Eyes cannot see what the heart sees

Shashank Shenoy

Eyes cannot see what the heart sees means there is in humans a power which can read invisible things like others’ feelings, thoughts and emotions. Usually we can see only that on which light falls and whose image is the light transfers to the retina of the eye. From the retina the image is sent to the optic centre of the brain which is sort of a screen, and we see things. But the heart can ‘see’ things without any medium of light, special organs, or sensation. How is it possible? It is possible because there is silent communication that goes between two individuals at a subliminal ( hidden) level of consciousness. It is like wireless communication we use in our everyday life using radio and other waves. When we see a good person. We automatically feel comfortable with him. When we come across a bad person, we somewhat feel uneasy. Why is it so? Because our heart has grasped something our eyes have not seen and have no proof of. When a person is in difficulty, but not showing it or talking about it, something about that person tells us that he needs help. Similarly, someone likes you but had not mentioned it in words, is immediately recognised by our heart though there are no open signs. A mother understands a child’s needs even though the child can hardly speak. A father can understand what a son wants before the son hits the subject. A teacher can understand whether the student is lying or saying the truth. A shopkeeper can understand if a customer is serious or asking just the price. True friends can understand each other’s requirements without telling each other. In all these instances the heart works but not the eyes or the ears. Ramakrishna understood what Vivekananda wants deeply inside in a fraction of a second during their first meeting. Sita decided to marry Ram by just one glance. All these examples show that the heart is mightier than senses which provide physical data. The heart establishes connection with another heart directly jumping all barriers in between. The vision of the heart like x-ray. It penetrates deep inside another heart and sees the feelings of that another person. The communication is instant, quick, fast , strong and true and reliable. The eyes can be deceived. But not the heart. How the eyes can be deceived is proved in magic shows. What you see in a magic shows is not what you actually see but what you want to see. The magician knows your expectations and he does all tricks to fulfil those expectations. The result is that your eyes believe what he does, without seeing the finer details he handles. But the heart cannot be deceived like that. The heart knows that what the magician does is all eye-wash! Suppose he cuts the head of a beauriful lady, your eyes accept that the lady’s head is actually cut. But your heart knows pretty well that her head is not cut. Because the magician cannot kill one lady in each show. The same logic applies to the real life too. Our eyes are often deceived but not our heart. Judges know when they give punishment that many a time the one who is being punished is not the real culprit. But the law takes into account only eye-witnesses and other material proof. The heart of the poor judge has no voice there. There are many proverbs which point to the unreliabilty of what the eyes see : ‘Seeing is not believing’, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ and ‘All that is white is not milk’, ‘Read between the lines’, etc. But this particular power of the heart is strongest in those who have trained themselves to see through the heart rather than the eyes. Though it is a natural thing, it can also be self-developed by increasing one’s sensitivity. That can be done by keen observation and understanding power. King Soloman judged who was the true mother of the child by a simple test which played on real mother’s heart! So all the things which can be seen through eyes are not real .eyes can be deceived so always believe what your heart tells……

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  1. It is a well-written piece Shashank but I beg to differ here. What you are actually talking about is logic, judgement and empathy which falls in the realm of our thought process, psychology and philosophy. The ‘heart’s way’ is merely an artistic approximation with no scientific basis. I thought of highlighting this as you dealt the first few lines in a scientific manner. You do mention about logic but that is far beyond what we describe as ‘what the heart feels’.

    Would love to read more of your work! Keep it up! 🙂

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