Srishti Sharma

Last night you were in my dream
my tongue fluctuated to speak
and this mouth crawled underneath
Those words were moderately done,
my tongue also contrived baking that accent
so that you just not perceive this persona
but carry me home remembering my aroma
Morning cuckoo bird wakes me
for our traditional meet and greet
I’m with you and this time it’s not a dream
words sloped in fragmentation
I saw your face with calculations
and I knew I had failed
I shut these eyes tight
tears begging to flow turn freezing cold
I feel crystals piercing into my iris
Eyelashes fall, eyelids bleed
this tetrad chamber hates me
seeking permission for you to be pleased
with lipstick adhesive as gum
I fear it falls scraping my lips numb
I tear this face pack and tell you
I’m no more a place to be attacked
Deep down I’m truly myself inside
this bone and flesh unknowingly for you to be mine
I made this one outside to sit in dark hebrides
and the fake to be more socialized
I don’t know if you like me for the outsides
so step inside venture this soul twice
cause I’m sorry I can’t be your daily merchandise

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