Dr Lyra Ludhwani
(Mother of Ivanka Yogesh Ludhwani , student of Jr Kg. C)


  • The foundation day of BK BIRLA PUBLIC SCHOOL is a significant day…because it’s not only the commencement of the school infrastructure and administration as a whole, but it should also be remembered as a day when the foundation of many destinies is ought to be laid….!!!
  • I am obliged and honoured that I got this opportunity to express my views for the same.
  • Amidst the chaos all around us, let’s move from the usual to some unusual and spread some good and cheerful vibes.
  • Being a mother of a 4 year old, virtual schooling has been a totally different kind of education for my daughter as well as for me!
  • If we endeavour to take things in our stride with the flow, everyday is a new chance to adapt and enjoy to the screen and most importantly make amazing bonds with the teachers 🙂🙂😍😍
  • I thought of starting this little article with a short poetry just to express the current scenario…and to bring a smile on the faces of those reading😄😄😄

It surely takes strong roots to weather the storm,

Hence the current virtual schooling system has become the norm…!

The roots of the amazing education system of B. K Birla School  truly do go deep,

In due time, with a great harvest of values, the fruits will be ready to reap…!

Yes, whether the day is sunny or the clouds pour out rain,

Certainly, there is no gain without some  effective pain..!

For a temporary period, the struggle is definitely sure,

But the present circuit breaker ( lockdown) has left us with no other cure..!

Together, we won’t just survive the virtual schooling in covid-19,

But the results will be positively and effectively seen..!

Making the moments of virtual studies a great fun without race,

Let’s look to the Almighty for His amazing and unmerited Grace..!                              Continued…

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