Daily Dose of Happiness

Daily Dose of Happiness
By – Mrs. Prachi Eklahare
Parent of Manasvita Eklahare (3-F)

Daily Dose of Happiness Picking up kids from the school transcends the notion of a mundane chore. Infact it’s a pleasurable activity. Especially so during the months of Dec, Jan and Feb when the weather is conducive. As you step inside the school the verdant landscape greets you. It is difficult not to get charmed by the beautiful premises. I am often baffled when I see the smiling faces of teachers. It is normally the fag end of the day for them but still their lively energy is palpable. I guess staying with the young minds keeps them invigorated When I finally manage to locate my kids amidst the cacophony they greet me with a broad smile. The smile could be for various reasons. First one being I could manage to locate them amidst the chaos even while trying to hold a conversation with other parents. Secondly they could now get rid of the heavy bags .And lastly they would be able to relax and unwind themselves in the cozy comfort of their home. But guess what…my husband isn’t so lucky … rather deprived. Whenever he goes for the pickup, my daughter gives him a concerned look. Because she feels that the very fact that I haven’t come suggests that I might be sick. When I meet them they are most eager to know what’s for high tea. And I am more than curious to know whether they have finished their lunch boxes. They have so many important things to tell me even before we reach home. Fridays are special because the parents are allowed to visit the library. Walking through the corridors of the school is a pleasure in itself. The drawings put up outside the classrooms offer sneak peek into the young and ignited minds. Sometimes there are those art installations for special events which are really grand like a mini exhibition. I really feel blessed to relish this activity every day

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