Yash Kamath
12 – A

Many of you would be thinking what an abstract topic has been put up on the blog today. One that might not make much sense at all, and when considering all arguments, doesn’t give much reason to be here. Of course, all arguments from your side are completely valid and as an individual, I would agree to most of them. But the purpose today was not to legislate on how abstract the title could be- instead, it was to delve into the depths of the words typed up there. “A HUMAN” – what exactly does it mean? what does it mean… to be human? It doesn’t make sense to fit being human into a science: Homo sapiens is the binomial nomenclature for the only extant human species. Homo is the human genus, which also includes Neanderthals and many other extinct species of hominid; H. sapiens is the only surviving species of the genus Homo. Obviously, this is what wiki would tell you, or even most books and sites. But is it just the technical aspects that make us who we are? Are we no more than just a 35-40 page article detail? Do we bear the potential to make ourselves better than who we are- to become one with ourselves and one with God? Homo sapiens, oh sorry: Homo sapiens, does not define in any way, what we are and what we may become. Of this fact we can be sure that just two words of a name cannot encompass all that we have accomplished in the millenia gone by- it does not speak of our achievements, our failures, our greed, our vanity, our anger and to come to point, our vast diversity! Two words absolutely fail to cover these topics; instead, we are reduced merely to creatures with a biological name, two words long. That feels so…. discouraging! Science, (no offense intended, buddy!) has simplified our life into two words- easy to remember, yes, but easy to recognise, obviously not. This name discards us an individuals and makes it as a common feature of all us humans. We do not become people but objects sent to live and then to die. Is it true that we must follow this procedure? Life and death- natural cycle. (Science: “Yep, all others do it; let Homo sapiens try this new feature. Yo, put in the “LIFE AND DEATH” program in humans.”) Must we… be enslaved in this system of life and death, rich and poor, intelligence and dumbness? Are we mere combinations of atoms or a unique combination of atoms- one in a billion trillion trillion? Doesn’t that make us unique- independent from the name that we share? As humans, apart from the scientific procedure, we must try to contemplate what we are, who we are and what we must do. And not only bookish knowledge is to be our salvation, but the belief in humanity and community surely shall…

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