It takes root to weather the storm

Anam Sayed

It takes root to weather the storm.

“It takes root to weather the storm”, as I sat down to express ideas on above mentioned topic

The ideas started sweeping my mind to only emphasis on the phrase and quickly stood my daughter in front of me and I knew exactly what I was going to express.

At the age of 2 and ½ years while passing across the gates of B.K.Birla Public School in year 2017 ,she glanced at school building and asked us what is the name of school in her half broken words and there expressed a desire that ,Mama this is my school ……since we were not very sure whether she will be part of institution (taking into account the admission based on lottery system) we never gave her an assurance. Lucky enough was she that she got enrolled in this esteemed institution in the year 2018…..As parents we too considered ourselves lucky and began her journey into world of education  and knowledge.

It was now  time for her roots to start getting stronger to withstand any adverse conditions and be more stronger ,”how was this going to happen ?”,it was/rather it is assured for she is know in righteous environment who will be imbibed with following values:

B-Belief in self.

I-Integrity(the following of moral or ethical principles)




While I happen to think about the ‘storm’ that necessarily need not be some realistic storm ,but here the storm could happen to be in the form of knowledge and technology. The roots will gain  strength through  the knowledge that she starts assimilating from her pre-primary days to primary…….and many more steps to go ahead….. Here the roots are strong enough  to bear socio economic impact and same time adjust with diverse culture, which they were introduced to various cultural and religious celebration at young age.

Know coming down towards the emotional behavioural development and readiness to handle any tough or stressful situations ,here I take opportunity  to inform with great pride that this child has remained POSITIVE in the entire Covid crisis ,very rightly she said that she isn’t missing her school as her “Virtual School” has taken care of her learning process.On questioning the reply was quite astonishing and simplistic where she said”I got an opportunity to learn with technology,I am aware what Microsoft is,what presentations are all about “ as for so many days these terms were related to only the elders. Alas!what more could I ask for …..

It’s been just 4years ,the roots have started holding firmly to the moral and values of BIRLAs to weather the storm …Yes I am confident that from here on it will develop into a more stronger root.

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