SATURDAY :24/9/2016

Books are nice, imaginary, amazing….! Do not have words to describe them. Books just don’t mean your school textbooks. By books, I mean fiction. When I read a book , it seems that the book has casted a spell on me . I feel that I am one with the characters. I feel that I am attached to them. While reading a book, we are forced to imagine the characters, the plot and the background. We can see the book in the form of a movie.

While sitting at home or in the class, I reach miles away from where I am truly present. I meet unknown people and get transported to unknown places. I hear the characters whispering in my ears. Reading has helped me in many different ways. Reading fiction gave me a scope for imagining things. It helped me to enrich my vocabulary. Earlier, I did not have this fascination for reading but now, I spend most of the time reading. Now, I can very easily write my thoughts on a piece of paper in the form of a poem.

Nowadays, people just press the google search button instead of going through a book. People consider reading as a useless activity and readers are considered as Maladroits. I can experience a war, be a part of a revolution or propagate peace while sitting on a chair and reading. By writing this blog, I want to make you all aware of the benefits and magic of reading. I don’t know how many of you will really start reading books but I do hope that, you will definitely experience a new world of imagination instead of clinging to your laptops or mobile phones.

9 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF BOOKS”

  1. Dear Amrit,
    Like you, I too was fortunate to realize that ‘Books’ are my ‘best’ friends. They still are.
    May I suggest you to do read two books by our Former President Late A. P. J. Abdul Kalam:
    1. Wings of Fire (An Autobiography)
    2. India 2020 – A Vision for the New Millenium
    I also think one should have a personal library at home.
    Keep expressing your thoughts through writing.
    All the best!

      1. Very good Amrit. Keep writing. Keep reading. Yes, reading transports you to a very different world. Reading is very essential in this techno savvy world of today where humans are getting addicted to texting and surfing.
        All the best.?

  2. I hear the characters whispering in my ears….I can experience a war, be a part of a revolution or propagate peace while sitting on a chair and reading.
    Yes that’s the power of a good book.

  3. Amrit Didi ,
    I really liked your post. The words you have used are very interesting,simple and easy to understand. Even I am passionate about reading. I wish to know your favourite author.

    1. thank you, Advika. Frankly speaking, I don’t have any ‘favourite authors .’ I like to read adventurous, a bit emotional and mysterious books and it doesn’t really matter to me that who the author is.
      Thank you again and I’m glad that you liked my blog!

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