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NASA… One of the largest and busiest space center situated in United States of America.
Hello I am Atharva Nagthane from class VIII B and I am also one of the fortunate students to get a chance to visit NASA and explore many more of USA. Our schedule of the NASA Tour was of 12 days and 11 nights where we covered a large part of East coast and West cost of USA. We travelled around five major cities- New York, Orlando,Las Vegas,Los Angeles and San Francisco. We also experienced…the beauty of Grand Canyon. We also enjoyed at Disney world,Orlando ,Universal studios,Los Angeles ,Famous celebrity’s residential area-Beverly hills in Los Angeles , Hollywood walk of Fame,Golden Gate Bridge,San Francisco.But the most auspicious moment was when we met astronauts John Blaha and Sam Durrance. The best part was when we had a face to face interaction with astronaut Sam Durrance where he shared his experience when he went up in space two times. After we completed the Astronaut Training Experience “ATX” course, we got a certificate signed by Mr.Sam Durrance and an autographed photograph of Sam Durrance. Astronaut John Blaha travelled up into space 8 times to launch satellites and Astronaut Sam Durrance travelled up in space 2 times to launch satellites.I appreciate and thank my parents and the school for taking efforts to help my dream come true.I would also encourage other students to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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  1. Hey Atharva! I saw the pictures on Facebook and it really did seem like a lot of fun! Would love to know more about your interaction with the astronauts. I am sure it must have been a great experience!

    1. Yes,it was the best experience ever.
      It’s my pleasure to share more information about my interaction with astronauts .
      Thank you.

  2. Great words Atharva. We are proud of you. Time to dream big, aim big and most importantly DO big. What are we waiting for, let’s go for it \m/

  3. Hi Atharva,
    Great to see you write a blog on your tour to the United States of America! Would love to see another blog detailing your interactions and pictures with the two astronauts. It definitely seems a very rewarding experience, kudos to Birla school for organizing it.
    Keep writing!

  4. Hey Atharva! It is really a great achievement to visit NASA at such a young age. I appreciate your parents and school for giving you this opportunity. May God bless you! All the best for your future endeavors.


  5. Dear Atharva,
    Space Science is the future of all branches of Science.
    I am thrilled to know your experiences of USA and in particular of NASA and astronauts.
    I was impressed by the presentation made by the students who had visited NASA in the school during Exploria exhibition.
    Kudos to you all – the students, parents and the team of Birla School for arranging a dream trip like this one!
    As Trishit mentioned, do share some more details about your interaction with the astronaut.
    All the best!

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