SATURDAY , 24th September 2016

Welcome to another post from Anushka Dubey . I am really enthusiastic about this post as it is about one of the things which I think I am closest to and that is nature.

Nature is normally referred to plants, animals and all other natural phenomena and these are the basic life support systems on which we are dependent on for our survival.

In my opinion, nature can actually be felt if experienced with a calm and fresh mind. Just try, sitting under a tree and experience the cool breeze. You would actually feel the nature trying to convey you some message. It would somehow try to connect with you and would try to give you some message either through the sound of the wind, the sound of the insects and there are many more means through which it would try to connect you.

We slaughter the resources of the nature without thinking about the future generations. Man kills trees but he doesn’t know that the death of this tree may become the cause of his death.

So, Its our duty to take initiatives to save our mother nature and we should always remember that “ NURTURE AND NOURISH, PRESERVE BUT NOT PERISH”.

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