Anusha Vasaikar

“You’re so good at English. Then why did opt for Science?”, my curiosity wobbled up. “To earn money, of course! Don’t you see writers tarryhooting around without jobs or income?” she replied in her usual arrogant way. I wondered, has our educational system restricted Science only for earning money? Has Science lost its essence in the mist of sheer materialism and pathetic mindset of people, thinking Science as a tool for procuring employment? How many of those who choose Science really think, what is Science… Why Science… Many of us consider Science as a subject full of facts, laws and definitions pertaining to so called ‘tedious and abominable’ equations. But frankly speaking, Science was never about facts. Science is a beauty which wants itself to be explored. It needs itself to be explored and exploited to its roots. Science is not only a subject, it a larger-than-life cause and consequence. Science is an emotion of nature. It is a feeling that arises from the human soul and takes wonderful forms on paper. Actually, Science is not even restricted to those bits of paper, be it text-books or money. Science is what we see, what we feel, it is what we are, why we are… The root of our existence lies in the beauty of nature which is eventually revealed by Science. Coming back, how many genuine doctors or engineers do you find today? Due this miserable mentality of using Science as an employment tool, other fields are also affected. Students are forced to take Science. Due to this they do not get to explore other dimensions of life. They are indulged in a rat race of sheer drudgery where they fail to understand the real motto of Science. There is no dearth of talent an man-power in India. The fire that lurks within each and every one of us is put out instead of kindling it. When we look outside the world, we find he world is beautiful. Everything in it has a purpose, a reason to exist. No one is a ‘good-for-nothing’. SCIENCE TEACHES IT ALL… ONLY IF YOU CARE TO LEARN…

5 thoughts on “WHY SCIENCE?”

  1. I absolutely agree that science is a beauty that needs to be explored.

    Unfortunately, the design of our curriculum is extremely poor. The standardised tests drain away all the beauty of science and what remains is a burnt mass of interest and passion. The philosophy of science and mathematics is far away from textbooks. We understand how to integrate a function but how many of us truly understand what does integration truly mean and how can we see every function in practicality? This is where the curriculum and system fails.

    A total revamp of the system and just not reforms which are usually aimed at maintaining the status quo is what we require to instill the real scientific temper.

    I hope that we are fortunate enough to see such an educational revolution in our lifetime or maybe be a part of it.

  2. I think this was one of the best article/blog which I read in recent time. The best line from above extract is “Science is feeling “.

    well expressed . Keep writing.

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