Conservation of the Blue Whale

Aditya Raka
8 – A

Conservation of the Blue Whale

I am writing this blog to make all of them aware about the conservation of the blue whale.This is because it is our duty to conserve animals.we can follow few measures to protect them that are as follows:
1) We should take measures to protect the surrounding from global warming.So, less glaciers melt.
2) The water should be non polluted.
3) Government should build a shelter high above from where tourist people can see the blue whale instead of moving in a ship around the spot where blue whale can be seen,saving space for them to live.
4) We can encourage water guards patrolling at particular timings.
5) They should protect the eggs until they hatch then they should leave them in the water.

These are the five measures i think is very much important to conserve the blue whales.

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