Visit To Science Express

Shahuli N. Taksande

On Saturday, I visited the Science Express Train at Mumbai CST. As it was the last day and Saturday, there was a lot of crowd.School students, teachers, parents with their small kids, about 2.42 lakhs of people had come in four days and 1.24 lakhs people came on Saturday. The train contained about 15 to 17 coaches of interesting arts. There were extremely big queues and some people were not getting place to stand. There were separate queues for school students. There were many police and lady constables. It took about 1 to 2 hrs. to reach the train. And finally when I reached the train and got in, the very first thing we saw was the very beautiful and fabulous model of earth with hands and legs. Then there were posters stuck about science and geography. There was a model of polar bear ??, tiger ??, and dinausours’ model and also a big turtle ??. Dinausour’s models were electrical mode and they moved their head to and fro. We enjoyed a lot. After coming from the train all of them clicked snaps. It was all very nice.

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