Atharva Naik
XI – A

What’s the greatest lesson a women should learn? that since the day one. she’s already had everything she needs within herself. it’s the world that convinced her she did not. Women have suffered a long history of antagonism and, to be realistic, the history hasn’t ended till date. In the common notions women are allegorised as perfect wives, loving mothers, lovable daughters etc., but this conception restricts them to the domestic sphere; be dependent on men; get tormented by the patriarchy society. BUT NOT ANYMORE!! Women are eventually making their way out of the quagmire of the stereotypes, discriminations and social stigmas. They are scaling the unprecedented peaks of success. Women are exhibiting their prowess in all the domains known to mankind. They are becoming CEOs, engineers, doctors, scientists, authors, artists etc. They are not only competing with men but are also showcasing their eminence. But unfortunately, not every woman is privileged to be so. We live in 21st century (2018 to be precise). We reckon ourselves to live in a modern era and so should be the women of today- Modern Women. Modern Women is not a class of women that is desired but it’s a movement that believes and aims to bring all the women (ALL THE WOMEN!!) out of the misery. To be a modern woman means to be independent of subservience to patriarchy society; it means to have an identity; it means to be able to take your life decisions; and most importantly it means not to regret to be a woman. A modern woman mends her life by herself, distinguishes herself or at least aims to distinguish herself from other. To boil thing down, it means to be an epitome of defiance of suppression. Though these women are not a rare sight in our metropolitans but still this phenomenon is not universal. There are still orthodox communities throughout the world where women are still stuck in the swamp of atrocity. The movement of modern women is inevitable, but the question is when will the unfortunates savvy it. Thus, it is the necessity to promulgate the idea, the movement to the masses to bring out a revolution that would change the lives of all the women and the world for good.

2 thoughts on “MODERN WOMEN”

  1. It sounds so gratifying that men do realise the fact that women are no longer dependent on them – rather not subject to them, not because we suppose they have become self-sustaining but because they have unceasingly adapted themselves to a wholly different standpoint on life and things in general.
    Impressive write-up/

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