My dear children

Mrs Swetha Pai

My dear children you are so caught up in life and forget to enjoy the small things in life.Take stress for the wrong reasons and take dramatic steps to solve it. My suggestion is all other factors in life will work out if your mental health is in check. I’m going to give you basic indicators to watch out for if your mental health is not balanced. Then you should seek help.
1.) Your concentration is not proper in class or during normal daily routines. 2.) Irritability and mood swings and out bursts with close ones and authorities.
3.) Feelings of sadness and hopelessness and worthless
4.) Social withdrawal-keeping away from friends,family and relatives.
5.)Change in sleep cycle and eating habits.
6.) Thoughts that there is no solution and want to take major steps. Please remember these are some of the basic indicators but always be free to talk about your emotions. Keep the channel of communication open. There is a need to acknowledge emotional well being is crucial for development and survival.

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How to deal or control youself when in a bad mood?

Neha Tiwari

1) Don’t fight it. Fighting a bad mood is like flailing in water when drowning or panicking in quicksand-it makes things worse. Simply be mindful of your mood-state and accept that, “it is as it is.” (It’s important to note that I am referring to a “bad mood” and not depression, which requires treatment by a qualified mental health professional.)
2) Look for the lesson. Was there a trigger for the bad mood? Sometimes negative consequences are opportunities for learning and growth.
3) Embrace it. Anger can be mobilizing, energizing and empowering. I secretly sometimes love my dragon energy. Ask yourself, how can your negative mood state work to your advantage?
4) Understand that your feelings are always normal. Our feelings may be irrational, but they are always normal responses to our nature and our nurture. Sometimes a current event taps into a well of old feelings from the past, so our emotional response appears disproportionate to the event, but is actually understandable when you consider the full picture.
5) Cut yourself some slack. Nobody is perfect and we are all works in progress. Practice a mantra such as, “I am only human and I am doing the best that I can.” Accept and forgive yourself as you would your best friend or somebody you love very much.
6) Bring your attention to the present. Don’t exacerbate your bad mood by ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Practice mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or meditation to reboot your mind, body and spirit.
7) Pay attention to your thinking. You can observe your negative thoughts and choose not to listen to them.
8) Take pause. Give yourself a mental time out. A bad mood is a good time to take a walk around the block or shut your office door to have a few quiet moments. It’s not a good time to initiate important conversations about work or relationships! Let loved ones know that your not at your best and hold your tongue so you don’t say things you will regret later.
9) Infuse yourself with self-care. Think of it like an epi-pen shot of self-love. Give yourself what you need, even if it is as simple as a good cup of coffee, a yummy meal, a bubble bath or an early night to bed. Keep the self-care healthy, as drinking and shopping and other compulsive behaviors can masquerade as self-care but may be more harmful in the end. Think of it as being your own good parent and take loving care of yourself.
10) Tell people what you need. Don’t expect others to be mind-readers or you might end up in an unwanted conflict. Use assertive communication to ask for support or space, depending on your needs.
11) Know that you are not your anger. You might feel like you are the dragon, but you are not. You the unique spirit of light and love that your anger is temporarily eclipsing.
12) Understand, this too, shall pass. Like the waves of the tide, your moods ebb and flow. You can trust in the ways of the universe-your low mood will lift in time.

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Tejashree Sonawane

Sometimes I sit and I wonder How life would be If were a fictional character.
It would be so strange and scary To live in an uncanny unfamiliar world Which is so fraternally familiar.
I would meet my favourite characters Go on long walks By the river Pedra Have with them the endless talks And ask them the wildest questions.
We feel as if we have been spied –They would say Someone killed the beloved’s lover –They would say.
I got scared I wanted to run Run away from this filthy place Which is a fairyland Under the pixie dust of books.
No, the pixie dust was cleared The clouds of anger prevailed Over the magnanimous sun The only thing that was left Was my own self.
I lost hope I wanted to leave Leave this place Leave this life.
Until this one night When the sun arose Hounding the dark clouds Welcoming the rainbow.
I wondered what had happened Then I realised –it was her! She had opened the book! She read the book And I read her face She closed the book
And I missed her gaze.
But she would always come back I could hear her laughter I would catch her tears We held hands when she touched the book
We kissed when she sniffed the pages. And everything was going well. One day, the clouds returned And the sun sank I knew that she would come back I even made the pages sunflower I sprinkled pixie dust in the air I screamed and screamed Wishing she would her me But she never came back And I – I waited, I waited.

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What are you wearing????

Kritika Jha
8 D

Have you ever noticed the reactions that people make seeing people who wear something different from what others are wearing???The way they stare those people??Doesn’t it look very weird?? India is a democratic country and everyone has the freedom of speech ,ideas and no one can stop them from doing anything until and unless it is described by the law as an offence. People wearing clothes with small length are often starred by people.This makes them feel different and sometimes insulted. This way if we see then people are actually violating one’s fundamental rights.Isn’t this wrong?? Why is a person’s freedom snatched?? People create a stereotype in their mind which doesn’t allow them to have a wider range of ideas. It is thus very important to develop ours minds to mould a brighter future for ourselves..

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Go intrepidly where no man has ever gone before ….

Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 – B

Our future, today, hangs in balance. Can you really teach a fish to walk? Of course not. The same idea is validated when we ourselves know that we could save our planet, but, never do so. The world lies much beyond the latitude of what really does exist, and what our eyes makes us see. There exists rigid substantiation of how we have converted ourselves from savage humans to civilised ones with an exception of a few, who indisputably still remain barbaric in their ideas, thoughts and discernment with an inclusion of irrational and eccentric thinking which tends to thwart in the progress of the nation. In our endeavour to make things much enhanced we direct ourselves in making them more worse, naively, the consequences, we face counterpart up to the same. It’s the preposterous paradox that exposes our weakness. This era is the end of all sorts of all anonymity where things happen all of a sudden and in the long run, we can’t hide who we are, anymore. When we say that we won’t be doing a particular work we are in all ways, losing out proficiencies that we inherently possess. The pedigrees of our intelligence are not known to anyone. The intelligence that we brag of is artificial and is not developed by the so-called – experiences. We are not inborn smart; we are like robots who do whatever is said to them.

The force is now forgotten – the force that gave us our individuality – none endures. In an attempt to look for our survival we open ways for our planet to shrink. Take an example: suppose someone is going to come to my house at night. I do arrangements for his visit. I had made, say, 6 dishes for my visitant. Everything goes fine after that. The guest requests me to come to his house too. I agree. When after a few days, I go to his house; I see that he has done no provisions for my visit which instigates me. I will feel bad, for sure. After facing this, should I be alluring him to my house again? Should I be making 6 dishes for him, again? The most plausible answers would be that I should not be doing any preparations for him. If I do so, I change myself. I lose my distinctiveness. I lose my physiognomies. I lose myself for one. In an effort to give back to him in the same coin as what he gave me, this notion of vengeance would eventually eat me from the inside. Making food for my guests is my characteristic; they must be possessing some other. We can’t lose our consciences for the sake of others. If someone else doesn’t do something, does it mean I should also be doing the same? Of course not. I lose ethics and standards which I have been given by my ancestors. In the same way, why do we expect someone else to save the planet if we ourselves could do it? If everyone would think in this manner we would be sooner or later ending up doing nothing and this would result in making the worse of our planet. Who will if not us, will save it? We are affected by mirages of the brain. The more we try to understand the other, the less we do comprehend it. Everyone has to do the work of his part. God gives every bird a worm but never tosses them in the bird’s nest. The thing is – I don’t believe in the fate that cascades on men, however, they act, but, I do believe in the fate that torrents on them unless they act. The realisation should be from- within. Our lives have transformed in a prodigious deal, as in how we try to hold on our anger, it’s like grasping a red-hot coal with an intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. A person’s resentment, ego and the mindset that makes him think that others would do it, is the basic cause of our planet’s obliteration.
Everything requires fire like passion and torrent-like acquisition. A single touch of love can, in fact, transfigure a savage into a civilised man. The love is of our mother earth. Our love towards our planet should be consecrated. True love is sacrifice. Nothing will ever get demolished. Everything is whole, this is whole, from the whole the whole becomes manifest. From the whole, when the whole is neglected, what simply remains is again- A WHOLE.

If we talk about Antarctica it is well described as, “a silence deep with a breath like sleep.” The exquisiteness of Antarctica is mystique. The hole in the ozone says us about our trail towards our substantial destruction. To me, the environment isn’t a cause, it’s everything. Our astuteness shouldn’t be the measure of our intellect but the measure of how well we see and envisage the future of our planet. We all are born enlightened, but we choose ourselves to remain ignorant. Even if you are involved with the simplest facets of life, you will see that every aspect of your life becomes spectacular, the thing is – you should do it by yourself.

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My Title Suffers incompleteness

Padmaja Vikas Chavan
12 – B

My title suffers incompleteness
An Overbearing pride is evidenced:
An evidence of notability:
An evidence of inferiority –
On a brumous October morning
The trees appeared  like hazy shapes
And that the landscape – a blurred outline
-Of the happenings
A force now desolates everything in my path
The eyes made an unspoken conversation
But forgot to involve a self-confession
And that it beats inside this labile mortal thing
And that there seems,
No scope in emulating
Against unequalled theorization.
And they make an overstatement
And fail to imitate their politeness
And now they stand,
Against a histrionic despair
Unaware of his herald of approach
Always foreshadowing my intentions:
Declamation with an expression of strong vehemence
And deception by creation
Of visually appealing ideas
And that the hatred –
To the naive observers
Appears a conjuration
And that I become weak by mind
And a retard by heart
He received by retention
And forgot with a less assimilation
Propelled by self egocentrism
And I in pursuit of morality
And lost in a sense of self-altruism
The error of ours that glares in the dark
And I see a flagrant violation of my intentions
And that this amplification
Elaborated and intricated the false beliefs of mine
Marked by a complex understanding of small  things
And a need of re-refinement of old beliefs and hopes
Each time we concealed out guilt

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Too much light not so bright..

Kritika Jha
8 – D

There was an energy revolution after which the usage of LED bulbs increased enormously. Almost every house today has an LED.Light has given many people to improve their life , maybe because it enables one to read ,write and understand .But , does it mean that always it has been on the correct side ??? One of the reason why night has been so famous is because of darkness.This has attracted many people including readers , poets ,authors and many more .Night also works as an example for all of us .As a famous thought says… “After every dark night, comes a day very bright..” But this thought make sense in today’s world.This is because the difference between night and day is vanishing .Death’s night is getting brighter, and the artificially lit outdoor surfaces grew at a pace of 2.2 per cent every year from 2012 to 2016. The charm of night is disappearing. Nowadays, with so many LEDs, bulbs , tubelights kept switched on for almost the whole day, it is very obvious to say that this light is destroying the night. Using mobiles or watching terevision while we are going to sleep is not even beneficial for us as it destroys our sleep. At last ,I just want to say that we all should switch off all the lights and mobile phones by night. This will help to save our nights.If all of us do this maybe then our night will remain with us. If all of will try then we can create a difference… So please think on it.. It is not just bad for me ,but it is bad for all of us…

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Yash Kamath
12 – A

Life, La vie, Leben, among many others are just a few words which mean life, but sometimes it may come in the mind of the reader to ask them self over and over again, What is life? How did it come to be? Are we the only ones out here? and obviously a plethora of other questions. Life is looked upon from many perspectives: a scientific one, wherein it originated from atoms and molecules of organic nature; or a religious one, where God created it. But irrespective of the point of view, some people tend to believe that science and religion do not work together on the life theory. Science merely calls life as a chance event of the orientation of atoms and molecules while the religious point of view would point to it as a blessing of God. But no matter what, it is important to remember that life may be a lucky arrangement of atoms or even a blessing of God- to be with life is truly a miracle in itself. Life is not complex for us to understand, it is far too simple for us to even think of it in that way. We can’t comprehend life if we seek it in complex equations and similar laws. Life is not governed by any laws other than the laws of nature-and they are the simplest ones you can find. So no matter what one may feel about life, it is always important to know that you are not alone in your queries about it-you are one among 7 and a half billion sentient beings all thinking of who made them and what is their true purpose in life. When in doubt about what is your role as a person, and what you could contribute to society, always think- Life is too full of beautiful miracles to not rest and wonder at, but to explore; there are always billions with you!

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Yash Kamath
12 – A

Don’t we all have a moment in our lives that we wish to go back and correct? We see our lives branching into alternate futures had it been the other way round and you wouldn’t have abused your friends the way you did. Or maybe some regret over cheating in the exams or perhaps some errors in life that you would simply like to flip around for your convenience? Regret consumes us from within, and it does not limit itself to our bodies; it takes over everything that we do- sadness and grief run rampant in our lives, wrecking havoc on the events of present day, dragging us into a dark and dismal abyss- one from which return is generally not expected. Why is it that we regret the decisions made wrongly by us. A thought, instead, we should keep, a determination, in fact, that we will never give in to regret and shall always look forward to the new things and opportunities that venture into our lives. Quite intelligently, it can be debated that the person who regrets over his or her past mistakes would very easily miss the next opportunity that comes knocking at the door. On the other hand, the person who doesn’t let regret overwhelm his emotions, would generally be able to grasp opportunities in life, when they spring up. So the question therefore doesn’t need to be “What else could I have done?” but instead: “There’s nothing that couldn’t be done. There is nothing that can’t be done”…

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Yash Kamath
12 – A

Many of you would be thinking what an abstract topic has been put up on the blog today. One that might not make much sense at all, and when considering all arguments, doesn’t give much reason to be here. Of course, all arguments from your side are completely valid and as an individual, I would agree to most of them. But the purpose today was not to legislate on how abstract the title could be- instead, it was to delve into the depths of the words typed up there. “A HUMAN” – what exactly does it mean? what does it mean… to be human? It doesn’t make sense to fit being human into a science: Homo sapiens is the binomial nomenclature for the only extant human species. Homo is the human genus, which also includes Neanderthals and many other extinct species of hominid; H. sapiens is the only surviving species of the genus Homo. Obviously, this is what wiki would tell you, or even most books and sites. But is it just the technical aspects that make us who we are? Are we no more than just a 35-40 page article detail? Do we bear the potential to make ourselves better than who we are- to become one with ourselves and one with God? Homo sapiens, oh sorry: Homo sapiens, does not define in any way, what we are and what we may become. Of this fact we can be sure that just two words of a name cannot encompass all that we have accomplished in the millenia gone by- it does not speak of our achievements, our failures, our greed, our vanity, our anger and to come to point, our vast diversity! Two words absolutely fail to cover these topics; instead, we are reduced merely to creatures with a biological name, two words long. That feels so…. discouraging! Science, (no offense intended, buddy!) has simplified our life into two words- easy to remember, yes, but easy to recognise, obviously not. This name discards us an individuals and makes it as a common feature of all us humans. We do not become people but objects sent to live and then to die. Is it true that we must follow this procedure? Life and death- natural cycle. (Science: “Yep, all others do it; let Homo sapiens try this new feature. Yo, put in the “LIFE AND DEATH” program in humans.”) Must we… be enslaved in this system of life and death, rich and poor, intelligence and dumbness? Are we mere combinations of atoms or a unique combination of atoms- one in a billion trillion trillion? Doesn’t that make us unique- independent from the name that we share? As humans, apart from the scientific procedure, we must try to contemplate what we are, who we are and what we must do. And not only bookish knowledge is to be our salvation, but the belief in humanity and community surely shall…

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