Girl Love Challenge

Tejashree Sonawane

Hello everyone. Its Tejashree here. During the last few days I have been thinking about something. I felt that it was worthy of spreading the idea. The idea that was wandering in my mind was the Girl Love Challenge. I bet that many of you might not be aware of this and I understand because I know that not everyone decides to fiddle about on the internet even when you have tons of work to do. Basically, Girl Love is a campaign that supports the idea of women empowerment .I can say that today each and everyone hates someone. But I feel that this is more common in the younger generation and to be more precise, among teenage girls (I know this is rude but do not come at me).These days girls hate each other for many petty reasons. Sometimes we cannot blame ourselves because we have been brought up being told that it is cool to hate other girls, make fun of them and to be mean to them for no apparent reason. I don’t know who came up with the idea of girl-on-girl hate ,but I know that it’s not even a bit cool to do so. If you think that hating on other girls will make you more popular and make you look bold then you are completely mistaken. So the Girl Love campaign is making women feel good about themselves. It’s about complimenting other women. Having their backs during their rough times .Supporting them. Investing the time that you spend hating other girls by admiring them. Not judging women at your very first glance. Building other women up . In short, ending the cycle of girl-on-girl hate. I know that there will be many of you being all like ‘what about guys? What about this.what about that? But do you know that it is factually true that the planet will drastically improve if women come together as a unit? It’s a fact. We cannot make this happen if we are at each other’s throats at schools ,on the internet or anywhere else .We started the hate game and I feel that it is our responsibility to end it. I am taking up the Girl Love challenge. I guess that the time has come to start supporting each other rather than backstabbing each other. Also what better time to start than the school reopening? I am going to take up the Girl Love Challenge and try to the best my ability to bring about a change, I hope that some of you might want to join me as well. GOODBYE HATE , HELLO GIRL LOVE.

2 thoughts on “Girl Love Challenge”

  1. Good Initiative Tejashree…… Someone has to take an Initiative for the CHANGE. Better than Change , TRANSFORM. And willingness for transformation always comes from within ourself.

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