that calculation is counting, to count number of objects, addition and subtraction, time calculation (in terms of days, months, years) and so many answers.
Next question to them was “Where do we use calculation in our day to day life?”- Students nicely expressed that weighing (in kg and mg) of fruits, vegetables, pumpkin and our own weight. Measuring of length (in Km, m and mm) of roads, bridges, running distance. Measuring of capacity (Volumes in l and ml). Money calculation while shopping. Fraction calculation- I asked how? Student gave example of “half chapatti” .
One of the students asked me “Why it is important to learn Maths?” I thought, let students only answer this beautiful question. One of the students said that to run shops, offices, person has to be expert in calculation to count money and to manage time. Another student said that to understand solid shapes around us. Another student said that without knowing maths you cannot start a profession or job.
Agenda behind this discussion was to make them think about the importance of mathematics and application of this subject in our day to day life. Knowing application helps to understand the subject better to understand and its correlation with surroundings makes it easy.

4 thoughts on “Curious Kids!”

  1. Superb Sir .You understand that curiousity in children shouldn’t be suppressed, because curiousity sometimes brings New inventions.This everyone should understand that Sometimes even if a child asks doubts irrelevant to the topic taught, you should answer it , not tell him that I will come to you tomorrow. Thank You very much sir. This is a big advancement for future India.

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