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Computers are the most useful gadgets in today’s world. Have you ever wondered that if you set time in the computer and power it off, and remove the plug and again power it on after a day, even then it shows correct time and date. This is because in the mother board there is a small lithium button cell which powers the date and time system when the computer is off, and it charges up when the computer is on. This fact is known by very few people, and majorly known only by the computer engineers.

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Are we (Indians) ready for Alternative Education?

Mrs. Ranjna Jangra

This was the topic of a panel discussion in a conference attended by me last week. What is Alternative Education? Any pedagogical approach which is different from the mainstream pedagogy can be called as the alternative education. Home Schooling is one of the examples of alternative education.
It is very popular in the countries like USA, UK and New Zealand. The question emerged in my mind was that why do we need Alternative Education? Can’t we have an appropriate blend of the conventional and alternative pedagogies in our schools?…(Read More)

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Niteesh Choudhury 

Daisies are not flowers. Neither are Dandelions, Thistles, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Dahlias and a whole host of other well-known plants with the archetypal ‘flower’ structure, as illustrated here with a glorious paint job by yours truly.

No, my friends, I am sorry to have to break it to you that these delightful little chappies, many of them in the Asteraceae, are not, in fact, flowers. No, they are inflorescences….(Read More)

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You and your child

Mrs Swetha.Pai
School Counselor

To be in the children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today- Barbara Johnson
In today’s era we all have expectations for our children. We are all toiling for their future… Maybe we forget giving time is also needed for their holistic development. In my experience, children always behave the way they do for a good reason. Sometimes we can’t figure out that so we simply blame the child. That seems to be the easy way out. This doesn’t mean to say that the child shouldn’t be held accountable for his / her actions or behaviour.The child might be acting out to hide or overcome a bad experience. As a counselor the solutions are found when the puzzle is unraveled……(Read More)

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A DAY OUT AT BPS :- Flamingo and Baya Weaver Watch

Ashish Khadakban

It’s another Sunday, the day of fun for everyone, late morning wakeup, tasty breakfast, watching favourite TV shows, visiting malls and many more…… As a birder and naturalist I decided to wake up early (even earlier than usual that I wake up for my work) and go to Padle village for a heart storming session of the habitat of Baya Weaver bird, but I couldn’t resist myself to go to BPS (Bhandup Pumping Station) though I knew I will be missing Baya Weaver session for the photos of flamingos since I was eagerly waiting for a decent shot of flamingo since last two years….(Read More)

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We are all unaccompanied in this universe which is a paragon of all amount of infinite knowledge. Our universe is in fact much smaller than the knowledge that subsists altogether. There are wider implications of education than literacy. An educated one is not the one who knows quantum physics or Schrodinger’s equation or discrete mathematics or the plays of Shakespeare. You gain education when you are able to divulge your knowledge in the precise direction, when you scrutinize yourselves and when your subconscious, conscious and super- conscious mind function collectively in such a way generating a temperament with a character within an individual….(Read More)

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Ruhie Jabbal

It is a field that has a long history but is still constantly growing and changing year by year. Artificial intelligence mainly relates to machines and it helps us to understand the attempts to intelligent entities ‘AI’ is to do with smart programs, the aim of ‘AI’ is to develop machines that behave as if they were intelligent. It is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. According to Elaine Rich ‘Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to make computers do things at which, at the moment, people are better’. In computer science, an ideal “intelligent” machine is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment & takes actions that maximize its chance of success at same goal.(Read More)

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Last week, I saw the movie ‘ Minions ‘ – Minions are small robot like creatures which love to work for people. The movie is about their search for the world’s biggest super villain so that they can assist him in his exploits. This movie is a prequel to the widely popular ‘ Despicable Me ‘ and Despicable Me 2 ‘.

My tryst with minions started when I watched Despicable Me a few years back. I was immediately attracted by their adorable antics. They are yellow in color and pygmy like. The evil minions are purple in color. The minions ‘Language is a mixture of Spanish and English. Some of them have one eye, while some of them have two. They wear denim jumpsuits with a logo of their employer. …(Read More)

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Friendship is like a ship on which persons of different age, personality, nature are together for a voyage. It is a relation which is very transparent where nothing is there to hide. In friendship, you can share all your feelings, sorrows, joy with a person or persons who is definitely there to support you without selfishness.

Friendship is like a holy relationship between Krishna and Sudama. For me, it is an innocent behavior and sharing of feelings that I cannot share with my parents too ! ….(Read More)

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Hello this is Rima Ahuja and today I want to express my views on the topic- HEALTH IS WEALTH.

You must have read the proverb “ ‘ HEALTH IS WEALTH ‘. But have you ever wondered why health is the true wealth of life?

The meaning of ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH ‘ is very simple and easy. It means our good health is a real wealth of our life. Good health promotes a good mental, physical and social health. I completely agree with this saying that health is actually a true wealth….(Read More)

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