Nidhi Kulkarni


All of us live in a democratic country. The one which has been since 70 years and has fought troubles of POVERTY,CORRUPTION,TERRORISM and RELIGIOUS SEGREGATION more bravely than any other country of the world. Let’s not go into much details since we our motherland better than anyone else. Tomorrow, is 15th of September and World Democracy Day. What’s the history behind it?Let’s talk about it. Athens(present day Greece),was the world’s first democratic nation and on this very day, it eradicated the unjust rule of monarchy and became democratic with the principle of UNIVERSAL ADULT FRANCHISE in the year 769,B.C.E. All people lived ever happily afterwards till the Trojan war. A happy story, right? But is democracy the solution to all the problems? The answer , unfortunately,is no. Democracy has not only led to people becoming competitive to become the lucky voted authority but also corrupt to prove that they have money and are an important part of the society. We are bound by a set of rules, called the Constitution , to stand , see and wait for the government to make wrong right . Until then, the criminal must have got a passport and a recognition as a citizen of some other foreign land. We have to obey some person who acts as an authority voted by us and be robots(read fools). How is it democracy then? How is it people’s rule if a single person or a single group? This was not what the Athenians called democracy. This not what we had to become. The world has understood democracy as ‘the Rule of Voted Monarchs’ instead of ‘the Rule of People’. We need to move towards a better tomorrow for democracy will live on even if we don’t.

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