Why do I prefer homestays over resorts?

Why do I prefer homestays over resorts?

Well till few years back I always felt staying in resorts was the best place to stay and explore until I stumbled upon the idea of homestays. The word home itself says everything. When you want to visit any place and learn about its culture and authenticity, homestays are best. This concept opened my eyes to a whole new experience of minimalistic but real fulfilling way of living. Homestays are small and simple establishments run by the host family to augment their family income. By staying in a homestay, you directly contribute to the local income and thus help the destination grow and prosper. Although there are many reasons why I prefer homestays over resorts .

Let me share a few:

*Homely environment: This is the reason why people say, “Home is where the heart is”. The very sound of home brings a sense of warmth in our hearts and evokes the sentiment of belonging. So, for people who want to know what homestay is? It is very simply put; homestays are part of some one’s home converted into accommodation for visitors for a fee.
Here, the host, usually a local family mainly provides sleeping arrangements in their home for visitors but might also have other add-ons, such as meals, local travel arrangements, pickups and more depending on the homestay owners. Such arrangements are seen as local sources of income in most prime travel locations across India. Based on my experience I say homestay are worth exploring compared to spending on fancy resorts or hotels because of a few reasons I managed to understand from my recent travel to Konkan. Travel is all about experiencing new things and embracing everything local. You cannot find a more authentic experience than staying at a homestay with a local family for a couple of days. No one knows a place better than the residents and by living at a homestay you can really connect with the place.
Homestays leave you with a warm experience, making you feel right at home. You can enjoy the view from the balcony, stroll around the house, or do anything anytime.
Make new connections with people that become like family by the end of your trip with whom you spend a couple of days.

*Safety: As far as safety is concerned you are at the safest place because you live with the family. But you must make sure once about their reviews and authenticity on Google.

*Food: The best part about staying in a homestay is undoubtedly the scrumptious cooked meal. Staying there allows you to learn what goes into preparation as most host are willing to share their secret recipes with you. Adding ice on the cake it is going to be home cooked.

*Pocket friendly: You can stay in a clean and affordable alternative to resorts without any hidden cost. You can afford that extra sightseeing that you might not have been able to do if you were spending more on just your accommodation.

*Sightseeing: The host will not only point out to the scenic routes but also help you with short routes and the cheapest means of transport making the exploring even more convenient.

*Culture: You get to learn the local culture of the place you are visiting. Your host will give you an insight into their local life.

A homestay is something you must experience at least once as you get to experience the destination from the local’s perspective. The personalized experiences that a homestay offers will make you fall in love with the idea of staying in one.
If you are travelling to get away from city life, homestays are a good choice. This only means that you get more quality time with yourself, family, or friends. Some homestays are also available on hire, so for intimate group bookings these work well.
Travel is Most of the homestays also become our best guides for site seeing which helps us achieve our goal of completing our trip fruitfully. If we look at the broader picture, then we add up to the sustainability and get the satisfaction of contributing our bit to the mother earth. Homestays are the best travel decision for those who travel solo.
House owners are interested to ensure that their place is safe for solo travellers.
Travelling on your own can be a liberating experience. It always helps to have some company after spending the day exploring the town solo.
So next time if you are planning travel or vacation think on this whether you want to spend on expensive resorts which might give you happiness or explore a homestay for wholesome local experience.

Choice is yours do it wisely.

Rashmi Malji

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