Why do I prefer homestays over resorts?

Why do I prefer homestays over resorts?

Well till few years back I always felt staying in resorts was the best place to stay and explore until I stumbled upon the idea of homestays. The word home itself says everything. When you want to visit any place and learn about its culture and authenticity, homestays are best. This concept opened my eyes to a whole new experience of minimalistic but real fulfilling way of living. Homestays are small and simple establishments run by the host family to augment their family income. By staying in a homestay, you directly contribute to the local income and thus help the destination grow and prosper. Although there are many reasons why I prefer homestays over resorts .

Let me share a few:

*Homely environment: This is the reason why people say, “Home is where the heart is”. The very sound of home brings a sense of warmth in our hearts and evokes the sentiment of belonging. So, for people who want to know what homestay is? It is very simply put; homestays are part of some one’s home converted into accommodation for visitors for a fee.
Here, the host, usually a local family mainly provides sleeping arrangements in their home for visitors but might also have other add-ons, such as meals, local travel arrangements, pickups and more depending on the homestay owners. Such arrangements are seen as local sources of income in most prime travel locations across India. Based on my experience I say homestay are worth exploring compared to spending on fancy resorts or hotels because of a few reasons I managed to understand from my recent travel to Konkan. Travel is all about experiencing new things and embracing everything local. You cannot find a more authentic experience than staying at a homestay with a local family for a couple of days. No one knows a place better than the residents and by living at a homestay you can really connect with the place.
Homestays leave you with a warm experience, making you feel right at home. You can enjoy the view from the balcony, stroll around the house, or do anything anytime.
Make new connections with people that become like family by the end of your trip with whom you spend a couple of days.

*Safety: As far as safety is concerned you are at the safest place because you live with the family. But you must make sure once about their reviews and authenticity on Google.

*Food: The best part about staying in a homestay is undoubtedly the scrumptious cooked meal. Staying there allows you to learn what goes into preparation as most host are willing to share their secret recipes with you. Adding ice on the cake it is going to be home cooked.

*Pocket friendly: You can stay in a clean and affordable alternative to resorts without any hidden cost. You can afford that extra sightseeing that you might not have been able to do if you were spending more on just your accommodation.

*Sightseeing: The host will not only point out to the scenic routes but also help you with short routes and the cheapest means of transport making the exploring even more convenient.

*Culture: You get to learn the local culture of the place you are visiting. Your host will give you an insight into their local life.

A homestay is something you must experience at least once as you get to experience the destination from the local’s perspective. The personalized experiences that a homestay offers will make you fall in love with the idea of staying in one.
If you are travelling to get away from city life, homestays are a good choice. This only means that you get more quality time with yourself, family, or friends. Some homestays are also available on hire, so for intimate group bookings these work well.
Travel is Most of the homestays also become our best guides for site seeing which helps us achieve our goal of completing our trip fruitfully. If we look at the broader picture, then we add up to the sustainability and get the satisfaction of contributing our bit to the mother earth. Homestays are the best travel decision for those who travel solo.
House owners are interested to ensure that their place is safe for solo travellers.
Travelling on your own can be a liberating experience. It always helps to have some company after spending the day exploring the town solo.
So next time if you are planning travel or vacation think on this whether you want to spend on expensive resorts which might give you happiness or explore a homestay for wholesome local experience.

Choice is yours do it wisely.

Rashmi Malji

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Daily Dose of Happiness

Daily Dose of Happiness
By – Mrs. Prachi Eklahare
Parent of Manasvita Eklahare (3-F)

Daily Dose of Happiness Picking up kids from the school transcends the notion of a mundane chore. Infact it’s a pleasurable activity. Especially so during the months of Dec, Jan and Feb when the weather is conducive. As you step inside the school the verdant landscape greets you. It is difficult not to get charmed by the beautiful premises. I am often baffled when I see the smiling faces of teachers. It is normally the fag end of the day for them but still their lively energy is palpable. I guess staying with the young minds keeps them invigorated When I finally manage to locate my kids amidst the cacophony they greet me with a broad smile. The smile could be for various reasons. First one being I could manage to locate them amidst the chaos even while trying to hold a conversation with other parents. Secondly they could now get rid of the heavy bags .And lastly they would be able to relax and unwind themselves in the cozy comfort of their home. But guess what…my husband isn’t so lucky … rather deprived. Whenever he goes for the pickup, my daughter gives him a concerned look. Because she feels that the very fact that I haven’t come suggests that I might be sick. When I meet them they are most eager to know what’s for high tea. And I am more than curious to know whether they have finished their lunch boxes. They have so many important things to tell me even before we reach home. Fridays are special because the parents are allowed to visit the library. Walking through the corridors of the school is a pleasure in itself. The drawings put up outside the classrooms offer sneak peek into the young and ignited minds. Sometimes there are those art installations for special events which are really grand like a mini exhibition. I really feel blessed to relish this activity every day

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Never stop questioning…

I always believe that the best places for learning to happen are vibrant classrooms that provide opportunities for the students to discuss, put their points across, experiment, commit mistakes and laugh at and learn from their mistakes.

Yesterday, in one of such classrooms we were discussing the concept of photosynthesis. With reference to one of the interesting activities, a student raised his hand timidly. Maybe he himself was not sure about his question. After getting an encouraging expression from my end he hesitantly asked …If the leaf is detached from the plant, it dies, then how come it can transport materials across different cells?

That was a valid and intelligent question. I explained the existence of life in the cells even after detachment from the plant or death of the organism to which those cells belong to. To clarify further I discussed the concept of organs being alive for some time after the death of the individual and their availability for transplant.

 I don’t know when my dextral brain dominated the sinistral and I asked the students about whether they knew about Gora and Badal mentioned in the famous poem ‘Padmavat’ ; who fought even after getting beheaded in the war between RanaRatansingh, the ruler of Mewar and Khilji. OfCourse, I didn’t   expect grade 10th students to read the epic poem ‘Padmavat’ out of interest, but I believed that many of them have seen the movie based on the same and they could relate the functioning of the torso without the head placed on it. For some of them it was difficult to imagine a headless body moving swords and killing the opponents in the battlefield. But yes, it did happen and exemplifies bravery, patriotism and OfCourse functioning of parts of our body for some time even after death.

So many times, we teachers Unknowingly or knowingly cross the porous and permeable boundaries of the subjects just to clarify a point. And most of the times students narrate such moments in alumni meets.

We don’t plan all the things all the time, it just happens….. But everything amazing starts with a question. So never stop questioning!!

 Deepali Singh Solanki

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Flying high

Aarya Vishal Pawar

Flying high, In the sky, Racing with clouds, There’s no one to crowd. I love the peace, That I think is never going to cease. But is this true? The sky in blue, The clouds in queue. Am I dreaming? I see something coming. Oh! Is this my mom? There’s something wrong. I bet, I’m not awake yet. To meet the sky, I’ll surely try!!

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My Ruby Ring

Liza Dond

My Ruby Ring

AS I hear the birds Singing,
MY alarm ringing,
In my head, Laying on my bed I think,
Why did my mother give me this ruby ring?
Sitting in my room, on my reclining chair,
Holding the heirloom, while playing with my hair think to myself, in despair,
Why did my grandmother choose my mother as the heir?
To be honest, I’m not the best, At handling things,
Like beautiful Ruby Rings!
For the last time, think,
Why did my mother give me this precious thing? until ask her, Ask her, for an answer
For her response to be “It’s because I love you, my baby!”

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Why prefer books over movies?

Aadi Patankar

Why prefer books over movies?

Books and movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment that have captivated audiences for decades. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, there are compelling and thought-provoking reasons why books are a better option than movies. While movies may offer stunning visuals and a captivating storyline, books offer a more immersive and profound experience that is unparalleled in the world of entertainment. Throughout the period, we shall understand and explore the reasons for preferring a book over a movie. Happy Reading!!! To start with, books offer a more immersive experience than movies. While reading a book, readers can enter the world created by the author and imagine the characters and settings in their own unique way and can interpret with accordance to his creativity and circumstances. On the contrary, movies offer a passive experience, where viewers are limited to the director’s vision of the story. Books, therefore, allow readers to exercise their imagination and creativity, making the reading experience a more personal one and interesting one. In addition to it, books provide more detail and depth than movies. A typical movie has a runtime of two to three hours, while a book can take days or even weeks to read. This additional time permits the author to explain his character and storyline from a well detailed perspective. By digging deeper into the world of the story, readers can form a stronger connection with the characters and become more invested in their journey. Plus, books offer the ability to learn and grow. Books are not just a form of entertainment, but they also provide readers with an opportunity to learn new information and broaden their horizons. Movies weaken the watcher’s creative and imaginative strength by not letting him anticipate the way the books do. Reading books expands your knowledge, enhances your vocabulary, helps you develop critical and out of the box thinking skills. Movies, on the other hand, are often focused on providing entertainment, however they may offer some educational value, they are usually confined to a particular set of subjects. Book allows you to read it at your own pace, while movies does not. This offers a free hand for the reader to be mesmerized in the story. Moreover, he/she can take considerable breaks and come back to it later. Well, J.K Rowling has rightly quoted, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” In a nutshell, while movies offer visually stunning and entertaining experiences, books provide a more profound and enriching experience that is unparalleled. The immersive experience, greater depth and detail, ability to learn and grow, and flexible reading experience all make books a superior choice over movies. So, next time you are looking for a remarkable story, reach for a book and let your imagination run wild. Thank You!

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My Future Awaits

Aadi Patankar

I have written this imagining myself as the student of Class 10 and speaking this on the account of our farewell. Happy Reading… Dear friends, students, and teachers. I come before you with great and strong emotions. These emotions include sadness, pride, affection, and respect. As this will be the last time, I’ll be addressing you in the fashion. I assume that we have great memories associated with this institution. And anticipate that we’ll be carrying these within our hearts. While dwelling on the Reminiscences, I could feel the teachers shouting at us for going out of the order, encouraging us to not repeat our mistakes, and prefects helping in keeping us in a queue. Who, never the excitement getting in our souls just a minute before the recess. I’d recollect the way we pigged on each other’s tiffin. Of course, each of us did. These excitements are simply unmatchable and unforgettable. I would recall the first day I stepped into this temple, where there were just a few divisions and a handful of students. But over the years, it has grown up to 7 divisions and still counting. We would also remember our best friends that we usually change in different ages. There’s a belief.. That you all must agree, School Friends are unforgettable. So, on the account of this special day. Let us take an oath to stay in touch with them. An important chapter is coming to an end. However, a whole book is waiting for us. Let us not disagree and make deaf ears when it comes to talking about our futures. Certainly, it will be an unsettling experience for each one of us. The future is not something we should procrastinate but gladly embrace with. I don’t know what the future holds for us. This is a question that no one can answer. Hopefully, our school’s experience and learning will come to our rescue. Furthermore, I am sure the values of our school have filled us with so much confidence that we can readily take on any challenge. Moreover, I express my sincere and greatest gratitude towards my teachers who have shaped us in such a way that we can take up challenges in the future. In addition to it, the knowledge that they have imparted to us is the greatest weapon for the life ahead. Respected Teachers, You occupy the greatest status in my life. Dear Folks, Today I, Aadi Patankar, seek your blessing for our future endeavors. Thank You!

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Liza Dond


Redemption: Saving someone from evil. But can you save yourself? Think, who is the first person that pops up in your mind after you hear the word, “Redemption”? Is it your mother, father, God, or yourself? Yes, you heard me dandy, and right! Yourself! Possessing enough selfcontrol to walk, talk and do certain activities is an essential thing, but possessing enough self-control to stop your temptations to do something evil is amazing! But, did you do it unknowingly? Section 1: Redemption, can you save yourself? Your parents, or somebody else who truly is concerned about you, have probably tried to stop you from doing something substandard but, have you ever done it yourself? You feel guilty when you know that you’re doing something wrong yet still do it. Maybe, stealing a bar of mere chocolate? Or, doing something even worse? Backbiting? Hurting someone’s feelings? Aren’t those all evil? You must have done it for a reason, or perhaps, unknowingly? I know I’m asking a crud-ton of questions, but aren’t I correct? The mere amount of self-control could’ve prevented the scolding you received after stealing that chocolate, right? But, why is saving yourself even important in the first place? There are 2 people in an argument, the provoker and the provoked. Maybe the provoker said something offensive, knowingly or unknowingly. Couldn’t anyone around the provoker, for example, the provoked, stop the provoker from committing the act, but how could they know what the provoker was going to say? That is exactly why saving yourself is important! Who, other than the provoker knew what they were going to say? A mere amount of self-control could’ve prevented getting another enemy in your life. Section 2: Forgiveness, is it related to Redemption? As there are many sides to an argument, there are also many sides to Redemption. One of them is “forgiveness”. Being betrayed is something nobody should go through. Vengeance is an amazing self-esteem boost. But, stopping yourself from taking revenge is better. You get this sense of happiness because you know you did something good. That something good is, forgiving. Forgiveness is an amazing thing to do, it mends relationships and makes new ones as well. So, why not consider forgiveness? If you’re wondering how forgiveness is an aspect of redemption, I’m getting to it right away! Saving someone from evil is what redemption means, and since today’s topic is Redemption: Can you save yourself, forgiving someone means saving yourself from taking revenge. Usually, revenge includes hurting others’ feelings, which means doing the same thing the person who hurt you has done. This action of, “revenge” ultimately makes you the bad guy in the situation. Whereas, if you forgive someone, causing an act of the infamous topic, Redemption: Can you save yourself? My name is Liza, and I’ll be signing off now!

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Swara Joshi


I believe in dance. Dance as magic, as therapy, and as a life metaphor. There is a lot more to dancing than tapping your feet to the music and swaying your body. Hip movements and hand movements alone are not sufficient to convey something. It is a way to express yourself, both to others and to yourself. With each move you make while “dancing it out,” you are letting go of tension and anxiety in addition to rage and anger. Endorphins, the feel-good hormones that help us feel calm, relaxed, and joyful, are released in our brains by dancing. When we are unable to convey our feelings orally, we use this method. People dance for a variety of reasons; some dance for enjoyment, some for mental stability, some for physical fitness, and some may use dancing as a platform to reveal their true selves to the world. Dancing may present us with opportunities and help us remember our great experiences. In addition to connecting people and allowing new types of creativity, dance is a wonderful method for letting go of the worries and stress of daily life. So, when the body feels good, the mind does too! 

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The winter dew amazes me

Janhavi Patil

The winter dew amazes me
Can seem annoying to some
The cold wind hits your face,
To the quilts you race
In the foggy darkness
Your mind walks through thoughts,
Thoughts you’d rather run from
Humming along the lines of ignorance,
Truly happy to sing along.
But to me, this all sounds so wrong
For the freezing winds freeze all my minds dialogues.
The winter wonders are baffling,
For when I stand perplexed, the gust of wind wakes me up,
All my problems freeze,
It’s me that it frees.

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