New Year’s Oath

Kritika Jha

My New Year’s Oath.. Every year we come up with different ideas to develop and rectify ourselves.People have thought of it as a way to show themselves different and better from others. But what does it actually mean?? This year even I have planned for something that even I will follow. And actually this time I am very solemn and serious.I have many thoughts in my mind at this moment but am actually very confused to decide , which one to follow. It took a lot of time , but at last I have come upon a decision. I thought that if not now then after some years when I would be capable of doing that what I want to do, I would surely do it.In our country we have so many children who are extremely poor and do not get a chance to showcase their talent.Why is it so?? It shows lack of opportunities which need to be given to all.But, what can I do in this situation? I feel that it is not just the duty of the government but also of the citizens to ensure that justice , equality and opportunity is provided equally to all and this is my new year’s oath…

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