Daily Dose of Happiness

Daily Dose of Happiness
By – Mrs. Prachi Eklahare
Parent of Manasvita Eklahare (3-F)

Daily Dose of Happiness Picking up kids from the school transcends the notion of a mundane chore. Infact it’s a pleasurable activity. Especially so during the months of Dec, Jan and Feb when the weather is conducive. As you step inside the school the verdant landscape greets you. It is difficult not to get charmed by the beautiful premises. I am often baffled when I see the smiling faces of teachers. It is normally the fag end of the day for them but still their lively energy is palpable. I guess staying with the young minds keeps them invigorated When I finally manage to locate my kids amidst the cacophony they greet me with a broad smile. The smile could be for various reasons. First one being I could manage to locate them amidst the chaos even while trying to hold a conversation with other parents. Secondly they could now get rid of the heavy bags .And lastly they would be able to relax and unwind themselves in the cozy comfort of their home. But guess what…my husband isn’t so lucky … rather deprived. Whenever he goes for the pickup, my daughter gives him a concerned look. Because she feels that the very fact that I haven’t come suggests that I might be sick. When I meet them they are most eager to know what’s for high tea. And I am more than curious to know whether they have finished their lunch boxes. They have so many important things to tell me even before we reach home. Fridays are special because the parents are allowed to visit the library. Walking through the corridors of the school is a pleasure in itself. The drawings put up outside the classrooms offer sneak peek into the young and ignited minds. Sometimes there are those art installations for special events which are really grand like a mini exhibition. I really feel blessed to relish this activity every day

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By – Lalit Bhatia
Parent of Bhuvi Bhatia (VII – F)


Hunger is spreading all over the world. We need to find a solution for hunger. We can decrease hunger by giving food to the poor and the people who cannot afford it. Most of the food ordered by people in restaurants is wasted as people don’t eat the amount of food ordered by them. Instead of throwing the food we should pack it and give it to the people who need it. We should not waste food and order how much we can eat as the process of making food is long, as it is first grown in the farms and after harvesting it is sent to stores and is cooked. Government should arrange food for the people who cannot afford it. These are the problems causing hunger all over.

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Role of School in building character of student

S. Swaminathan, Father of Arijit Swaminathan, X A

Role of School in building character of student

The first human contact in a child’s life is “mother”. As the child grows and develops, his needs and requirements evolve. Thus comes the role of School. It equips a child to face all experiences necessary for child’s growth and development till he reaches level of maturity to face the world. B K Birla Public School (BKBPS) is not just about learning concepts; it is also a place where a strong foundation can be built for becoming upstanding adults. It is managed by professionals with embodiment of knowledge, wisdom and exemplary leadership with great source of inspiration, motivation to all and an epitome of excellence and perfection in academics, full of benevolence and brilliance, zenith of generosity, a fabulous mentor, a true inspiration to build a positive and strong self-esteem and believes in mission statement which is to nurture the innate potential of young minds and mould them into passionate, committed, competent value-based students with leadership qualities. School is an integral part of a child’s life, not just to gain knowledge or information but to learn the essential threads of group dynamics, adjustment, developing interpersonal skills to live in a connected world. It provides a plethora of platforms through scholastics, co- scholastic activities, values through life skill education, personality development, sportsmanship spirit and team abilities, which help any child to evolve as a responsible individual. School helps to build self-confidence and core values which cannot be learnt in isolation, apart from inculcating the skills through a rich school life where they learn to live well and together in a harmonious manner, ironing out differences at every step. Teachers are role models for students and can provide examples of good character every day in the classroom, helping them communicate better, apart from appreciating and respecting others’ opinion. It helps one learn the expected norms of behaviour for living in a social environment, to think and act critically, follow a regimen, which helps a child develop self-discipline. The systematic and meticulous training helps a child learn better work ethics and understand the concept of healthy competition. Also, character building can be done proactively through planned actions and activities within the classroom,
which will encourage students to develop and adopt quality ethical principles and behaviours that can last far beyond the classroom. As parents of 2 children in BKBPS, we are confident that under the tutelage of your capable, committed teachers and with invaluable guidance, the students of BKBPS including our children would not only pass through with flying colours but also move on to college education and a great future with right values and beliefs deeply instilled in them.

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It takes roots to weather the storm

Prerana Kedia
Mom to Nitaraa Kedia Jr.Kg Div B

It takes roots to weather the storm.

“It takes Roots to weather the storm” or “Storms make trees take deeper Roots” I believe in both the references. Let’s discuss
Life is a series of peaks and valleys. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. I’m a firm believer that it’s how you respond in your moments of difficulties that really defines the type of person you are. You really don’t know what you are capable of until you have to do it. When you have a storm coming you try to prepare the best you can.
Lately, the world seems to be lurching from one crisis to another. We have experienced a global pandemic, dramatic changes to how we conduct our daily lives, economic uncertainty, and political and social turmoil, as well as an array of natural disasters. Then there are personal traumas that we all go through. For many us, this is a time of unprecedented struggle and upheaval. While there’s no way to avoid sorrow, adversity, or distress in life, there are ways to help smooth the rough waters and regain a sense of control.
Why do some people seem to be better able to cope in these troubling times than others? While everyone’s situation is different, it is true that people with strong will power tend to have a higher tolerance for the distress generated by hard times. Some trees cannot fight the massive storms thrown on them because their roots are not as stronger as the roots of trees who are able to survive the storm.
Last night I was reading about Dr A. P. J Abdul Kalam the former President of India and the Missile Man of India. His life is such a admiring story that shows the circumstances are not a barrier in the road to success but can be broken with firm determination and passion for achieving the aim. He is the man who very well describe that it takes roots to weather the storm. Born in a family where their financial conditions were not good, having bought up with seven siblings he always faced a lot of pressure. However the journey of rough and tough had never been a barrier to his path. He stood strong and determined to his goals. It is evident from his struggles that will power, hard word and determination are the deeper roots that helps stand the storm.
The book titled “The test of My Life” is a story of Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s journey from cricket to cancer to back to cricket. It is about the toughest day of his life and how he managed to come out of it. The hope, determination and courage to face the challenges kept him strong despite the odds. It is not just about his triumphs but one of the most biggest setbacks and his comeback from life threatening disease that could have ended his career. His personal life and his struggle with the dreaded disease is an inspiration for all of us.
The reality is that at some point in life, we all go through struggle. But we choose how we respond to it. We have the power to build an unstoppable attitude and mindset to it. You cannot forever escape from the storm; you must learn to stand up to it for when you panic when the storm comes, you increase the power of the storm. Dig up deep & pull the roots of confidence and positive attitude
from the ground of your being, stand firm in the raging storm because it takes roots of willpower and positive attitude to weather the Storm.

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Trisha Bhartiya


It’s rightly said “We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.”
I have learnt one thing in life that all my failures were actually laying the foundation for the strong human being that I am today. But I chose to be strong and moved against my fear which has prevented me and all of us from getting uprooted by the biggest storm sometimes in our lives. This strong foundation can be taken in many aspects as under…
Today, global warming is like an approaching storm which will lead to lower crop yields, economic crisis, water stress, poverty and deaths. What we need is forest conservation, zero waste, reducing pollution to balance the ecosystem.
Considering the current pandemic, I feel strong immunity is the foundation we need to survive today. So, eat healthy, wear mask, meditate, exercise and think positive…
Also, the foundation of every state is youth education. Because the act of getting strong doesn’t start in the gym, it starts in your head and it’s our teachers and parents wholly responsible for creating today’s India. Also setting goal with dedication is important because when the foundation is laid in goal, nothing can shake it, no matter how strong the storm is…
Every aspect of life has taught me something Also my married life. That a relationship is not based on the length of time we spend together, but its the foundation we build together.
Some people experience big storms in life like rape, accidents, handicap changing their lives drastically. So, the society needs to accept such conditions and motivate them to be mentally stronger.
Finally, I would conclude if our root is deep, there’s no reason to fear the wind.

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Dr Lyra Ludhwani
(Mother of Ivanka Yogesh Ludhwani , student of Jr Kg. C)


  • The foundation day of BK BIRLA PUBLIC SCHOOL is a significant day…because it’s not only the commencement of the school infrastructure and administration as a whole, but it should also be remembered as a day when the foundation of many destinies is ought to be laid….!!!
  • I am obliged and honoured that I got this opportunity to express my views for the same.
  • Amidst the chaos all around us, let’s move from the usual to some unusual and spread some good and cheerful vibes.
  • Being a mother of a 4 year old, virtual schooling has been a totally different kind of education for my daughter as well as for me!
  • If we endeavour to take things in our stride with the flow, everyday is a new chance to adapt and enjoy to the screen and most importantly make amazing bonds with the teachers 🙂🙂😍😍
  • I thought of starting this little article with a short poetry just to express the current scenario…and to bring a smile on the faces of those reading😄😄😄

It surely takes strong roots to weather the storm,

Hence the current virtual schooling system has become the norm…!

The roots of the amazing education system of B. K Birla School  truly do go deep,

In due time, with a great harvest of values, the fruits will be ready to reap…!

Yes, whether the day is sunny or the clouds pour out rain,

Certainly, there is no gain without some  effective pain..!

For a temporary period, the struggle is definitely sure,

But the present circuit breaker ( lockdown) has left us with no other cure..!

Together, we won’t just survive the virtual schooling in covid-19,

But the results will be positively and effectively seen..!

Making the moments of virtual studies a great fun without race,

Let’s look to the Almighty for His amazing and unmerited Grace..!                              Continued…

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It takes root to weather the storm

Anam Sayed

It takes root to weather the storm.

“It takes root to weather the storm”, as I sat down to express ideas on above mentioned topic

The ideas started sweeping my mind to only emphasis on the phrase and quickly stood my daughter in front of me and I knew exactly what I was going to express.

At the age of 2 and ½ years while passing across the gates of B.K.Birla Public School in year 2017 ,she glanced at school building and asked us what is the name of school in her half broken words and there expressed a desire that ,Mama this is my school ……since we were not very sure whether she will be part of institution (taking into account the admission based on lottery system) we never gave her an assurance. Lucky enough was she that she got enrolled in this esteemed institution in the year 2018…..As parents we too considered ourselves lucky and began her journey into world of education  and knowledge.

It was now  time for her roots to start getting stronger to withstand any adverse conditions and be more stronger ,”how was this going to happen ?”,it was/rather it is assured for she is know in righteous environment who will be imbibed with following values:

B-Belief in self.

I-Integrity(the following of moral or ethical principles)




While I happen to think about the ‘storm’ that necessarily need not be some realistic storm ,but here the storm could happen to be in the form of knowledge and technology. The roots will gain  strength through  the knowledge that she starts assimilating from her pre-primary days to primary…….and many more steps to go ahead….. Here the roots are strong enough  to bear socio economic impact and same time adjust with diverse culture, which they were introduced to various cultural and religious celebration at young age.

Know coming down towards the emotional behavioural development and readiness to handle any tough or stressful situations ,here I take opportunity  to inform with great pride that this child has remained POSITIVE in the entire Covid crisis ,very rightly she said that she isn’t missing her school as her “Virtual School” has taken care of her learning process.On questioning the reply was quite astonishing and simplistic where she said”I got an opportunity to learn with technology,I am aware what Microsoft is,what presentations are all about “ as for so many days these terms were related to only the elders. Alas!what more could I ask for …..

It’s been just 4years ,the roots have started holding firmly to the moral and values of BIRLAs to weather the storm …Yes I am confident that from here on it will develop into a more stronger root.

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It takes roots to weather the storm

Dr. Pushpanjali Badole, mother of Advay Badole, 2D

It takes roots to weather the storm

Someone has rightly said, ‘Change is the only permanent!’ So true…Who had predicted that the world around us would suddenly change so rapidly and a deadly pandemic would grip the world shattering dreams, lives and hopes.
He was just a 5-year-old who wanted to go to school, play and enjoy. He heard from the elders that no one was allowed to go out. What about my school?, he asked! It will be on the laptop he was told. He was excited to see and talk to his friends. So many things he wanted to share. But online school will be boring, he thought. The joy of hanging out with friends, running behind them and sharing the joys will be packed in an electronic device. Lockdown meant that he couldn’t go out, even to meet his friends who lived in the same society. So he was anyways frustrated. But as soon as he joined the new class of 1rst ‘C’, a familiar name appeared on the screen. His joy knew no bounds, “Hi, Omi!” He exclaimed. The names of many of his friend’s appeared on the screen. He could also see them on the screen and talk in between the classes. Teachers were lovely too, praising and encouraging him from time to time. I love online school, Ma, he declared. I’m learning music and drawing too. Slowly it became a routine. The task which seemed difficult earlier was now part of their lives. Children are masters of adaptation, and he adapted beautifully. The bane of not going out turned out to be a boon. Because he started reading lots and lots of books and became an avid reader. At such a young age started playing chess beautifully with grandpa. He started doing yoga with grandma at home to compensate for the missed playtime.
In this pandemic, even though the children are locked but their talent isn’t. Some faced the illness, fought the disease and came out stronger. The children of covid warriors staying away from parents learnt to be independent. There’s so much to learn from these tiny tots. Their resilience from the steepest falls, their cheerfulness despite of gloom everywhere and their ability to mould as per the situation.
Still the little buds will blossom be it wind or rain. That’s why they say that adversity makes us stronger. I’m sure the children who are facing these tough times will come out much stronger than we can imagine, ready to face every storm. Reminds me of Darwin’s quote, ‘It’s not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one most adaptable to change!’

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Mohitkumar Udasi
Father of Rishi Mohitkumar Udasi – Nursery – E

“On Starting Note : First of all, A very heartily congratulations to Birla School Family, Principal, Vice Principal, Staff – Teaching, Non-Teaching and others who are associated.
This is not just only a mere wish, This is a reason for my personal happiness too, which i will unfold in this expression ahead…!
On a Sunday Afternoon, thoughts about writing and expressing role of school of my child, pile up, but wait is the Birla School only associated with my kid ? He is 3 and an half and gives me a very sweet smile on realizing the school he is in is the same school where his father studied.. YES !! A PROUDFUL AFFIRMATION !! An Ex-birlaite or a BKBPS alumni here..:-)
Down the Memory lane amidst the flashback of 2004,2005, yes its long back, time flies with wings, 17 years back, packing bags and reaching school was bit bore, was monotonous, was dull (hoping ex-teachers of my times not reading this, fearing a sweet scold from them ;-)) But could not really realize back then that Those days were shaping lanes, where we crossed from one end to another end into a loop which defined us, gave us the vision, a mind where the balloon was inflated to see the world, see and learn the life, the brick which built our foundations was BIRLA SCHOOL Kalyan.
Undoubtedly, the best and Best among BEST, Not merely a School built of Brick & Mortar, Birla School Kalyan shaped our minds and thousands of minds like me since its inception in imparting its quality education and ethics.
So calling it a foundation day, is not adequate justification for its greatness, indeed it has shaped and designed minds and established them in society From last 24 years, where every student is doing admirable work and proud fully distributing fragrance of ethics and morals, which we were taught in BKBPS.
This is a personal reason of sheer happiness and in Nostalgia; I am seeing THE BKBPS turning into a fruitful tree, which has always given sweetness with its fruits to our society, the hard work of Teachers and Vision of Principal, has always made sure that every fruit is ripe and sweet.
Apologies for making it long, Coming to TOPIC as mentioned – role of School
Undoubtedly, School is the first place where a child goes first in his/her life, from a young mind and fresh start, we visualize what we see, we imagine it, we feel it, brain adapts it and learns to process it.
Not only a school which teaches from books, but a school which teaches from its heart shapes us, mould us and give us a invisible formula of ethics, values, morals to live our life always ahead in future. As said by Sir Albert Einstein:
Yes, we do forget our subjects, topics. With the perception of every student of this world, This is absolutely true and cannot be denied, but minds of those students learned something far more precious – that was a code, a code of conductance, a code to lead life, a code to form a beautiful world, a code which is so broad in itself that it would require me to write a book on it and then too it would be less..( laughs)
So, as a sword needs a whetstone to maintain its edge, absolutely the same way, human minds need education to maintain its sharpness and edge.
Indeed education is a very broad term but only a school is the place in the world, where it is imparted so we learn the Code of Life.
With a Conclusive statement : As whetstone is all for a healthy life of Sword, School is same for Building Character of a student which is just foundation for a Great Human being which everyone aspires to be.
Thanks for Time and Efforts dear reader to read this.
This is a heartfelt written note and personal perception of my thinking.


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Response Vs. Reaction

Girish Nagpal
Parent of Mishika Nagpal (Sr. KG. – C)

Response Vs. Reaction

It is commonly learned and well-established nature’s law “The Seed we Sow is the Plant we get”. On the same lines our Blooming Buds our Kids are, time and generation are such wherein our kids are super active and smart enough to deal with, wherein we have to think countless number of times the Do’s and Don’ts before our kids. One such aspect is Responding Vs. Reacting. Some of us would think there ain’t any difference between the both but factually there is huge difference between the both it’s like two sides of the same coin. There are always different ways of looking at or dealing with the same situation in which reacting IN a situation or Responding OVER a situation plays a crucial role. Reactions are always Instant & never thought of, whereas Responses are always well thought off and comes from a subtle & peaceful mind. Reactions most of are taken in a negative way whereas Responses are taken positively and with peace. So here comes an important behavioral check which wherein we as parents need to follow towards our kid, in every situation we need to practice the “Stop & Check” approach whether to Respond or React, which is situation and circumstance oriented which is again in our hand whether to make it or spoil it. Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) applies to varied areas which plays an important role in our daily routine and life, one such area for parents is our ‘behavior / attitude’, like 20% of the choice of Reaction or Responses decides the 80% of the its effects i.e. outcome or we can say after effects of those choice of Reaction or Responses in our behavior / attitude. So, in a nutshell we need to make a proper choice under all situation and circumstance which should be more of Response then Reaction which is always in favor and help our Blooming Buds our Kids.

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