Ordo ab Chao

Nidhi S. K.

||Ordo ab Chao|| We all tend to distinguish order from chaos don’t we? “Ordo ab chao”, is a masonic belief , meaning order from chaos. And oh, for all those who got bored by hearing about Freemasonry,” Avengers” is based on this very (and many more) masonic sayings. We love making order from the chaos we create. We first make things complicated and then we complain about how there’s so much imbalance in our lives. Crazy ideas! Should we follow the saying? The answer is yes. And no. Firstly why create chaos? And if we do.. then let’s please not depend on other people to bring order ( otherwise, Thanos will wipe half of us in a snap!;) What we need to do is :1. Stop creating chaos and 2. Bring order only for ourselves! Not take or give any help to bring order since we’ll end up creating more chaos. Until then… ||Laus deo||

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