Ruhie Jabal

Negative emotions are the single biggest enemy that anyone has. We live in a world where success is measured in terms of wealth, accomplishment, performance and social status. The big difference is whether the attitude is positive or negative.

Acceptance: It has two aspects, acceptance for self and acceptance of the other. Self-acceptance is basic to being happy and successful in life. It adds joy to life even amid difficult conditions. Acceptance is a sign of maturity; mature persons accept themselves as they are – physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. They are aware of their weaknesses and strengths, successes and failures, positive and negative traits. Accepting oneself will consequently lead one to accept others as they are. Failure to accept others presupposes the failure to accept oneself. Accepting others as they are is the beginning of genuine human relationships. One of the problems in human relationship is that sometimes we force people to do or be what they are not and don’t give them freedom to be what they actually are. Realize that you are precious, valuable and unique. Acceptance is the natural outcome of realization.

Compassion: The word ‘compassion’ is easily misunderstood. Compassion is not feeling sorry or pity for the less privileged or the suffering but is sympathy coupled with action. The root of compassion is love. And love never looks for reward, but only the good of the one who is in need. Compassion puts no condition on its way. The experience of love being reciprocated is beautiful, but that should not be a criterion for us to act. Compassion is the ladder to perfection. We should be compassionate towards proper living of this world. People judge you by your actions, not your intentions.

Freedom: Human beings are born free. The meaning of freedom, however, is often restricted to external freedom such as, the freedom of the nations, freedom of slavery, and so on. Parallel to this external freedom from within, which cannot easily be destroyed by external forces. In fact, external freedom greatly depends upon internal freedom, both of which are vital of a person’s growth to maturity as a human person. There is also freedom of attachment to persons, places and possessions. Attachment is a state of mind which makes us believe that without such-and-such-a thing we cannot be happy. The tragedy of attachment is that it brings along with it the lack of freedom, or, put differently, a deprivation of a freedom.

Friends: Friendship is the mutual goodwill and love of two persons who accept each other in love of two persons who accept each other in a profound manner in view of reciprocal growth. “To be friend is to be you for another person”. In friendship, one shares one’s innermost thoughts and feelings with the other. Friendship is a loving commitment of two or more persons. It begins when two or more individuals discover that they have something in common. So, friendship is an open, trusting, abiding and reciprocal relationship of affection often based on common interests. Friends help us experience love and mutual acceptance. It promotes care, concern and understanding. Friendship is capable of warding of loneliness. A friend is one who cones in when the whole world has gone out. 

Giving: The measure you give will be the measure you get, and still more will be given you. The cheerful given does not look at what he/she gives up, as much as the joy in doing something for those whom he/she loves. If we truly love the other, we will not think of the efforts we makes as sacrifices. Human beings have an internal urge for fulfillment. Fulfillment is possible only by giving the self as a gift to others. So, the best antidote to boredom and meaninglessness of life is to make oneself a gift to others. This will explain why many rich people do not find meaning in life. In spite of all they have, they are ever ready to forgetting the golden rule of life, i.e. the more you give, the more you receive.

These all thoughts are resemblance of positive attitude which every individual should follow in his/her life for his/her own benefit.


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