Once upon a time, in a country not far from the oceans , where trade flourished and the king was just , there lived a potter. He was the best potter in the country . There was no pot he ever had made wrong. His pottery skills were equally praised by both men and gods equal. He was a humble and an honest potter. His good skills at both pottery and dealing with difficult situations made him famous and lovable all over. One fine day, as the sun shone brightly and the potter got up to work, he thought of making an unbreakable vase. The potter decided to make it the most beautiful and astounding vase in the world. He began to make the vase. He made it with his love and care. His passion just added to its beauty. After 2 days of hard work, the vase was complete. It was so beautiful that the potter decided to never sell it. The vase had captured his heart and was dear to him. Meanwhile, in the abode of the Gods, Petra, the god of pottery saw the potter making the vase and immediately decided that he will conquer the vase anyhow. He talked to the potter to give him the vase in turn of a lifetime supply of riches and grain. However , the potter was reluctant to give anyone the vase, may it be a god or human. The vase was unbreakable because it was made with all his skills and it occupied the space in the bottom of his heart. There was no way he could give. Petra surprised by his confidence went back. He had planned revenge on the potter and the vase he loved so much. After a few days, a robbery occurred in the Royal palace. The thief was unidentified and the guards looked in everyone’s house for the loot. The looted material was found in the unbreakable vase! Everyone was shocked. The potter was sentenced to death. He however, had died of shock and grief that his vase, which he loved so much, had caught him up in the jail. The actual thing that happened was that Petra had helped the robber hide the loot in the vase. It wasn’t a difficult task for a god to whisper in a robber’s ears to guide him where to hide his loot so that he wasn’t caught. The house of the potter now bears the sign “There was once a kind potter who lived here and made a vase dear to his heart which broke on its own when the kind old man died in the prison.” (This is pure work of fiction. There is no such god as PETRA in any of the mythologies.)

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