Anshika Singh
7 – B


The massive Himalayas at the top,
The huge coasts at the bottom,
We got independence,
yet not forgotten.
29 States, with delightful fate,
Qutub Minar and the Pink City,
Including the India Gate.
Never attacked but got attacked,
Isn’t it a bad fact?
But no worries,
We have the gorgeous glories.
Including the Hanging Garden of Hyderabad,
and what about Punjab?
The land of festivals,
with many diversities,
Have you ever heard about the Bombay city?
How lovely is the Arabian Sea!
Go there with glee…..
The peninsula in the south Bay of Bengal as the river’s mouth.
The great Ganga and Brahmaputra’s delta,
And the Durga Pooja of the Calcutta.
Travel around India in a train,
or may be an aeroplane,
Switch off your mobiles,
and don’t play game.
Cause INDIA is a dream place,
With different and beautiful face.

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