Srishti Sharma
9 – C


I bleed, I bleed, I bleed
from the heavenly clouds which cannot be seen
I cried on that day not screaming aloud
never shared my pain seeing the crowd

I asked the winds and dust on the road
what will happen, if this was known ?
The winds pushed me apart the dust told me,
the universe was not my part
even though i was the universe

Scared I went into the clouds
they opened the door but flushed me out
The pain punched me into my soul
the cramps held me at joint of my bones

Came the sun and sang the sane
told it was not just a pain
Being a lass I was fertile
I was ethical to bleed with pride
The sun said , five months everyday
trapped in a sphere
I’ll bleed for the man’s sake
in the form of the rain

They painted me silver white
falling from the heaven
I met the ground who saves the world
from flooded pounds
Went the cycle on and off
until the day the sun was gone

Called as a taboo and filth by the man
he prohibited me from the God of his land
I was a poison , wicked and more
only he was the one shining on his own
The land absorbed me throughout the time
not yelling like the others ,
he embellished my fragrance
for the trees and shrubs

But the man was insane and thought
that girls weren’t the part of the human race
I’m telling this tale to all the one’s covered
under the haze of the myths that you create
my sisters are a grace leading your pace
they give you all the pleasure taking all the pain

Still you throw my sisters out
the garbage of your house
they sit under the dilemma
tossing life and death around
I see this everyday you leaving them distressed
as if bleeding without brutality
was a crime they never met

The earth and a girl are not two different commas
both belonging to the world of bleeding trauma
Girls bleed every month to run the human race
it’s time we accept them as normal as a praise

1 thought on “Bleed”

  1. So proud to see that you chose to bring this topic out for discussion! I really loved the lines ‘even though i was the universe’ and ‘I was ethical to bleed with pride’. The saddening patriarchal society was aptly described in ‘I’ll bleed for the man’s sake’.

    If you ask me, I would have loved the poem to end in mystery rather than giving all the information away. If you do not think of menstruation, the poem can convey many different meanings too in the first few stanzas. Yet, it’s the need of the hour.

    Keep it up! #BleedWithPride

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