Yash Kamath
12 – A

Don’t we all have a moment in our lives that we wish to go back and correct? We see our lives branching into alternate futures had it been the other way round and you wouldn’t have abused your friends the way you did. Or maybe some regret over cheating in the exams or perhaps some errors in life that you would simply like to flip around for your convenience? Regret consumes us from within, and it does not limit itself to our bodies; it takes over everything that we do- sadness and grief run rampant in our lives, wrecking havoc on the events of present day, dragging us into a dark and dismal abyss- one from which return is generally not expected. Why is it that we regret the decisions made wrongly by us. A thought, instead, we should keep, a determination, in fact, that we will never give in to regret and shall always look forward to the new things and opportunities that venture into our lives. Quite intelligently, it can be debated that the person who regrets over his or her past mistakes would very easily miss the next opportunity that comes knocking at the door. On the other hand, the person who doesn’t let regret overwhelm his emotions, would generally be able to grasp opportunities in life, when they spring up. So the question therefore doesn’t need to be “What else could I have done?” but instead: “There’s nothing that couldn’t be done. There is nothing that can’t be done”…

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Yash Kamath
12 – A

Many of you would be thinking what an abstract topic has been put up on the blog today. One that might not make much sense at all, and when considering all arguments, doesn’t give much reason to be here. Of course, all arguments from your side are completely valid and as an individual, I would agree to most of them. But the purpose today was not to legislate on how abstract the title could be- instead, it was to delve into the depths of the words typed up there. “A HUMAN” – what exactly does it mean? what does it mean… to be human? It doesn’t make sense to fit being human into a science: Homo sapiens is the binomial nomenclature for the only extant human species. Homo is the human genus, which also includes Neanderthals and many other extinct species of hominid; H. sapiens is the only surviving species of the genus Homo. Obviously, this is what wiki would tell you, or even most books and sites. But is it just the technical aspects that make us who we are? Are we no more than just a 35-40 page article detail? Do we bear the potential to make ourselves better than who we are- to become one with ourselves and one with God? Homo sapiens, oh sorry: Homo sapiens, does not define in any way, what we are and what we may become. Of this fact we can be sure that just two words of a name cannot encompass all that we have accomplished in the millenia gone by- it does not speak of our achievements, our failures, our greed, our vanity, our anger and to come to point, our vast diversity! Two words absolutely fail to cover these topics; instead, we are reduced merely to creatures with a biological name, two words long. That feels so…. discouraging! Science, (no offense intended, buddy!) has simplified our life into two words- easy to remember, yes, but easy to recognise, obviously not. This name discards us an individuals and makes it as a common feature of all us humans. We do not become people but objects sent to live and then to die. Is it true that we must follow this procedure? Life and death- natural cycle. (Science: “Yep, all others do it; let Homo sapiens try this new feature. Yo, put in the “LIFE AND DEATH” program in humans.”) Must we… be enslaved in this system of life and death, rich and poor, intelligence and dumbness? Are we mere combinations of atoms or a unique combination of atoms- one in a billion trillion trillion? Doesn’t that make us unique- independent from the name that we share? As humans, apart from the scientific procedure, we must try to contemplate what we are, who we are and what we must do. And not only bookish knowledge is to be our salvation, but the belief in humanity and community surely shall…

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Oh Crackers!

Shashank Pai
X – C

Oh Crackers! Oh Crackers It’s a request From an earthly one
Don’t sell yourself to my such one
Oh Crackers They don’t understand You give light but Explode with smoke where they stand
But I believe You have much greater sense than them
If they had that then I would rather discuss with them
Oh crackers They use you on festival But do they realise For what is a festival ?
Oh crackers I know that you know about it, So I request you to contribute a bit Not to sell yourself to them
Crackers O’ Crackers, It’s a request from one to another earthly one
We need to save our earthlyness For someone who is yet to attain earthlyness

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Yukta panjwani

I ran from my fate
Into a deep valley of thoughts
Which was blossomed with fear
And bore a fruit of loneliness

Away from the crowd
There I stood alone
I ate the fruit and
It cherished me with its tone

The fruit transformed
Into an unknown friend
He grabbed me by my hand
Dragged me into the village of silence

Lost in the world of his words
I was molded in the shape he gave
And melted in his colour

It was the euphoria
Of the bonds we shared
That I felt happy in the village
From which I qualmed the most

Now that I realise
The mistake I made
To pave the fate and
Bring back the same phase again

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Anusha Vasaikar

When I was just a kid, bloodshed, war was a mere myth. Now that I have grown up, I fear my own kin and kith. When I was just a kid, there was peace and democracy. As soon as I grew up, it ushered in riots and hypocrisy. When I was just a kid, Earth was a picture of love and life. No longer did I grow up, someone cracked it with an evil knife. When I was just a kid, there was merry chaos and pleasing nuisance. Now when I have grown up, There is only silence… grave, grave silence!

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The Indian Honours System

Ritoban Ghosh

Most countries have their own honour system – the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are some well known such examples. The aim of the honours system is to acknowledge the best contributors which could be from social work to business. The range of the field is anything humanly possible. The major awards given by the government of India are Civilian awards, Military awards, Leadership awards, Literature awards among others. The highest civilian award in India is the Bharat Ratna, any deserved individual is eligible for this award, including foreign citizens. The awardee receives a signed certificate also known as Sanad from the President India and a medallion. This is followed by the Padma awards announced on Republic Day – Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shree. The awards mentioned are listed in order of decreasing importance. The military awards are Param Veer Chakra, Mahaveer Chakra and Veer Chakra in decreasing order of importance. Interestingly the highest civilian award of France Viz. Legion of Honour was for distinguished military service when instituted by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. Major awards in leadership are the Gandhi Peace Prize and Indira Gandhi Prize. The highest literary honour in India is the Jnanpith Award. Some National sports awards include the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and the Dronacharya award.

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Rutuja Patil

Every Monday morning when we wake up, we so desperately want to hit the snooze button, and we are so eagerly waiting for the next weekend so that we can complete our sleep. This happens because we all are living our life in fast forward. So just for once stop and give yourself  a blank stare in the eye, look in the hollowness of your soul, you will find it buried in the storm of your feeling, with your dreams soaring over it like wind. We’re too busy trying to rush through everything, so we can get on with what we’re really supposed to do with our lives. Do we even remember what we were before the world told us what we should be?

We cannot control what happens but we can control what we do. So why don’t we stop surviving and start living. It doesn’t mean to give up on our duties and chill out but you can find some time to do those small things which give meaning to your life. It can be an act of kindness, a travel to someplace, writing down what’s on your mind, anything where happiness is what you find but don’t forget to slow down and live those moments because they will give you memories, memories which bring sheer happiness.

We have to stop capturing what doesn’t matter and blurring what does .We have to stop living a life we’ll regret later and live a life that we’ll be proud of cause when we’ll be on our death bed and we’ll look back we don’t want our dreams looking at us with large angry eyes but we should feel that our life was a life well lived.

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Anushka Vasaikar

“You’re so good at English. Then why did you opt for science?” My curiosity wobbed up. “To earn money, of course. Don’t you see written tarry hooting about without jobs or income?”

I wondered …… has our system restricted Science upto, only earning money? Has Science lost its essence in the mist of Sherrod materialism and pathetic mindset of people, thinking Science as a tool just for procuring employment…

How many of those who choose Science really think that was in Science, why Science…… Many of us consider Science as a subject pertaining to facts, laws and so called adjure and abominable equations. But infact, Science was never about facts.

Science is a beauty which wants itself to be explored. It needs itself to be explored and exploited to its roots. Science is not only a subject, it is a larger than life cause and consequence. ‘Science is the emotion of nature’. It is a feeling that arises from the human soul and takes wondrous forms on paper.

Actually, Science is not restricted to these bites pf paper, be it money or textbooks or whatsoever. Science is what we see, it is what we feel, it is what we are, why we are…… The root of which is eventually explained by Science.

But due to the miserable mentality of using Science as employment tool, other fields too are affected. Have you ever wondered why there are news of collapsing bridges and buildings, surgical errors? This is because children are forced to take Science. They do not get to explore new dimensions of life. They are indulged in a that race of cheer drudgery where they fail to understand the real motto of Science.

There is no dearth of talent and manpower. But the fire that lurks within each and every one of us is put out instead of kindling it. There is no way where we can judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. When we look at the world, beyond money, we see that the world is beautiful. Everything in it has a purpose, has a reason to exist. No one is a ‘good for nothing’.


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Nirmit Jallawar

Sometimes, for something,
to make sense,
Leave order,
enter the chaos.

Not everything
needs to have,
a reason,
Or needs to be,

It has always
been there,
when we needed it.
Now it indulges itself,
when we do not.

Chaos is the new savior,
the new mentor,
Not something we need,
but we deserve.

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Kritika Jha

The actual bond Well today if we think of the world and the people living in it ,we might have different reviews regarding it.We often see people calling others with different names sometimes maybe including their culture or history,but then I think why do we have so many notions about one’s identity.I sometimes feel that man is so powerful,he has converted the heavenly earth into a hell. Isn’t it bad? We have not just destroyed the earth ,but also our rich fauna and flora.Everyone has a different bond with earth.For me earth is not just my home ,but it’s also my mother ,who has given me a bright opportunity to experience life on earth.I don’t know what others are doing for our earth ,but I’m trying my best to save the dearest earth. I am maintaining my bond with earth,are you??

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