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FRIENDSHIP, a topic that i always ponder about ,even though it is not a topic that gains or needs attention .But i really want to know what is true friendship and who really is a true friend??? When i ask some of my friend ,teachers,classmates and elders ,who do you think is a friend ? Best friend ? I get a variety of answers ,of course ,some are elder and younger to me ,so they have more or less knowledge of life .Elders say “A friend is the one who helps you in need “but it is not necessary that every body who helps you is your friend,it might be their duty ,their payback , a favour or their mood . Another group says that ” A friend is the one who never ever leaves you and is just like your shadow ” but from my point of view SHADOW appears only when you are in presence of light .Imagine your success party when you are with friends, enjoying ,you have money ,but do you really think that they would be with you in your bad times. A thousand people come for wedding reception but a small part of them come when you depart from the world .Given a burger ,invitation for a party, is not friendship but just accompany in happiness . Addiction ,a major topic hotly discussed and mentioned in books etc .Can a bad company be a reason for it ?,a Fake friend arch rival ,who might have ruined his life due to addiction ,might also want you to accompany him ,but why will you not join him there ? A few people ,smart enough , might understand but a few will surrender and become just like those !!.Again,my curiosity for getting my answer ,made me ask this question to our most famous ” Google ” ,who gave me hundreds of answer ,but those not at all satisfied me .Coming to tradition & culture ,i found Srimad Bhagwat Gita as something which can answer me ,and alas i got something to know .I think krishna is a good friend to arjun . But he was a god .How can we be like him ?It is just a tale ,how can it define friendship ? Krishna was the only one who made arjun fight for himself and take stand for his rights against the Kauravas whereas for arjun it seemed no way in killing his cousins and relatives .But which cousins ,which RELATIONS ? The one which harassed their own sister in law Draupadi .He made him clear about his purpose of life and made him realise his worth, is this not a true friend? Some of us ,in place of krishna,might give up ,with a fear that friendship might break but we wont stop him from doing wrong either we will support .We see many of our old people saying ” GHOR KALYUG” ,Yes it is ,in todays world no one could be trusted upon ,all are self centered were there is no worth for your care ,love and feelings you have for a person who you think is your friend .He will definitely like a company of the ones who will give him pleasure but doesn’t know that you might be the only one standing besides him in danger , is it friendship ?Never ,friendship is mutual ,his intention is to take advantage ,that’s what he is getting but what you get is just hurt !!! Let me bring you to a classified form of friendship : Unconditional and Trading .The former ,rest with those with spiritual minds who will be friends without any condition ,helping you but we won’t value, so they will be silently watching you, ( A true friends silence hurts more than harsh words of enemy ) and you will only make him be the latter one ,trader ,simply TIT FOR TAT friend ,even though this is not good but in regards of exchange of love ,care it stands justified. Sometimes ,the people who are thousand miles away from you can make you feel better than the people who are right besides you .A time comes when your efforts overcome your patience ,you shall fight with your friend ,he might tag you “Attention Seeker” ,”Complicator” etc but he won’t realize your worth , no one realises the value of water until the well is dry ,you will get hurt but think always you deserve someone better ,you are just like the coal which can turn to diamond but only condition is TIME .Mirror ,what you see is what it reflects ,can a friend be so ? Without any fear ,telling you the truth and improving you ,helping you in need .At last ,it is a boon to get a good friend and a pleasure to be one.

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  1. Nice blog! I liked the way you extended the idea of friendship and related to great mythological characters. Hope to read more from you!

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