Promises by a child to Mother Gaia (Earth)


Promises by a child to Mother Gaia(Earth)

Celebrated Ganesha ustav ,readers??No, it’s okay then. If yes, then you surely must have used a eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesha. If yes, you are a true Earthman. If no, you must know that you are a criminal. Shocked?? Don’t be, since there are many like you who don’t know the rules of the nature which are to be compulsorily followed. Think again. Not every Ganesha drowned in the water must have dissolved into the water. Promoting such things , our T.V. shows celebrate these festivals with loud music and non organic Ganeshas. I have no problem with any festival,any religion, any community or any society. I am just saying had Lord Ganesha asked us to celebrate his birthday in such a way that causes such destruction to the earth? No. It is we who have done this. It is not any festival or god causing pollution and degradation of Mother Gaia but we ourselves. So let’s swear by the Styx to not cause any degradation to the nature in the name of God. Let’s promise Mother Gaia to be her good children as we are of our own mothers. Anyways….try to improve and all the best to keep your promise. It will be hard but not impossible.

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