My Future Awaits

Aadi Patankar

I have written this imagining myself as the student of Class 10 and speaking this on the account of our farewell. Happy Reading… Dear friends, students, and teachers. I come before you with great and strong emotions. These emotions include sadness, pride, affection, and respect. As this will be the last time, I’ll be addressing you in the fashion. I assume that we have great memories associated with this institution. And anticipate that we’ll be carrying these within our hearts. While dwelling on the Reminiscences, I could feel the teachers shouting at us for going out of the order, encouraging us to not repeat our mistakes, and prefects helping in keeping us in a queue. Who, never the excitement getting in our souls just a minute before the recess. I’d recollect the way we pigged on each other’s tiffin. Of course, each of us did. These excitements are simply unmatchable and unforgettable. I would recall the first day I stepped into this temple, where there were just a few divisions and a handful of students. But over the years, it has grown up to 7 divisions and still counting. We would also remember our best friends that we usually change in different ages. There’s a belief.. That you all must agree, School Friends are unforgettable. So, on the account of this special day. Let us take an oath to stay in touch with them. An important chapter is coming to an end. However, a whole book is waiting for us. Let us not disagree and make deaf ears when it comes to talking about our futures. Certainly, it will be an unsettling experience for each one of us. The future is not something we should procrastinate but gladly embrace with. I don’t know what the future holds for us. This is a question that no one can answer. Hopefully, our school’s experience and learning will come to our rescue. Furthermore, I am sure the values of our school have filled us with so much confidence that we can readily take on any challenge. Moreover, I express my sincere and greatest gratitude towards my teachers who have shaped us in such a way that we can take up challenges in the future. In addition to it, the knowledge that they have imparted to us is the greatest weapon for the life ahead. Respected Teachers, You occupy the greatest status in my life. Dear Folks, Today I, Aadi Patankar, seek your blessing for our future endeavors. Thank You!

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