Asmi Momin
8 – A

When I take a chance to close my eyes,
I see the past glance full of joyful cries.
Tiny toddlers jumping around with no worries,
Growing up suddenly with the flow of scenes.
When I open up my eyes, To my surprise, I realise,
With the blink of my eyes,the scene’s changed
And we’re adolescents, sometimes happy, sometimes outraged.
And here we have the exam time!
With a weird, unknown tension in our mind.
Although we do our best preparations,
We tend to forget some or the other explanation.
And just before the exam week, is a time of havoc
With few mugging up answers and putting them a lock.
And teachers taking resolutions to complete the corrections
Also some students becoming the reason for their agitation.
But the true test is not of few days or few weeks,
We’re on a weighing balance of vigilance and trendy deeds.
We ought to be sensible enough to balance them correctly,
To excel in the exams of school and life simultaneously….


  1. The fact that you were able to channelise your thoughts into this composition itself proves your sheer brilliance. Don’t let down your pen ever! 🙂

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