Mohitkumar Udasi
Father of Rishi Mohitkumar Udasi – Nursery – E

“On Starting Note : First of all, A very heartily congratulations to Birla School Family, Principal, Vice Principal, Staff – Teaching, Non-Teaching and others who are associated.
This is not just only a mere wish, This is a reason for my personal happiness too, which i will unfold in this expression ahead…!
On a Sunday Afternoon, thoughts about writing and expressing role of school of my child, pile up, but wait is the Birla School only associated with my kid ? He is 3 and an half and gives me a very sweet smile on realizing the school he is in is the same school where his father studied.. YES !! A PROUDFUL AFFIRMATION !! An Ex-birlaite or a BKBPS alumni here..:-)
Down the Memory lane amidst the flashback of 2004,2005, yes its long back, time flies with wings, 17 years back, packing bags and reaching school was bit bore, was monotonous, was dull (hoping ex-teachers of my times not reading this, fearing a sweet scold from them ;-)) But could not really realize back then that Those days were shaping lanes, where we crossed from one end to another end into a loop which defined us, gave us the vision, a mind where the balloon was inflated to see the world, see and learn the life, the brick which built our foundations was BIRLA SCHOOL Kalyan.
Undoubtedly, the best and Best among BEST, Not merely a School built of Brick & Mortar, Birla School Kalyan shaped our minds and thousands of minds like me since its inception in imparting its quality education and ethics.
So calling it a foundation day, is not adequate justification for its greatness, indeed it has shaped and designed minds and established them in society From last 24 years, where every student is doing admirable work and proud fully distributing fragrance of ethics and morals, which we were taught in BKBPS.
This is a personal reason of sheer happiness and in Nostalgia; I am seeing THE BKBPS turning into a fruitful tree, which has always given sweetness with its fruits to our society, the hard work of Teachers and Vision of Principal, has always made sure that every fruit is ripe and sweet.
Apologies for making it long, Coming to TOPIC as mentioned – role of School
Undoubtedly, School is the first place where a child goes first in his/her life, from a young mind and fresh start, we visualize what we see, we imagine it, we feel it, brain adapts it and learns to process it.
Not only a school which teaches from books, but a school which teaches from its heart shapes us, mould us and give us a invisible formula of ethics, values, morals to live our life always ahead in future. As said by Sir Albert Einstein:
Yes, we do forget our subjects, topics. With the perception of every student of this world, This is absolutely true and cannot be denied, but minds of those students learned something far more precious – that was a code, a code of conductance, a code to lead life, a code to form a beautiful world, a code which is so broad in itself that it would require me to write a book on it and then too it would be less..( laughs)
So, as a sword needs a whetstone to maintain its edge, absolutely the same way, human minds need education to maintain its sharpness and edge.
Indeed education is a very broad term but only a school is the place in the world, where it is imparted so we learn the Code of Life.
With a Conclusive statement : As whetstone is all for a healthy life of Sword, School is same for Building Character of a student which is just foundation for a Great Human being which everyone aspires to be.
Thanks for Time and Efforts dear reader to read this.
This is a heartfelt written note and personal perception of my thinking.


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