Yash Kamath
12 – A

Its 2018 now and I wish a Happy New Year to everyone reading this. To those who are unaware, it has been close to a hundred years since the origin of ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ but today, it seems to be otherwise. Multiple dimensions may emerge of this issue, but none more clearer than this question. Was the cat wrongly curious? Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it certainly did not dampen its spirit of interest and introspection. But certainly… No wait. What’s that word up there; Certainly. To be certain. Certainty, just like solubility, or conductivity, or something like that? I assume you can view it from multiple perspectives of language, science, and maybe… no, that’s it. I’m not sure any further. Let’s suffice it at that. But what I just did. That’s uncertainty. Just uncertainty. And that’s like a gift of God for us humans. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, nor do we know what we might do next. We might have a picture in our minds, but that’s not how we do it exactly. In short, life is not picture perfect. The gift of uncertainty has enabled Einsteins, Newtons and Powers to rise out of bleak darkness and achieve immortality through their equations and laws and countless other phenomena. Newton, it seems to me, as his name in almost all branches of science, and some in religion as well. Uncertainty and doubt are the driving forces of humanity’s desire to be better. To say certainty killed the cat would not be incorrect…

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