Liza Dond


Redemption: Saving someone from evil. But can you save yourself? Think, who is the first person that pops up in your mind after you hear the word, “Redemption”? Is it your mother, father, God, or yourself? Yes, you heard me dandy, and right! Yourself! Possessing enough selfcontrol to walk, talk and do certain activities is an essential thing, but possessing enough self-control to stop your temptations to do something evil is amazing! But, did you do it unknowingly? Section 1: Redemption, can you save yourself? Your parents, or somebody else who truly is concerned about you, have probably tried to stop you from doing something substandard but, have you ever done it yourself? You feel guilty when you know that you’re doing something wrong yet still do it. Maybe, stealing a bar of mere chocolate? Or, doing something even worse? Backbiting? Hurting someone’s feelings? Aren’t those all evil? You must have done it for a reason, or perhaps, unknowingly? I know I’m asking a crud-ton of questions, but aren’t I correct? The mere amount of self-control could’ve prevented the scolding you received after stealing that chocolate, right? But, why is saving yourself even important in the first place? There are 2 people in an argument, the provoker and the provoked. Maybe the provoker said something offensive, knowingly or unknowingly. Couldn’t anyone around the provoker, for example, the provoked, stop the provoker from committing the act, but how could they know what the provoker was going to say? That is exactly why saving yourself is important! Who, other than the provoker knew what they were going to say? A mere amount of self-control could’ve prevented getting another enemy in your life. Section 2: Forgiveness, is it related to Redemption? As there are many sides to an argument, there are also many sides to Redemption. One of them is “forgiveness”. Being betrayed is something nobody should go through. Vengeance is an amazing self-esteem boost. But, stopping yourself from taking revenge is better. You get this sense of happiness because you know you did something good. That something good is, forgiving. Forgiveness is an amazing thing to do, it mends relationships and makes new ones as well. So, why not consider forgiveness? If you’re wondering how forgiveness is an aspect of redemption, I’m getting to it right away! Saving someone from evil is what redemption means, and since today’s topic is Redemption: Can you save yourself, forgiving someone means saving yourself from taking revenge. Usually, revenge includes hurting others’ feelings, which means doing the same thing the person who hurt you has done. This action of, “revenge” ultimately makes you the bad guy in the situation. Whereas, if you forgive someone, causing an act of the infamous topic, Redemption: Can you save yourself? My name is Liza, and I’ll be signing off now!

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