Samyam Jain

Pokemon Go ! Pokemon Go ! Pokemon Go ! . . . . It is no uncommon word in todays world. It is one of its kind as it is the only famous video game that uses Virtual reality or VR.

Today, wherever I go I can hear groups of children discussing about this game and asking each other how well they are doing and how many pokemons have they caught. Now a days, children come together and compete with each other instead of doing physical activity. Not only children, but even adults are getting addicted to it very fast. As it is a game worth playing, I think it is very dangerous too. If we are playing this game we have to look the cell phones screen and more around. Because the character will not move unless you move with your phone. I have heard and read that many accidents have taken place because of this game. While playing it, some people walked right into the middle of a busy road and got hit by a car or you can even fall into a pothole if you dont walk carefully while playing. It uses our mobiles location so it can track us and even hack our phones. Therefore, it is not allowed near army camps as it can send image of the weapons used by the army over internet.

So, finally I think it is a good game, but it should be played with precaution and in moderation.


  1. infact, this is the only digital game which needs some physical activity too. There are some cases where the game helped in the mental development of some autistic children. But nobody should waste time playing more than required.

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