Yash Kamath
12 – A

Don’t we all have a moment in our lives that we wish to go back and correct? We see our lives branching into alternate futures had it been the other way round and you wouldn’t have abused your friends the way you did. Or maybe some regret over cheating in the exams or perhaps some errors in life that you would simply like to flip around for your convenience? Regret consumes us from within, and it does not limit itself to our bodies; it takes over everything that we do- sadness and grief run rampant in our lives, wrecking havoc on the events of present day, dragging us into a dark and dismal abyss- one from which return is generally not expected. Why is it that we regret the decisions made wrongly by us. A thought, instead, we should keep, a determination, in fact, that we will never give in to regret and shall always look forward to the new things and opportunities that venture into our lives. Quite intelligently, it can be debated that the person who regrets over his or her past mistakes would very easily miss the next opportunity that comes knocking at the door. On the other hand, the person who doesn’t let regret overwhelm his emotions, would generally be able to grasp opportunities in life, when they spring up. So the question therefore doesn’t need to be “What else could I have done?” but instead: “There’s nothing that couldn’t be done. There is nothing that can’t be done”…


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