Ketan Kumar
IX – A

Today we all in this materialistic world which is full of competitions, greed, envy and other such like emotions break the bonds of humanity between humans itself. Hence, today the world is talking about values of compassion and humanity. Today even though we humans have turned to be the greatest power in this world but still somewhere we do lack moral values and ethics in us. Present time people are in a race – ‘Race Of Life’. Every person is trying to be the best of him/her which is a good thing but most often they end up comparing themselves to others which generate bitter and poisonous feeling for their competitors. Even after all these things we humans strive for a very common feeling which is uncommon to find and that is love, happiness and acceptance but in present time we most often come across – false love and happiness. In today’s time using branded things and living a lavish life is considered as the definition of happiness. Let me tell an interesting fact through our own experiences- well you must have noticed that when you strive for a thing and work hard for it and then finally achieve it you feel immense pleasure but how many of you are satisfied with that achievement? Can you promise that after achieving your desire you won’t seek happiness and pleasure in any other thing? Well, most often the answer is no, as one would then aim for a greater achievement which is a good habit to extend your goals. But my question is, then where does the real happiness lie? If achieving goals is happiness then even the world’s richest man would still have some more desires. These all kind of happiness is ‘materialistic happiness’ and it has no end and would never feel you satisfied. Let’s understand through an example- Two people just returned from a marathon one ran 3km and the second one ran 6km and both of them were given the same amount of water to drink. Now who would be happier after drinking water, you would say the one who ran 6km which is correct. Now let’s assume the glass of water to be the material and the distance they ran to be their efforts and hard work, this shows that though the material was same the amount of happiness depends on the efforts that you put to achieve it. Then after achieving it, you would strive for something else. Thus we can say true happiness is something from which we would never get bored and would never strive for anything else. Such happiness can only be achieved through self-realization because the person who has attained actualization and is self-satisfied will never strive for anything else and would not run after bubble reputation. Hence achieving such eternal happiness is truly ‘Divine Happiness’. Thus remember- ‘Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world and yourself’.

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